Review: Revlon Photo Ready Foundation

Since so many of you on the forum were raving about Revlon’s new foundation, I had to go ASAP to the closest drugstore (when a MUG needs to try a new product, she instantly drops everything to go get it!)  I’m a huge fan of Revlon’s Colorstay foundation, so wanted to compare the two.  Here’s what I thought…

  • Product:  4 out of 5
  • Packaging:  5 out of 5
  • Quality:  5 out of 5
  • Overall:  4 out of 5
  • Would I buy again?  most likely
  • Price:  $13.99

Where to Buy:


  • Is a great price especially for the quality
  • Is lighter feeling on the skin compared to the Colorstay Foundation
  • Has a shiny glow to it for a healthy looking complexion (which is great for everyday use, but NOT for photography)
  • Does not appear orange or cakey
  • Does not smell  (a small problem with the Colorstay Foundation)
  • Has excellent coverage
  • Has a pump for easy application!


  • Not as wide a range of colors- there are only 8 colors
  • Too shiny for photography

Photo Ready vs Colorstay:

  • If you want your skin to glow, then go with the Photo Ready;  If you want a matte finish, go with the Colorstay.
  • If you are having pictures done, go with the Colorstay as you do not want your face to appear oily in your photos
  • If your skin tends to be dry and dull looking, go with the Photo Ready;  If your skin can appear oily, go with the Colorstay
  • The Colorstay Foundation dries quickly, so you have to work fast before it starts to cake up; whereas the Photo Ready is a little more forgiving
  • The Photo Ready does not have that latex paint smell that Colorstay can have after a few months

Overall Opinion:

I really do love this foundation in that it has amazing coverage without feeling heavy on the skin.  The shine in the Photo Ready is great if you want that youthful, healthy glow but… it does not photograph well!  I usually set my foundation with powder, so the shine wasn’t a big deal for me, but I normally prefer a matte finish to the skin so I can choose where I want to “shine”.  I did not like how my pores and fine lines stood out in photos, even though my skin looked good in real life. I do feel that this foundation was similar to Makeup Forever’s HD foundation without the expensive price tag- it has all the great qualities of the “high end” foundations that cost considerably more. I still plan on using my Colorstay Foundation as I take photos almost every day, but plan on mixing in a bit of the Photo Ready to get that smoother texture.  Both foundations are amazing, but it depends on what you are looking for.  Either way, I’m happy to say Revlon is staying ahead of the game with their foundations!

MUG Seal of Approval:  (4 out of 5)

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Revlon Photoready Foundation Swatches


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Glad to see your review on it! I take your opinions considerably. I find that you don’t ‘push’ a product down youtuber’s who watch your videos. Good job! I’ll check it out…

I love that you included swatches of the colors. I was planning on picking this product up but I always seem to get the wrong color. I appreciate your help. Thanks!

Hi, I just purchased the Smashbox HD foundation and I did not like it. It covers well, but maybe because i do have oily skin, i felt lit left me looking cakey. Also I have dry skin in some areas and it just emphasized the dry skin flakes.
I ended up returning it.

Thanks for replying to my comment ! I’m soo honored :) I just bought the Revlon Photo Ready, but I think the shell was a bit to light. Thats why I never buy drugstore foundation I rather pay more to go to the store and have a guarantee the foundation is the right color rather then go back and forth exchanging colors. Anyway, I’ll probably try a shade or 2 darker :)

I have it, and honestly, I am very fair, and the lightest shade is WAY too dark. I don’t like it. It has a weird smell and you go through it very fast. It was one of the worst foundations i’ve ever used. I actually want my money back, haha. I like Maybellines Matte stuff that comes in a glass pump container. It says airbrush finish on the label, and I absolutely LOVE it.

I LOVE my Smashbox HD Powder! Altho, I use Halo more often – The Halo powder looks AMAZING in photo’s, although it does tend to brighten in pictures! (I used it on a cruise, so TONS of photo’s) and ‘real’ me compared to photographed me, the photo I looked lighter.

I’ve been wanting to buy the Halo powder for the longest time ! I hear so many good things about it. But its soo expensive lol. I just went in to the Ulta store and made an appointment to see a Smashbox makeup artist, so I’ll definately have her try it out on me because the Bare Minerals is soo messy. I like how it shaves the right amout of product..

Hi Marlena, can you please recommend a good drugstore loose powder? I don’t have so much to spend on high end products. What we have here in Singapore is Maybelline, Revlon and Loreal. Could you advise which loose powder is good in coverage and controlling oiliness? Thanks in advance! <3

That is a tough one as I haven’t found a loose powder from the drugstore that I love :( I do like Physician’s Formula pressed powders though :) I’m sure some of the other MUGS have recs on what is good

The best drugstore loose powder foundation I have found is loreal bare naturale gentle mineral makeup. I too am very fair with oily skin, however, the tint of the powder looks much darker in the packaging than it really is! I bought the lightest shade, soft ivory, only to find it was actually too light (shock!) and I needed the next shade up (light ivory). It lasted a long time and didn’t break me out. I normally use bare minerals matte, but will go to this on a day where I don’t need such special makeup!

