Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadows

When I first saw these creamy eyeshadows at my local CVS, my first thought was “look at all the pretty colors!”  These remind me so much of MAC’s paintpots back in the day when they had colorful ones.  (not sure why they stick to just the boring colors now- *sigh*)

What are they?

Colorful cream eyeshadows that come in 10 shades and last up to 24 hours. 

What I love:

  • The rich pigmentation and vibrant colors
  • Fair price
  • Apply easily and do not feel sticky
  • Fun names (not a big deal, but still well thought out :) )

What I hate:

  • Purple color does not show up well
  • Not enough neutral shades

I must say that I’m VERY impressed with these cream eyeshadows- especially for the price.  Even the packaging is the perfect size- it’s easy to get my fingers into ;)

The only downside is that if you try to blend the shimmery colors too much, the color starts to disappear.  However, the matte colors are incredibly pigmented and blend very well.  I really don’t have much negative to say about these eyeshadows! Good job Maybelline.

  • Rating:  5 out 5
  • Product: 5 out of 5
  • Packaging: 5 out of 5
  • Quality: 4 out of 5
  • Price:  5 out of 5
  • Would I buy again?  Yes (except the purple one- it sucks.)

Price:   $6.99

Where to Buy:   Most drugstores   .  eBay


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Also marlena can u do an Amanda Seyfried “In Time” tutorial her makeup is really really pretty in the movie. Thanks!

You must try Tough as Taupe! Reminds me a tad of Tease from Naked two– a matte taupe with a slight purple undertone. Thanks for the great swatches!

Love these as well, used the edgy emerald as a base for mug poolside. it was beautiful! got so many compliments.. :) can you tell me what colors of shadow you used in this video and or do a tutorial :)

I love these! I picked up six of them at Walgreens on sale. The teal is definitely my favorite so far. I used it with the color “Speed Blue” from a Kat von D palette, and it really made it pop with true-to-pan results. Usually her eyeshadows darken on me and look a bit dull, but these cream shadows are a great tool to really brighten any look.

These are a wonderful bargain. Great quality for the price.

What did you think of the white and taupe shades? Or did you try them? I think the taupe is a matte finish, too…


Check into CVS I was there today and they were doing by one get one @ 50% off on all the Maybelline products!!!

I think Edgy Emerald and Tenacious Teal may be mislabeled? Tenacious Teal is the blue one and Edgy Emerald the green. I have 8 of these and really love them, I use them daily and on my super oily lids they last until I remove them! Skipped the purple intially because I have two Paint Pots in purple shades and then due to nearly universal bad reviews. Pomegranate Punk seemed too similar to Idyllic Paint Pot, which I also have, but after seeing swatches on line I think it might be different enough to warrant buying, hee hee ;-)

Thank you so much for the review Marlena!

I think you’re right and this is the one of the only downsides to this product the names are on the lid so if you have two open at a time you can easily switch the lid and have the wrong name forever, or maybe just a really long time ;)

I think the same….because I have edgy emerald and it definitely is the “greener” one out of the two.

I have all of these and I can definately tell you that the brighter bluer colored one is the teal. and the emrald one is the green.

I would have considered purchasing them if they had more matte colours… Especially if they had a brown similar to MAC’s “Groundwork” paint pot x

You might want to check out the new loreal infallible cream eyeshadows. (i probably misspelled that) but they have lots of more everyday/darker shades like dark matte brown and black. They also have an amazing purple shade.

Marlena, I love your make up in this video! Would you make a tutorial or at least just write down everything you used? It’s perfect! :)

You switch the name color because the tenacious teal is the blue one and edgy emerald is the green one!

Actually, using the purple one under UD’s Flash does create a spectacular purple color eye, but yes, I agree with you about the purple one.

I like the cranberry one a lot.

Thanks for doing a review on those. I’ve been curious about them. Can you please do a video on your makeup in this video?

