Review: MAC Studio Fix Fluid vs. Revlon Colorstay

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation  (MAC) (eBay)

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation  (Amazon) (eBay)


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i dont really wear foundation just becuase the liquid foundation from mac makes me break out like crazy. so all i use is studio fix powder. would the revlon foundation and studio fix powder be too much product for my face, is it going to look cakey? should i maybe try the revlon foundation with a different powder?

I love Revlon I used to wear it all the time but they stopped stocking the color I liked and Im fussy when it comes to things like that At the moment Im using mac mineralize finish naturals in medium as a foundation but I will deffo give this a try. Thanks marlena wonderful video as always

I use that foundation as well (and have for more than 10 years). I am also really pale — I use the lightest color and it matches me perfectly. A lot of other brands look like smudged dirt on me :)

That eye makeup up GORGEOUS! And I loved the end of the video

Thanks Marlena! Love the look at the end, thanks for leaving it in your edit…gave me a little chuckle at the end of a long day. Will definately go out and try this product now…! :)

…thanks for the great info marlena, i have the same problem my skin is light too and the lightest shade of mac looks too yellow im gonna give it a try… and i have to agree those eyes look beautiful if im not mistaken all matte colors right…tut please….and thanks again.

Thanks for the tutorial. I have come to the conclusion that there is absolutely no foundation out there for me,,,it’s so hard to find one that’s suitable. I find a lot of women on the counters are too pushy. I need to try on foundations, mix a lot and go into NATURAL LIGHT and compare.

I will have to try this. Based off another recommendation of yours I’ve tried Cover Girl Stay True and I actually LOVE this. I mix it with my Chanel base and it’s awesome! And I, like you, are extremely fair and find that Cover Girls lightest color is actually to light for me. It’s so nice to have a base option that doesn’t break the bank.

Thank you so much! your awesome…. ive been using the revlon colorstay and recently decided i needed to go to MAC and get their foundation and see if the coverage was better. You answered my question! and not to mention the money and heartache you saved my husband hahaha your make up in this video is awesome by the way!

hello, my name is laura and i need some help !!, i need a new iron for my hair, and i’d like to know if 392F its good, or should i look for a better one?

if someone can help me that’d be so nice, i really need ur help!

ps. your videos are AWESOME, they really help me a lot! :))

Thanks for this videoI wear MAC NC30 in Studio Fix Fluid. Anyone can suggest what color would be best for me in Revlon? Thanks. Please do a tutorial on your eyes. They are beautiful.

i have searched and searched for the PERFECT foundation, and revlon colorstay is DEFINITELY it! no question about it! it stays on until YOU take it off. it doesn’t come off unless youre constantly wiping at your face, which probably isn’t ever so there are no worries. it matches my skin perfectly, I dont have to blend with any other foundation to get my color. and ive been using it for a couple of months now and im SAFE FROM BREAKOUTS!!!!! definitely recommend this product!

what colour did you get in the revlon one? because i am supppper white!! lol and i havent been able to find a foundation that works for me. so please message me back

loveee your videos!!! your gorgeous!!

I used to wear Revlon Colorstay about 12 yrs ago & I loved it. So when I heard the mugs talking about it I went out to buy some and found that they were ALL unsealed. So I purchased the the r/c that’s a medium coverage but it’s packaged. That way I know that know you else’s hands have been in it…and the coverage is nice, plus it feels very silky.
And I also love those eyes!!!

Beautiful color combo! Are these shades from your MUFE palette? Do you think the loose MUFE
orange and pink powders would work just as well?

Hi Marlena You are just to gorgeous as always want to try the make up for ever hd I believe I am 110 or 115 plz tell me if the color stay is better well I am the same color as you very pale and it’s hard for me to find a good one, txs…. again for your soo helpfull tutorials :) luv ya ps Yes what about your awesome Eyes:) lol till your next tutorial

What shade is that Revlon you prefer for yourself? Their Ivory? I have the same opinion you do about the lightest MAC shade — it’s just a trifle too yellow for my (also very pale) skin. The Revlon doesn’t have a scent or odor, does it? Can’t stand foundations which smell!

By the way, I’ve found over the years that the French companies are the ones you can rely on to have light-enough colors for us Pale Folk. Of course, Dior and Chanel aren’t exactly economy-priced …

Thanks for all your hard work. I really look forward to your weekly videos and that happy little face of yours!