Hi Marlena,

I heard good reviews about the photo ready foundation. I am planning to purchase it but am not sure which color would suit me. I’m a nc 35 for the mac’s studio fix. Would you know what photo ready color would be closest?

Hey I was going to suggest the same loose powder. I’ve tried many different loose powders and found L’oreal bare naturale to be very good for the price you pay. I’m very pale and have dry skin and light ivory works really well for me you get a light product with good coverage and a little bit goes a long way.

Matte shine control loose powder. I just started using it a few days ago, and so far its pretty good. esp for the price. <$5. but i havent tried many loose powders to compare it too. Check it out =)

I like one called Coty Loose Powder – it’s pretty good at controlling oil and costs like $8 at the drug store. But, I prefer to use a transparent loose powder that doesn’t add color on top of my foundation. The best one I’ve found is called Mattify Loose Powder by a place called Mattify Cosmetics. It stops the oil from coming out on my skin for like 5 hours – which is unheard of for me! They’re based in the United States, but I live in Germany, so I know they ship internationally. I think it costs $8 too.

Hey Marlena, I was wondering what color you use in the Photo Ready? I have a similar skin tone to yours but cannot decide what color to buy. Thanks

Is there an option for combination/oily skin like there is for the Color Stay? I have oily skin so I should probably stick with the ColorStay huh?

hey I am NC40 in mac and the revlon for me is 005 end is very close to mac. you can try 005 or 006.because i try 006 and it was dark for me.

@styleezta Just for your reference, I am NC40 and I got medium beige. It was the closest match for me. I hope that helps.

Hey Marlena :) I love using make up but it makes me breakout alot, would u recommend using this product (colorstay or photoready), the dermotologist told me i have to use products that are hypoallergenic…. he recommended i use physicians formule but the coverage on that isnt all that good…. do u think colorstay would be good for me?

If you can get your hands on Cover FX foundations go and try it. I’ve tried numerous brands, high end too and they all make me react badly. Cover FX is a line for people with skin issues, even really severe and burns and such.

Anyway my skin loves it and I react to almost everything.

dermatologist first choice/ oil free/ fragrance free/ non-comedogenic.

Can’t stop to rave about this, you need a good brush and a bit of technique to achieve a perfect finish thought.

I work selling makeup and have tried most of the high-end foundations..I, too, have combination/oily skin and almost all of them make me break out (especially my MAC Studio foundations and I’m sooooo sad about that! They are the best!)
The only foundation I found comparable to MAC that doesn’t break me out is Cover FX. And they have a WIDE range of colors…if you are having troubles with breakouts or sensitive skin, give Cover FX a try.

I don’t break out often and have really great skin (thank goodness) but I like to treat my skin well and am careful about what I put on my face. That’s why I use high-end brands for my face products (concealer, foundation, powder, blush/bronzer.) I like MAC’s Mineralize Satinfinish foundation. It has SPF, doesn’t break me out, and it moisturizes my skin. It’s well worth the price!

Hey Marlena! Thanks once again for this amazing and helpful video! I can’t wait for a new tutorial! BUT I got one question. I’m very pale, and I don’t really know what color would be the best one. The 003 Shell looks reaaaaaaaaaally light, a bit too much?!! I think we have the same skin color so what would be your advice for this foundation?

Hi Marlena!

I have acne prone skin and i’m very cautious with foundations. At the moment i use clinique’s Superfit in Shell.

I was wondering if Revlon & MUFE’s HD Foundation is harsh on the skin, or tends to clog pores or what not.??

Thanks again for the review!!

Where I live CVS & Wal-Mart have satisfaction guarantee and as long as you keep bar code and receipt they will take it back or exchange. I didn’t know that for years after spending so much money.


I am a dark skinned African American and Revlon Photo Ready offers one color in Cappuccino. This color is comparable to MAC color NW45. I found that I prefer the Revlon over the Studio Fix! But if your expecting more of an array from Revlon, there isn’t much more. I hope they expand the color range for more of a selection because this is a good product for all!

I do not want to comment on the product, I want to comment on YOU. You look AMAZING IN THIS VIDEO! Seriously, you look beautiful!!!!!!

I just came across your site the other day, and have been going along, watching videos EVERY DAY, until I see them all; lol. For the LIFE of me, I had NO idea how to put on makeup…I have NO artistic ability, you see, but now, because of you, I think I may have a chance! So, thank you!

Again, you look amazing! I love you, the videos, and everything else. Now, come to Kansas for a seminar! :)

I am totally with you!!! I just found her on youtube a couple weeks ago. I recently got bangs (due to my sister’s wedding and everyone trying to turn this Alaskan hippy into a real girl ;) ) Trying to find how on earth to style them I came across her tut. And I have loved learning so much!!! I go out every day and buy something new and it is so fun to wake up each morning and give myself another makeover. Now if she could just teach me how to walk in heels!!! haha I think I just might make Mom and sis proud afterall! Thanks Marlena!!!