So glad you did a review on these! I bought a couple at Target right when they came out and was kind of hesitant to use them because I didn’t really have any good ideas. I also didn’t really try them out (just tested them on my fingers) but you always do an awesome job of showing colors and swatches! I got the gold and silver color since I like more neutral tones and I have blue eyes which means gold is a must! Almost bought the purple one for fun nights out but I’m glad I didn’t now :)

Can’t wait for some videos using these! Keep up the amazing work…you are AWESOME!

if you like neutral shades then you might like the new loreal infallible cream eyeshadows. they have a great selection of everyday and darker shades. also they have a great purple.

Hey Marlena! Go to Rite Aide, it’s buy one get one half off (cost me $5 each!). Also I really think you should try Bad to the bronze (beautiful bronze color), Tough as Taupe (matte taupe color), and Too cool (silvery white). Those are the colors you can use for an everyday look.
Also have you tried Loreal infallible shadows?

Of course I bought the purple – cause its the one on the model’s eye and looks AMAZING!!! And I’m always in the market for a perfect purple. Boo. :( It does kinda suck – thought it was something I was doing… Well, back to the search for the perfect purple. Now I will go buy some that DO work! ;)
Thanks, Marlena!!

I love these! I got the purple and the pomegranate at Walmart for less than $6 each. I used MAC paint pot in Painterly under the purple and it was a great color for me. It blended well and lasted all day. I also want to try the bronze and taupe ones. They look like great neutrals.

Love your hair in this video!! Please give a tutorial :) Thank you for this review, I saw this in the store the other day and was wondering about it. I may have to go get me a few :) just sucks about the purple because I love that color. Great job again Marlena. PS Don’t forget that hair tutorial because its rockin :)

I actually love the purple one! It shows up well on my fair skin, under primer. However it ends up looking like a medium lavender color, not the same purple as you see in the pot. But it goes great with my green eyes and I got lots of compliments on that color!

I have green eyes, too, and purples always seem to look good on me. I’ve just recently begun to feel comfortable using brighter purples and this one works well for me.

Seems to me all of them are good except the purple one. *nods* Hopefully if these sell well, they’ll introduce other colours to the range, including some matte skin-tone shades (and, perhaps, a matte white?).

I’ve seen these and wondered about the color pay off so thank you! I was curious if you just chose ones you were only interested in trying out because ive seen one that was Taupe/bronze and one that I believe was called Amber Rush that looked pretty. They seem to fly off the shelf.

actually you are thinking of the also new loreal infallible cream eyshadows. those colores are in their collection.

Just picked up the audacious asphalt and bold gold at my local target….. Paid less than $6 for each. Great price for these cool products!!!

i have three of these, the white, the burgundy and the taupe and i love them! THey remeind me of mac paoint pots and they are great!

There are 2 more neutral shades, a metallic bronze called Bad to the Bronze and a matte taupe called Tough as Taupe!
Just in case anyone wanted to try these neutrals out.

just bought the tough as taupe at Ulta. Can’t wait to try it out. I’m a fan of the MAC paint pots, and love that this is a great quality product at a very reasonable price.

Someone may have mentioned this already. too many comments. there are actually a lot of neutral shades. they’ve been selling out more than the bright ones. so it may be hard to find the more neutral shades. but they have like 6 or 7 neutral shades. i bought the white one as a base, and i want to buy the orange one. it was the first one that i saw. they stay like no one’s business.

Hey I think the Emerald and Teal one got switched. I bought these yesterday, and I’m pretty sure they are backwards on here…but I could be wrong.

I love these & am glad to see a review finally…but for the purple, applied with a stiff domed brush works welll for a purple smokey eye. I have coloring just about like Marlena, but blue eyes & bold red hair & I like this better as a base for purple smokey eye than the deep plum from the tutorial …. And yes, these have great staying power!