You are beautiful!!!!!
I want to ask you, what’s your opinion about the foundations and all the stuff of KRYOLAN, MAX FACTOR and ARTDECO? I need your opinion on this.
Thank’s so much.


ii use NARS foundatiOn? is tht a good choice?
or do u prefer mac or revlon!?

please reply
thank u :)

Colorstay can be diluted (with silicone) and used as a silicone airbrush foundation. I have never tried it but heard it works well.

Great tip! I look for good full foundations so I’m definetily trying Revlon’s Colorstay. I also want to recommend a foundation that has really worked for me, almost, if not as good as Studio Fix as far as coverage Note: it is a little thicker in texture but very’s by L’oreal, the name is Feel Naturale and it comes in a 1.12 fl. oz so you get a little bit more. However, I just don’t think there’s a vast array of color options but I might be wrong. Anyway, if you’re looking for a full coverage, low priced (about $11.00 but you can often find it on sale!) foundation you will really like this one. I should mention that I don’t have really sensitive skin so I’m not sure if it causes breakouts on other people, but I do have oily skin and huge pores! Hope this helps… ( :

I usually use Studio fix I actually like the yellow tone because it matches my skin tone perfectly but it does make me break out. I’m going to pick up the Revlon colorstay and try it out. Thanks for the tip and PLEASE put a tutorial for those eyes! Besos!

Hey Marlena! Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. Now my main problem is finding the right color. What can I do????

Studio Fix is not my favorite at all. I found that it burned on my skin. I’m not sure if that’ s due to my glyc and retinols I’m using or just because.

I think Mac makes better foundations. I like Studio Tech.

I do agree with you, Marlena about Mac’s colors.

Thanks for doing this one!

I tried the revlon but I think i didn’t like it because I used it with cheap/no powder so it didn’t last long. I’ve never tried studio fix fluid though. I know mineral powders make my skin itchy though… so i just am using mac full coverage with one of their powders. I’d love a tutorial for full coverage (mac) :)

Hey Marlena…I think the problem that I have with buying foundations from drugstores or like target/walmart is that you can’t try them to make sure the color matches your skin before you buy them! Is there a technique to finding the right color without having the open a bottle in the store (lol not that i would ever do that!)…?

ps. i loved the end of the video too :)

Hi i love all the applications of make-up u hve done so far!! I have just recently started practising the art of make-up and i just want to know whats the best way of blending persons shades(foundations)? and finding the right color match? help?

hey marlene…can u plz post a video on how u did ur eye make up in the video mac vs. revlon i really love dat whole orange pink effect u look so vibrant plz teach that look …thx

Hey Marlena. I too am pasty white! I also use MAC’s lightest shade which, just like you, it not light enough. My best friend is actually a MA at MAC (i blame her for my addiction!) and her tip was to use the strobe cream to mix in with the studio fix foundation to lighten it up. So what I do is put a dab of strobe creame and then a pump of foundation on the back of a sterile petri dish (i’m a science teacher so i have access to those :)) and just mix it up with my foundation brush before i put it on. It works really well to lighten up the color and the strobe cream also gives it a little shimmer…not too much though, just enough to make me “glow.” And i have to agree, your eyes are amazing in this video!!!!!!

OMG!!! I love your eyes!!! The colors are awesome! It must be makeup forever huh?? I want to do my eyes like that!!! Can you please do a tutorial on that!!! Thanks!!! :)

hey laura(heart) lol umm..what kind of hair iron are you looking for? a straightener or a curling iron? I personally use a Babyliss brand but I trust Chi brand too. Basically anything thats high-grade ceremic so you don’t damage your hair internally much. Normally you DO NOT want to turn it that high 200C-392F because it will brutally damage your hair. Switch it to about half the temp and it works just fine. And use good hair products such as a heat protectant spray or straightening balm (I personally love kenra and redken and after you blow dry of course-NEVER straighten or curl your hair wet) and it works wonders.