I’m a fairly new addict as well, ever since finding the site I log on everyday. The only downside is that now I spend more money on products but since I have such great advice from marlena I do not waste money on things i don’t know how to use anymore. I also love the dup recommendations for almost everything. I tell everyone about this site because i want marlena to have as big a following as possible so she keeps making tuts!

Hi Marlena ~

Thanks for the review. My skin has recently changed from pink undertone to yellow undertone. Not sure if it’s a lack of exposure to sunlight or what….anyway, I’m having to replace all of my foundations and I’ve been looking for one that is lightweight but still provides coverage. I’m going to try out this Revlon product and see if it does the trick.

Thanks for doing the legwork!


I KNOW! I am like, “omg I need those brushes, and that foundation and this…and that!” Unfortunately, I’m poor…lol, but seriously! I wish I’d have found her before I went out and bought all this other crap that I have…that I hate! Lol. And, I thought flawless skin was in my DREAMS, lol.

I log in everyday, too…and I WILL watch every single video! Lol…even if it takes me forever. I loveeeeeee her videos!

Thanks for the review! The swatches were very helpful, there aren’t testers at the store where I saw these for sale, so I was hesitant to buy based on looking at the bottle alone. I’ve been wanting to try this out since I heard everyone raving about it.

hai Marlena..i just wanna say,if the dont look good for photography,why do the named it Photo Ready?LOL..i thought this one is for photoshoot purpose..anyway thanks for the useful review..luuurrvee it!!!

The problem I’ve started having with this foundation about 2 weeks after using it is that after about 10 minutes, it becomes really dark on my skin. I’ll put it on and it matched my skin just fine, maybe even a little lighter than my natural shade… then suddenly I look in the mirror and it has oxidized on my face or something. I had the same problem with Colorstay too.
Any advice? I don’t know why this happens and I’m lost as to what to do. =/

When you do a color match it’s a good idea to do a swatch on your face wait 10 minutes and then look at the color in the sunlight.

Marlena i was just wondering about the whole make up business. i really love doing make-up and was wondering how you got into it and what courses you did. i live in Australia so im sure things are a bit different but i would still like to know. Im in grade 11 so any help would be great I really would love to be a make up artist or something. i love all your tutorials you do i think they are amazing.

Hi Liz

I am a makeup artist also in Australia.

It varies A LOT depending on where you live, but very few people in Australia make a living purely as a high end makeup artitst. All the makeup artists I know either do it as a sideline or work behind the counter of a cosmetic company. They may then do a bit of runway or fashion shoot work, but that is not their fulltime job.

There are lots of courses around, but some of them would just be a waste of time and money. You can learn some techniques, but the most important thing I could say to you would be practice, practice, practice. Just apply makeup as often as you can! That’s how you will really develop your skills.

If you have a local department store, or makeup speciality store, go and talk to the people behind the counters there. They will know what propects for work in your area are like. They should also be able to recommend any good local courses.

Hope this helps!


Hi Marlena,

thank you for your video over the Revlon photo Ready Foundation.
I am a big fan of yours (o:
Please excuse my terrible English, i know it is not the best one!
My question is:
I have a very not clean skin.
Is the opacity of this Foundation really so good?
The opacity must be very high and look natural with me.

Nice video, I might try this. Could you do a product review on the estee lauder double wear foundation? You seem to wear it on most of your tutorials so it would be nice if you made a video on it :D

Hi Marlena! I don’t know if you will read or reply this, but…I am from Hungary and I have heard so much about the Colorstay foundation and I wanna try it out sooo bad but from their website I cannot determine which color to get online! Bcs I think they are not true to real color and most of the foundations look too pink or too dark for my skintone. I usually wear a number 2 in shades, or beige/sand beige, in this PhotoReady I think the shade “Natural Beige” is mine. Can you maybe give me a hint or two about which shades would be good in the Colorstay line for me? I am a combination/oily type btw. Thanks in advance…oh and have you tried the Coastal Scents foundation yet?

I love mixing the Photoready with the Colorstay, pretty much half and half. I think that creates one of the most perfect foundations and I’ve never had a problem with photos – in fact I almost think it makes my skin look more flawless in pictures. Both foundations are a great buy!!

hai marlena i was thinking of buying high end product as i already start working and have money to spend which foundation u recommend me that can stay last long?

Thanks again for a wonderful tutorial! You look amazing as always!! Wondering wether i should go shopping on my lunch break or after work lol :)

I have oily skin so I’ll stick to Colorstay but it’s good to see them implementing a pump, maybe they’ll redo Colorstay and put a pump!

Hi, you are very helpful and all my frinds love you, including me. I just wanted to ask you if you could do another tutorial using urban decay vol 2 palette, using the colours jinx, flipside, homegrown or some sort of combination between the last 4 colours, because i really like green and i have brown eyes so i think they fit perfectly.

