Review: It’s A 10 Miracle Leave in Hair Product

Between damaging your hair with harsh chemicals and using over-heated styling tools, your hair needs some help to stay healthy! Instead of buying ten different products that don’t work, why not buy 1 product that protects your hair against 10 things?! I’ve found you “It’s A 10!”, my miracle product that I use EVERY day. This product isn’t a want, it’s a MUST!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this spray! It truly is a miracle spray. When I go to buy this spray in a drug store its sold out most of the time. I’ve only ben using this spray for a year but this is a product that I now can not live without!

How to use:

  • Step 1: Shampoo and Condition hair, as normal.
  • Step 2: Towel Dry Hair
  • Step 3: Liberally spray “It’s A 10!” all over your locks
  • Step 4: Comb through hair
  • Step 4: Style hair as usual


  • Smells great.
  • Detangles hair.
  • Heat protectant.
  • Can be used in any type of hair.
  • It doesn’t weigh down hair.
  • Helps tame frizz.
  • Makes hair feel soft and smooth.


  • A little on the pricey side.
  • Rating:  5 out 5
  • Product: 5 out of 5
  • Packaging: 5 out of 5
  • Quality: 5 out of 5
  • Price:  4 out of 5
  • Would I buy again?  Yes


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I love this stuff too!!!! I color and use a bunch of thermal styling tools (i.e. blow dryer, flat iron, etc) on my hair and this is one of the only products that makes my hair feel like I haven’t ever damaged it w/ all that stuff. ;) It is totally worth the price.

I love this stuff. I live in a humid climate and this stuff will keep my hair from frizzing up. It’s light and your hair doesn’t look oily when you put it in. It’s awesome!

I have weak hair that loves to frizzle up and generally misbehave…how would I be best to use this product to allow me to wear my hair dwn with confidence, as I usually get annoyed and tie it back? Any help appreciated! Would have to buy on ebay I imagine as don’t think we have this in Australia

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff!! I give my 5 year old daughter a bath every morning before school so there for I blow dry her hair every morning and this is the product that saves her hair from any kind of damage =) The only bad thing about this is the price since I go through it quiet fast. It’s true..not a must want but a must have!

I love this product. I’ve been using it for about 5 years now. My hair tangles really badly after showering and this is the best product I’ve tried for getting out the snarls. I can’t go without this. I agree that it’s on the pricey side but it definitely is a must for me.

You are so adorable! Thank you so much for the review! Honestly, I have been wanting this since your beach hair video.

One quick question, I really like your makeup. What colors are you wearing?

Thanks again, I value your contribution to MUG :D

Loved the VLOG!! Yall are making me late for work! That was so fun of you girls to do a girl-talk video! My me time is limited and I love to sit with my girls and chat. I think single or involved, we enjoy talking about the other sex as an easy-going pastime. OH, btw thanx Jessica for the product review because Ive been eyeing it lately ( they sell it at rite aid in my work neighborhood) so I think it will be usefull as i gradually lighten my hair. Could you do a vid on progressively changing your haircolor?

I have tried just about every serum that there is,and although “Its a 10” isnt a serum,it works better than absolutely everything Ive tried. I use it every day. I spray it on after Ive showered and before Ive brushed my hair and theres almost no knots to comb through and leaves my hair feeling so soft. You can even use a serum with it and it isnt too much,doesnt leave hair looking oily or anything. I love love love this product! Dont know what I did before I found it!! yes,its a little pricy,but so worth it,Id even pay more for it now knowing what it does for my hair. Anyone who isnt using this is missing out

Thanks for this review! I’ve always been curious about this product for a year or so now, heard great things about it, but never got around to getting it just yet. I have super healthy hair as I have quit using heating tools, only using natural products in my hair, etc (ever since having it cut only an inch away from my scalp) : However, question for anyone who knows.. when this product (or any hair product) says heat/thermal protector, will it protect against sun and UV damage? My hair is healthy but naturally dry and dark so , I was wondering since products like this prevent damage from heat styling tools.. what about the sun?

I don’t want to take away from this great product, I’m only curious as I am looking for something to protect against the sun and I’m so close to buying this but wanting that factor in as well.. lol

I don’t think this product does protect against sun damage. :( If you are looking for a product that protects your hair from the sun you will have to look up the ingredients and make sure it either has a SPF or Octyl Methyoxycinnamate listed.

Yes, the first time I ever heard of this product is when I had my hair cut last year. My hair felt great and smelled great. I have also found that Fantastic Sams carries it.

They also have it at Costco! I’ve been wanting to try it but wasn’t sure it was worth it…I for sure will now though!

I love this product Its amazing!!! It does all of the above and feels healthy and smells great!

Been using this for a couple years…it IS a miracle.
note: their shampoo and conditioner were not all that impressive…but the leave in is a must!

I’ve only found this spray at Planet Beauty and for the small bottle its $22 but it does work like a dream so I need to try and find it somewhere else for cheaper lol