OMGOSH sorry Marlena, I’ve been an anyonmous devoter to your site and I never got to comment you lol. I admire and love your creative vids! I look forward to cool new ones and learned alot from you ^.^ Recently I’ve been looking for a foundation too and since it’s so hard to match my shade, I tried out SkinFusion fluid foundation where it adapts and changes to your right skin tone. I like it so far but I prefer to look for other options. Thanks to your vid, I’m gonna try it. Thanks a bunch ^.^

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! i have been all over with MAC foundations. i absolutely LOVE the coverage that i get with their products, but it totally breaks me out or ends up feeling really heavy. i have tried the MAC studio tech, studio fix and foundation compact… so to have a nice alternative that you think is comparable to MAC is heaven sent. thank you again soo soo much for posting this!

This foundation is GREAT! I have never broke out from it and usually liquid foundations always break me out. The coverage is excellent, and it can look perfectly airbrush flawless if you use it with the MAC 119 brush or the BE Handi Buki brush. You don’t have to touch it up all day, just use oil blotting papers to refresh.

Great to know Marlena I was struggling finding a good foundation! I’m all about a good deal, and I love your hair in this video too. I wish mine was long enough to do that!

Thank you….. went out and got me some…… I LOVE it….. great coverage……long stay….. Just what I needed

the mac foundation is the best foundation ever! i live in england and here it is the best foundation, in my opinion, that we have! ive never got bad spots or anything from this, but i did find that my noose became a little more oily from this product.

This said, i still think that this foundation is the best within the uk!

Tried the Revlon and loved it! It gave great coverage and you definitely cannot beat the price!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Wow, I’m really going to look for the Revlon foundation! I hope they sell it anywhere in the Netherlands.. I myself own Max Factor Minerals (but I only use that as a bronzer because it’s way too dark for me and I don’t like how it applies) and the fluid L’oreal True Match (I really like this one..) I’m really looking for a new foundation though!

You’re absolutely cute! I love the end of the video!

i ThinK ThaTS rUe, ThE MAc FoUNdatiOn MAkes Me BreAKoUt….
IM tryiNg reVloN….HOw WouLd I knOw WHiCh CoLOr to Use??
Im UsiNg nc37 In MAc?

Thank you for this tutorial, Marlena. I’ve always wanted to try the Revlon foundation. Now that you pointed out to me the advantages over MAC’s foundation, I’ll buy this foundation & give it a try. I am wearing Revlon’s ColorStay Active LIght Makeup & I like it because it has light coverage which gives you a natural look & SPF 25 protection. I also like L’Oreal’s True Match foundation because it has great coverage & looks natural. Like the Revlon foundation, if I see a buy 1 get one free sale in usually Ulta, I jump at the chance to buy L’Oreal’s True Match foundation for my sister who is a big fan of this & wears it every day for work & school.

I’ve only used MAC Studio Fix Foundation and I’m ready to make the switch to Revlon Colorstay. Can anyone please help with what color shade I would be if with MAC I use NC35??? Thanks!

Thank you so much! I’m a huge MAC fan, but have been dissapointed also with their foundations. Too heavy, too dark (I need whiteout!) and just too “made up” looking. I will take your recomendation and try this Revlon one this week!

Vanessa: if you want to use a liquid foundation but not look cakey with a setting powder: try a translucent setting powder. it works just the same, if not better most of the time. hope that helped <3

Have you tried the Maybelline foundation? The long lasting one that has two sides to it works VERY well and I have very fair skin as well. It is a colorstay type foundation and on one side is the foundation and the other side is a white moisturizer. I love it! Just thought I’d throw that out there because I know I can’t afford MAC products anymore!!! :)

I used to use MAC StudioFX liquid but wasn’t happy with the texture. I switched to Revlon Colorstay and love it! Same great coverage but it goes on much smoother

So after watching this video, I went to Walgreens and bought a bottle of Revlon Colorstay, plus it was on sale =] and it is amazing! I spent $34 on Makeup Forever liquid foundation, and this covered up more than that. I’m definitely gonna buy Revlon from now on, and i also saved like $20. Thanks Marlena!!