Urgh ! I want it ! I want it !
Can you MGU believe that Revlon is an almost impossible brand to find in Paris, and France in General ?!! They don’t even have a French website ! That sucks ! >..<

HI Marlena ! Its your Muggie Amanda :)
I have this product in 002 Vanilla, and I think its a little too light for my skin tone, but thats just me.
Otherwise, its a good product I think, and gives a nice glow like you said.
Thanks for the review !

Hello! Just wondering if you can tell me what shade would work best for me?

I wear #220 natural beige in Color Stay and NW15 in MAC. Thanks! :)

Marlina i love your tutorials i was wodering if you can do a review on elf cosmetics countour and blush. i heard that is a good dupe for nars bronzer and Orgasm blush . Thanks one more time for your wonderfull tutorials. :)

I live in Arizona where the summers are HOT…HOT…HOT! We tend to sweat alot here… LOL Do you recommend this foundation for that kinda weather? Im hesitant to try any foundation because I don’t want to spend money on something that isn’t gonna work for me during the summer. Normally, I don’t wear foundation during the summer because of the heat factor.


I dont see any foundation colors that would work on me based on your swatches. I am a NC45 or NC50 with the MAC. However, those don’t photograph well. I don’t know if it is the powder (i use a dark blot power) or the foundation. I have also tried Makeup Forever and a transulcent powder. Any advice that you or other MUGS could provide would be greatly appreciated. I hate having to worry about how my face will photograph in pictures especially when the flash is used.

u r doin a great job an im followin yer videos…..i wannna ask fer a favor,if u can do a review on Cherry Blossom Spring collection of Guerlain…i use lots of their produsts an i really like them(mostly becoz of their fancy looks which makes my cosmetic desk look quite cool!),i didn get d collection yet,but i wanted u to hv a look on dat as i really trust on yer judgmental skills an u did try more cosmetic brands dan me indeed so u can hv a comparative view on dat.ill be gratefull to u if u do so….lookin forward to it… thx

Thanks for the review . I agree with you–I have tried Photo Ready and Colorstay and prefer Colorstay. If you want a comparison to Almay, Photo Ready is very similar to Almay’s Nearly Naked liquid foundation–lighter weight, not too heavy coverage, natural looking. Almay, however has a better color selection than Revlon’s Photo Ready.

If I am an NC42 in Mac what would my shade be? I always have trouble matching my shade?? How do you recommend doing so?

Loved the formula, but I could not find a good match for my skin tone. The vanilla was too light and the shell was too dark. I think I’ll stick to the Revlon Colorstay.

I’m always too scared to try drugstore foundations, but I might give this a try.
-However, I wear very light coverage foundation, so do you think this will be too much coverage for me? I usually wear Clinique’s Almost Makeup foundation because its natural

Hey there! I was wondering what you think of how this would look if I used JUST the foundation, instead or setting it with powder, using concealer, etc.?

Which of these foundations would someone use if their skin was dry but also tend to be oily around the end of the day?

Hey…randomly read your post. My mom uses Estee Lauder Idealist (it’s a pore minimizer) and she LOVES it. She is literally never without it. You can’t see any of her pores either. Since it’s a little pricey I would ask for a few samples at the counter. If they know you are interested the sales people are normally very helpful. Hope this helps ya!

I’ve been using the clinic pore minimizer t-zone anti shine product (comes in purple tube) and I like it! Leaves the skin very soft :)

Hey, marlena I really want to get this foundation but hate doing the exchanging inthe drugstore. I am a nc30 in mac so what shade would u recommend? or any site that i can go to, to find out which shade i should get. thanks so much and lots of love as always!

The reason im scared of liquid foundations is because i feel like is have like fuzz i guess in my cheeks and all and when i put on liquid foundation i feel like it looks really fake. Is that just me? What should i do?

Hey! I just ran across your post and I have a suggestion for you. I know this sounds crazy but I had a dermatologist perform a treatment on me one time called’s to remove dead skin and also to remove that weird fuzz and all it was was a razor lightly scraping across my skin. I went to the drug store and found a pack of three eyebrow razors for like $2. For the areas where I have fuzz (forehead, cheeks, and upper lip (eww)) i hold the skin taut and then very gently feather the razor’s edge across. It works amazing, lasts longer than waxing, is way less painful and cheaper. If you sanitize the razor afterwards it can last for 4-6 uses then tends to get dull. I have noticed my foundation sitting much nicer on my skin. Just be very careful not to move when you are doing this because it is very sharp. I hope this helps you! I also use it above my eyebrows to give them that straight edge, but below the eyebrow skin is too sensitive! Again, hope this helps!

Hey Marlena!

I love your reveiws, and I’ve had my eye on this product for a while now! And I’m so glad to hear that it comes in pale shades. I’m very pale so it’s hard for me to find a light enough shade (Swedish and Nordic, we don’t tan well ^^”)

Thanks so much! I’m going to have to try it!