Maybe it’s just me, but I did not like these all that much. I picked up a few (white, orange and red). The colors are fantastic and they show up on my eyes but in order to use them I have to apply and blend with my fingers and that doesn’t appeal to me. I think I’ll use them as bases though.

Thank you for your great review!! :)

You can use a brush to apply them, but they just don’t go on as opaque. I’ve used them both alone and as bases and they are fantastic both ways. A flat paddle brush or a concealer brush applies them fairly well. Maybe you could try them with one of those?

These look amazing! can you PLLEEAAASEEE tell us what eyeshadow you had on during this review? it looks amazing : ) thanks

I love the purple one. I have dark skin. I put the purple under a random purple shadow in the 88 matte pallet and got so many compliments. The staying power is crazy! I will admit I had to layer it a bit but I love the color. The one I think I will return is the taupe matt color ( Tough As Taupe). It looked to ashy on my lid.

Did you put more coats of the purple one or just one because I found the purple did not show up as much as the other colors?

I’ve worn them all day long and my eyelids have a tendency to get kind of oily and these stayed put! No creasing, no fading, no smudging! It is better to just pat them on. They really do sheer out quite a bit if you mess with them much, but that’s not always a bad thing. The orange color is really super fun to use just because I haven’t seen a product in that color before. It makes both oranges and pinks look really warm and sunny. I’ve used the pomegranate punk and the orange together and blended together they create a really interesting, fun color. I would definitely recommend these to just about anyone. FINALLY, the drugstore brands are upping their game!

You should! It’s just a really fun, flirty color to have. It’s like the red lips of eye makeup. lol. I’m itching to get more. My tax return can’t get here fast enough! :]

I love these colors. I went out and bought 2 of them!!! I can’t wait to try these colors. I watched a real time review and the color did stay on!!!! WOW, especially for the price!!

Found them in the local drugstore today. YEAH. But we have some different colors here in Germany. A white and a black and no Orange or Red. And the colors have different names. Purple of example is called Endless purple and Edgy Emerald seems to be Turqoise forever.

I bought 5 of these, including the purple. The color of the purple does leave a lot to be desired. You almost have to do one application, let it set, then do another layer. I used a light layer of this and put UD Bordello (from BoS III) on top of it and it looked really nice. Unfortunately today I found out that if you apply this and then try to put shadow on top and then try to blend (using a Mac 217), the shadow will just NOT blend. I put the maybelline asphalt color on my lid (and maybe a bit into the crease), then used the silver and dark blue color from my Sleek Storm palette and it wouldn’t budge. What little shadow that did blend was in spotty patches. Not good…had to remove it all and start over. This stuff seems really sticky – at least when it comes to applying shadows on top.

I purchased BAD TO THE BRONZE, TOUGH AS TAUPE and FIERCE AND TANGY. I have yet to use the orange but so far the other two seem to a tad darker then I anticipated. I really like the bronze! It blended really well to create a great smokey look. The taupe did seem more grey/purple. I like it but it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. I can’t wait to try out the orange! I think I’m gonna have to get the gold and teal ones. They do last a very long time, didn’t crease, blend well and the color pay off is great! Oh and not to mention they are a great price!

Just love the makeup you have on in this video. Could you do a tutorial on this look? Ore just write what you have on?:-)

I’d found Walmart is the cheapest, compared to others drug stores. Only $6 dollar +tax. Just letting you guys knows…

I previously read another review and they said the opposite, I was interested in trying it. The other blogger didn’t show the colors on her hand and that was helpful so thanks:)

I found that these are a great base for pigments it held the pigment so well, I always have an issue with fall out, but after using this product I didn’t have any fall out and it intensified the color of the pigment too

When are they coming out with more colors? Im dying to get some bright colors ESP. PINK!!! <3 I've been looking everywhere for a good bright pink eye shadow but so far NO luck…

I have all of these but edgy emerald. I use the Too Cool (a shimmery white) almost every day as a highlight.
I love them! And I think someone else said it, but Target typically has them for $5 and change.