Marlena, you are great. Please let me know of any seminars for this year 2009? I live in NY. and I can’t wait for you to come here and give a seminar. I’m just hoping.:)

Marlena, you have saved my face. I’m so thankful for this review. I have very dry skin and I’ve been using the Studio Fix Fluid by MAC, but find that it is too drying and emphasizes my dry patches instead of hiding them (even though I use MAC moisturelush and prep+prime). I even noticed that in photos my skin appeared a little yellow!!! YIKES!! So, after watching this I went to my local Ulta and tried my match for the Revlon ColorStay in the normal/dry skin. I have to say that I am LOVING IT!!! It goes on quite smoothly and is actually a better match to my skin tone, not as yellow as the Studio Fix. It also feels rather light on my face. It doesn’t feel as cakey as the Studio Fix. However, the only downside is that I was barely using concealer with the Studio Fix, whereas the Colorstay, I have to put in a little more effort. I think I’ll try combining the two and seeing what type of finish I get. Oh, yeah, and not to mention the price difference is incredible! Thanks for posting!

I love this foundation – BUT it does break me out badly. I love the lightest colour, it is SO neutral. Its my favourite foundation, and I use it on special occaisons, when I know I can handle the after-math. I jsut wish it didnt break my out. And the blemishes are big and v painful.

I’m not into liquid foundation. I’m more of a mineral girl what would you suggest for me to use. I have olive skin tone. I love your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You mentioned that you use this foundation in your kit, but I don’t know what kind of work you mainly do- how do you feel this makeup films and photographs? I’m sure my brides will love the fact that it’s long wearing, but I also do some commercial work (magazines, billboards, etc…) so I need something that will stand up well to studio lights.

Along the same lines, I’d love it if you could recommend some concealers- I’ve noticed you use the MUFE Camo Palette on yourself a lot- I’ve been told that the full cover photographs better, but your skin always looks flawless in your videos. What are your kit favorites?

I’m a pro, but I’ve been affiliated with certain brands for my entire career, now that I’m FREElancing (emphasis on the free!) I want to try some new product….Thanks!

Thee eye tutorials are wonderful, but I have to say, before I can play with color on my eyes, I need a good solid, full coverage foundation FIRST. I would LOVE to see you do a foundation tutorial, especially for oily/acne prone skin and long lasting coverage both. Not all of us have flawless skin but we sure do appreciate your passion for makeup and getting glamorous. I just need a good strong canvas in the beginning to work on, know what I mean? Thanks MakeUp Geek! :) Stacy Zimmerman


I’m NW30 in MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation & I use Revlon Colorstay in Golden Beige. Perfect match for my skin tone!

Wow… I like your eyeshadow!!!

Marlena, would you please put a tutorial just for applying fake eyelashes? I saw a lot of video for that reason but none of them close enough to see where and how we have to apply those lashes, and also none of the videos tell you how to remove it? I had fake eyelashes for my wedding and I was almost crying to remove them without losing my own eyelashes!!

I’ve been using the Revlon ColorStay for 6months now and I’m loving it. =)
I’m using the Combination/Oily Skin 320 True Beige and it’s giving me an oil-free, flawless look like it says in the product. :D
Thanks for the review, Marlena! I’m glad I found your videos in youtube.
Your videos are so informative and very helpful for a beginner like me. ^_^

Im an nw25 in mac studiofix I was wondering if there is a match in the revlon colorstay. Im really picky about my foundation not having an orange tint…so thanks

hie there just am impressed that other cheaper brands than those of mac or what sort of high class and is VERY expensive can just work as well as them.I am really the future,i hope..other drugstore brands are going to be MORE famous as compared to those of M.A.C or what sort high class brand .. and im only touching on foundation.If i goes to eyeshadow colours or whatsort primer and stuff,i think it depends on the range of colours given,how long it will stay on and what sorts.if it goes to mascara,i think cheaper drugstore brands wins my vote .. and my fave and will forever love is the maybeline brand and its whole set of makeup and whatsorts that it gives..well,i have to say..NOT ALL HIGH CLASS BRANDS WILL WIN EVERY WOMEN’S HEARTS.Drugstore brands makeup gives MUCH-MUCH MORE alternative towards high class brands and you do not need to take out lots of money to buy a high class brand makeup when you can spend a few dollars to buy a drugstore item which is effective yet it gives much more results as compared to those of high class brands. to summarise this up,im a youtuber and i love makeup so im just given my personal thoughts and it is the truth.
thank you makeupgeek TV!!
i love you.thus,i subscribed.

hi, i m vin a dusky skin,,,,i ve never used a foundation cream before,,now my marraige has been fixed so would like to buy a good foundation that would long last n give a fresh look through out the party,,,,which is good for me MAC studio fix or revlon colorstay?