Hi Marlene,

You mentioned in your review that the Photo Ready foundation is not good for taking pics….why do they call it photo ready? That makes no sense !?! Love your videos :)

Hi Marlene,

In your review you said the Photo Ready foundation is not good for pics. Why do they call it that then? It makes no sense. Love your vids!!! :)

Marlena I have acne skin. Would you recommend this product for me? I use the Jane Iredale Powder and Macs studio foundation. My problem with foundations always has been that they don’t cover me well on my blemishes. I like Macs foundation, but sometimes i feel the it breaks me out even more. I always have wish that i could find a foundation that can cover my acne, blemishes and won’t break me out.

Hey Marlena,thnx for this review! I was gonna buy one at my CVS since it was BOGO & since this a dupe to MUFE HD, but I have a question if you can help me out.. What color would fit my skin tone best? I’m around an NW25 in foundation in M.A.C., and around NC30 in powder. Would you please try to help me in this anyone? :)

P.S: Look forward to hearing to you ladie’s replies.. THanks )

Hi marlena, I have a question, I know I that I have oily skin, and revlon colorstay really did good for me… but… Is it really a no-no for Revlon Photoready when it comes to oily skin? So that means, colorstay and photoready can’t be mixed? well, if you have suggestions, please do so, my oily skin really is a huge problem for me. T_T. Thanks so much.


wondering where i can purchase MUFE concealer palette. I’m in australia and cant findit on ebay :(.

Thank u soooo much Marlena….

you have helped me out alot. I love to do lots of reserch on products before i buy them so I dont waste money. Sometimes its a hit and sometimes its a miss. But now that I have u to do the leg work for me. So far all that u have recomended have been very helpfull. Continue on doing what u do cuz im a big FAN…

p.s. u look FABULOUS darlin….

Once again thank you for the informative review!!
I agree with the comment of another person here who said about u not pushing a product onto followers, i just love that about u, u very honest with a product and its rare to see unfortunately!!

I love revlons foundations and have been using them since i cam across ur channel about a yr ago, and i dont think i will switch any time soon lol….

Just wondering are u able to do reviews on powder? Im yet to find a decent one of those…preferably drug store as well its easier for everyone….thanx in advance

Thanks Marlena for the tutorial and the swatches! I was just thinking of this question to ask you today acutally…i noticed that you use several different foundations at times (Revlon, Makeup Forever, Chanel)…what makes you decided which ones to use? Is it the weather, your skin that day, the look you’re going for, whether you’re taking photos, all of the above?? haha. And if so, how do you organize them? Just with extra labels marking which ones are best for which situation? Thanks so much, hope that wasn’t too confusing!

You said its not good for photography but is it because there is a lot of shimmery ingredients in it or just because it leaves a dewy finish? Because if its just the dewy/oily finish then you can just powder more and it will work just fine for photography..I mean since that is what they are advertising its use for. The swatches don’t appear to have a sheen/shimmer to them.

hi marlena,
I’m going to be in a wedding next month and mostly wear MAC make-up, which foundation do you recommend that is best for pictures??
Thank you!

Hi marlena,
You used CHANEL Pro Lumiere foundation for your LORAC Makeup Dark Summer Nights Tutorial. Do you like that foundation???? Should I give it a go?

omg your hair has gotten so long, its gergous!!!!! thanks for the review. love the fact you did swatches, i got the the color stay after your vid on top10 drug store buys, i do have to say i love it, so thank you but the color i got is all wrong, way to white, which is pretty whtie, im very pasty, but with some minearl powder i add life back ot my face. also, i make my own version of mac fix plus, its easy, 1 part ligud gylcerian(5 buck at rite aid) and 2parts bottle water. love it!! i did get modle in a bottle sentive formula, still have strong smell for a sec than goes away, i use it when i have wk days longer than ten hours(usualy 4 times a week) and my makeup stays put all day, love it!! so great review onthat too! sorry so long but one more thing, i got the loreal volumius carbon blk, love what it does to my lashes but hate the racoon eyes i get during the day, any sugg on how to fix? i was thinking benift she lac,? and i apologize for lenth of this and my bad spelling

hello, I love your videos, I have a questions? I have 15 years of my daughter and I’d like to tell me that I buy foundation and powder, is that this day will become much pictures and want to be beautiful, I hope your answer thanks, Yelitza

Hi Marlena!!!

Ok, so i am also really pale, so a lot of people tell me that i should go for pink undertoned foundation but i find that it makes me look a bit bink all over (i’m using the L’oreal true match in c1 Alabaster). So i was wondering, do u have any tips on a foolproof way to find your skins undertones and thus, your perfect ( or at least the most perfect) match. Thanx a bunch!!

i was wondering. would u recomend it for some one who has some what of an oily skin??
Bcuz i get oily on and around my nose, forehead and sometimes the apples of my cheeks.

I have some problem with choosing foundation. you see i have severe acne and scars. i have tried many drug store product. I like using liquid foundation and then i put powder. ( Is that a good way to product on for acne??) The product i have been using it but returned is maybeline h20 liquid foundation, almay blemish control, and some other korean product from my mom when she was young, ( got me cakey :(

Now i have makeup forever hd foundation in a sample but i think ( not sure if suits my skin, i keep getting alot of acne on my skin ) I have acne combination skin. I also have a lot of acne scars especially around my cheeks. I always no matter what sitiuations i always have to put foundation on. I dnt like whn people look at my skin but not me.

can you recommand me a foundation tat is suit for my skin?? is there any other productsother then HD foundation in sephora? OR drug store product

I use bare minerals foundation. it is good for your skin, covers alot of blemishes etc. and it looks and feels natural.

With only 8 colors, how would you recommend choosing the right color for your skintone without combining 2 different colors?

Marlena ……. are you going to do sexy Valentines day look for sunday the 14th ? as me and my partner are going out for the evening.

i have hd mufe powder. would you recommend me wearing this with the photoready foundation? or would it be too much?

Hi marlena this tutorial was very helpful but I got a question for you , I wanna get some make up brushes and i found this side call e.l.f I dont know if you hear about it I want you to tell me your opinion please .ty

you do not know how long i have been looking for somthing like this .I have a ? whats ur fave type of makeup

Okay I need some help…while this tutorial was good, I am not a fan of “liquid” foundation!!

I always use Max Factor Pan Stik…and as some of you may know they are no longer going to be sold in the U.S.

So…..I need a comparable stik type makeup…any suggestions??????

i have a couple of shadows from e.l.f and lipglosses and they are FANTASTIC!!!! i am convinced that prices dont guarantee that the product is going to be good!!!

I found that revlon colorstay/photo ready is an all around oily product and really shouldn’t be used for oily skin. Photo Ready might do a lot of damage to your complexion, in photos…

Hi Marlena!

I could swear that you mention a fake eyelash tutorial, but after perusing 14 pages of videos, I cannot find it! :O(

Can you help me out?

I am def. going to get this. CVS has it on sale for $9.99 starting Sunday, and you get $ extra bucks (just like cash) back. I am a NC-30-35 asian, and by googling, I think I am going to get Golden Beige…I’ve read that Golden Beige is pretty close to NC37 but most people in my range have been successful with it. I HTH someone. Thank you for the review and swatches Marlena!

Hi Marlena!

Thanks for this review. I like Revlon and I used colorstay foundation for months. I planned to buy Makeup Forever HD foundation. But when I saw this review, I changed my mind. I will stick with Revlon and wanna try PR foundation.

I like your beauty tutorial. It’s very helpful to me.

Keep up good work, girl!

Marlena-What do you think about powder based foundations? Do you ever wear them? I’ve been wearing Clinique’s Perfectly Real Compact Makeup. It’s a pressed powder base foundation and is full coverage. I kinda like it, especially for days that I don’t need a lot of makeup. It covers well!!

sort of contradictory name isn’t it that this foundation called PhotoReady doesnt photograph well? Lol!

Hi, I was wondering if you could make a video using the Hard Candy products now available at Wal-Mart? They have some inexpensive products mostly between $5 and $10!

Love your site! you are amazing at what you do!!!

Hi! I saw that many youtubers think, like you, that revlon photoready foundation is a really good one. I’m French, and unfortunately, revlon doesn’t sell any product here. So, I would like to know which foundation would you advice me to buy? (If it’s possible a cheap one, or not too expensive, which is sold in France)

Just eight colors? ‘o’
Here in Germany we NEVER get more than five colors at the drugstore…
I’m very pale and I never find a foundation that matches my skintone
I think I’ll watch out for the Revlon foundations, I think they sell it in Germany (:

i tried this foundation and LOVED IT at first. But i found that by 3 oclock… my makeup was literally melting off my face. it makes my skin look so good in the morning… :( i guess my skin is too oily for this product. any suggestions?

I bought this today, and I’m returning it. I agree that the shade selection is limited. And the pearlescent or shimmer that was in the makeup made me look ashy. The color was hard to tell through the plastic, so I went with 010-Caramel and, no ma’am!! Lol! I think I was between caramel (to light) & cappucino (too red) It looked odd when I tried to blend it w my fingers around my mouth & chin. Granted, I put it on in my car, but I’m glad I did so I could see what it really looked like.I think for summer time, this would be awesome, but in winter, its just not the business.

omg u r the greatest!! i just bought a few things that u have recommended!! i want to start wearing liquid foundation but im scared that it will mess up my skin! i only use studio fix from MAC…i wanted to knw how u felt about red lipstick bc some ppl say if u wear red lipstick thn u should only wear a lil on the eyes but ive seen ppl tht do the opposite and still look GREAT!!! i bought RUSSIAN RED from MAC and dnt knw how to do my eyeshadow! heLp me MakeUp QUEEN!!

hi Marlena!
you mentionned that you spray tan, and i noticed in your videos your skin looks amazing!!!!, i was wondering what kind of spray tan do you use(and colour), cause i tried the st-tropez whipped mousse and it didn’t give me that golden tan i was looking for, it was more like orange. would really appreciated thanks.

ive been using loreal visible lift natural beige for over a year now. when i get a new bottle it seems so orange. ive tried getting a lighter color but then its to light. i need something thats matted and covers up all my freckles. im pale but would like a little color. i like a thick foundation what would you recommend ?

Hi Marlena, i love ur tutorials. However, the How to create a flawless face tutoial is no longer advilable..i was wondering if ur making a new version of it? if u are can u also recommend some concelers to use? please..thank u.. ur so wonderful and great.

hi, i m absolutly loving ur hair colour n that blond in it, cld i get a pic so i cn take it to the saloon to get something like that? plizzzzz gergeous hair, medium hair looks nice on ya thnns

Hey i loved your review, ive always used the colour stay but think i’ll go try the photo ready. i love your tutorials, and value your opinion on products. cheers :)

I too love Arabic eyes. I see that youre a professional makeup artist. I have a question for you. Not everyone can apply dark black shadow, it doesnt work for all eyes. Some eyes are round and others eyes are small. , can you please give a tutorial on how to apply make up for those with a different eye shape on how to better work with the eyes that are close together or for those? with small eyes to make them bigger.
Well cant wait to hear from you, and keep up the good work .

Oh I forgot… I have a problem when I apply eyeshadow, after an hour I look at myself and my shadow gets all smear, I end up looking like bettle juice the same goes for my mascara, any help.

Love your youtube channel BTW! Would you possible recommend any of these 2 foundations as a eye concealer maybe? I dont like liquid foundation, I currently use Bare Minerals in MATTE but can seem to even out my skin tone around my eyes. I did buy the Makeup FOREVER concealer palette and i do love it but (like my foundation) my face seems to get used to the product and it doesn’t work as well as when i first got it. I have very wrinkly eyelids and they are VERY greasy. My skin tone is very pale with an annoying yellowish tone and my eyes have an annoying BURNT ORANGEY tone. After a while when using the makeup forever concealer it doesn’t cover as well AND you can see the wrinkles on my lids more magnified. It sort of skips, if that makes any sense and i cant fix it as it kind of sets that way. never happened before. IT GETS ON MY NERVES. I do moisturizer but this has not helped. Which is why i ask if YOU think any of these foundations could maybe used as a concealer? If not, do you have any tips or recommendations? Thanks for your time.


I really have to say you are very good at watch you do. I like the Revlon Photo Ready Foundation, it does work better for drier skin. I too am curious about their powders. Im light and will probably buy the light/medium ‘cuz a little bit of color works when u r pale in CALI!!! So, thanks for the review and u r so pretty!

Thanks so much for such an informative and helpful review! I very recently came across your YouTube videos and immediately subscribe because I love that so many of the products you use are so affordable! I’ve been searching for a good foundation and I think I’ll give this one a try. Personally, I like to go to Rite Aid first to purchase “drug store” make up because they have a 100% return/exchange policy for their makeup! Even if you use it once or twice!!! So I’m never worried about picking a wrong color shadow, lipstick or foundation! Thanks again for another great review. Looking forward to the next one! God bless. =)

I’d really like to try that foundation, but I’m not so sure about the shades. I’m currently using Bobbi Brown’s Skin in Alabaster (the fairest shade) and even that is a close call – that’s how pale I am. It would be nice not to have to spend so much on foundation (it’s almost 50 Euros where I live). does anyone know if the shade “shell” might be too dark for me? (all the other revlon foundations are way too dark for my skin)

I just bought the product yesterday. I don’t know if I would compare it to the Make up forever which is what I was using….. I think I would compare it more to the Stila line of foundations I think it’s called “illumiate” (I used that one prior to the Make up forever) due to the fact it has that it has the shimmer in it…. what do you think? have you tried the Stila line before..???

i bought this foundation at walmart but the color is a bit too light. i wanted to return it and exchange for a darker color but i took out the plastic off but the barcode is still there. will walmart still accept it?

I bought this foundation and I must say, I LOVE IT!!!!. I normally wear Estee Lauder’s Double wear and this is way better. I have got so many compliments while I was wearing this foundation. People have asked me what brand of makeup is it, your skin looks flawless. I applied this with the Sonia Kashuk sponge (the purple one). I tried applying with a brush one day and then with the sponge and I got more compliments the day I used the purple sponge thing. I used Bobbi Brown powder to set my foundation and it lasted me all day. Great coverage and it made my bad skin look so gorgeous.
I bought a shade darker than what was my actual color and it worked fine for me.

So, thank you Marlena for such a money saver. My make up bag was stolen from my car a couple of weeks ago and I needed makeup fast so I bought the double wear and I think I am going to return it and stick to this new Revlon photo foundation.

I would highly recommend it. All of my sisters are now using it. Good Bye Estee Lauder, good bye Mac. HELLO Revlon :)

Hi! I’m have pale skin with a rosy undertone. Which shade should I get? I usually get Natural Beige in Colorstay. I assumed (wrongly) that it would be in the same shade but unfortunately the shade is completely different. Help pls? :(

Love this Foundation… So glad I read your review as I was searching for a foundation with coverage that was not drying. And I FOUND IT! …. Thanks to YOU.

i’m NC 20 in MAC’s select cover moisture or something like that… the one in a tube like a lipglass :)
what would i be in photo ready??
i have no idea and i have no time these days to do trial and error and get another ….

I’m so glad that I read your full review of this foundation b/c I was worried that it looked whiter in photos and in real life it looked perfect, I am confused, the name is Photo Ready and I cannot take pictures at all with this foundation. Overall I like it because its a perfect match and I tend to have problems matching my skin tone with foundations because they would either look too white or too dark, I have it in 005 natural beige and like I said in real life it looks perfect but in photos I look ghost-face… Thank You Marlena for your very good reviews!! :-)

yeah the name of this line does not go well with the foudation itself. because its not a matte finish its probably not the best foundation to use when taking pictures. pictures as in portraits or modelling.

Hi!!!! this is michelle from mexico and I want to let you know how I like your videos are great . I been watching for a long time !!! you are the best!!! can you give me good advice on choosing the right color to my skin tone

I actually have seen more colors of this foundation. I use it in Caramel. I found that some stores carry certain colors. While Target only carried lighter colors, CVS carried a larger range of colors!! I figured they stock based on demographics! Great review!!

I purchased this foudation yesterday at CVS. CVS has a deal going on, buy this foundation for $12 and Revlon’s new lipstick for $7, you get $7 in CVS bucks. Today is my first day using this product. I have to agree, it brought out the fine lines on my face. I’ve only encountered this when using high coverage foundation. I would personally say the coverage on this foundation is high. I don’t like the slight shimmer or “glow” it gives off. I’m not oily, I just like a matte finish. Like Marlena pointed out, I want to create my own glow. I probably wouldn’t repurchase this product due to the fact that it’s not a matte finish and I don’t like how this foundation defines the fine lines on my face.

im a nw15 in mac foundation so i was wondering what would be the closest shade in the photo ready?
thanks :)

have you ever tried NYC ” Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder ” and if so is it a great powder,for a cheap price

Hey Marlene,

I’m ur new reader here and in youtube. just like to ask as I am in m’sia and I can’t get hold of the product to test. what colour best suit nc25? and might i know what shade are you in mac??

Try the Golden Beige =)
If that doesn’t work, buy the Caramel and mix those two together to create that perfect shade. It worked for me. Good luck =)

I LOVE this product. It gave me a healthy glow and flawless complexion. It blends like a dream. You can’t go wrong with this. It definately doesn’t dry too fast, which is a bonus. I couldn’t find my exact shade, so I bought one in Caramel and Golden beige. I mixed those two shades together, and it was perfect. I swear by this stuff. This foundation is amazing! I definately recommend it to anyone who is looking for a first class foundation, without the first class price.

Hi, Marlena! How do I know if I am cool-toned or warm-toned? I haven’t found my perfect foundation and I wanna try the Revlon ones but I have no idea how to match my skin color to the stuff. And I’m sick of wasting money on the wrong shades!

Try looking at your underarm in natural light. Do your veins appear more green or more bluish-purple?
If your veins look more green, your skin is more golden-olive (warm) and if the veins look more bluish-purple, you’re pink undertone. Hope this helps =)

Love this foundation. It’s on sale right now at CVS–buy one get one. Great time to stock up on more than one color. Works perfectly. Thanks for the review. Since Max Factor was discontinued here in the US, I’ve been desperately searching for a suitable replacement to the pan stik.

Hi Marlena,
I normally where Revlon Colorstay in Sand Beige. What would you say is the closest match with the Revlon Photoready Foundation? I was thinking either Vanilla or Shell. Thanks!

Hi I have a large pores will these be a good choice? I am currently using the Sally hansen liquid foundation and so far I am liking it. I am making lots of research that if you have large pores then i need a oil free, water base foundation that will not clog pores, I wonder if this one does. I tried mineral foundation but it just gotten worst. Also i am starting to get really into make up especially the “smokey day and night look” and i found your site very helpful. I will definitely invest on good make up brushes. I love you video on that too. Anyway i been hearing good reviews on Coastal Scents 88 warm palette. I am thinking of ordering one soon. what do you think about this palette? Have you tried it out? thank you and more power to the MakeUp Geek !

Hey Marlena :)
I’m a MAC NC30, which shade do you think would suit me? Natural Beige? Medium Beige? or Golden Beige? Is it true that the 008 Golden Beige is actually lighter than 006 Medium Beige? Thanks :D

Hi Iam new to your website I love it so much good tips. I need your advise I my best friend is getting married in May I need some tips I will be doing her makeup. I am a growing makeup artist I need your help on picking the primer and foundation I will need to pick for her that day. She will be taking lots of pictures and, I want her to look her best all day long can you give me some tips please.