Review: It’s a 10! Leave-In Conditioner

Between damaging your hair with harsh chemicals and using over-heated styling tools, your hair needs some help to stay healthy! Instead of buying ten different products that don’t work, why not buy 1 product that protects your hair against 10 things?! I’ve found you “It’s A 10!”, my miracle product that I use EVERY day. This product isn’t a want, it’s a MUST! Where to buy: Ulta Stores,  Amazon . eBay


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This is SO weird. I’d never heard of “It’s a 10” products until two days ago when I went to get my hair cut and my stylist sprayed on the Miracle Plus Keratin product and recommended I buy some. My hair has never been softer.

My mother has been buying me this product since it came out, and I LOVE it. <3 The line also makes a fabulous shampoo and conditioner. I can't rave about it enough!

Hi Sarah- Can you tell me if I were to put on the It’s a 10-Leave-In Conditioner after my towel dry hair, can I still flat iron my hair right away? Or would you suggest to putting it on after I straighten my hair? Thanks in advance for your help!

My hair stylist recently recommended “It’s A 10!” to me and I LOVE it! I use it on my hair when it’s wet and sometimes when it’s dry for a little “refreshment!” If you try it, you won’t ever use anything else! At the same time, she recommended the Tigi Catwalk Mystique products. If you haven’t tried them…You should! I use them with the “It’s A 10!” and my hair has never been better! :-)

I’ve always been wanting to try it ever since I saw them in my local salon. I just placed an order! Looking forward to getting it.

This is an awesome product! A couple inexpensive alternatives for those who want to save their money & finish products prior to purchasing this awesome product: regular conditioner, dryer sheets, and hair spray.

Regular conditioner: Put a small amount of your daily conditioner in your hand & add to your hair. Now you have a leave in conditioner without having to purchase a new conditioner. Trial and error will help you find the right amount to use in your hair. This little trick has helped save my hair and let me go longer between trimmings.

Tame the frizz with dryer sheets: I picked up this tip back in college while I was touring the country with a choral group. Dryer sheets not only tames the static in your clothes but also with the hair. I always carry dryer sheets in my purse just in case of a sudden frizz moment.

Hair spray: A little bit helps with the frizz. Tresemme carries a great one that combats humidity. I have frizz prone hair, but with a little bit of hair spray on the top and underneath I’ve been able to keep the frizz at bay.

I’ve been using it’s a ten! for awhile now and I have no complaints. I usually can’t use products on my hair because it gets SO oily, but this is the one thing I can actually use. I love it and highly recommend! Definitely a good buy

I have never heard of this one but i guess i will try it. Mane n’ Tail Hair Strengthener is a cheaper aternative.

Yes the entire line works for African American hair. I am 100% natural w/ a beautiful afro & this is the only leave-in that I will ever use, especially when I use a straightener.

Hi. I loved the product review and would really like to know what make and shade of lipstick you are wearing. A hair product review and I ask about make-up… :o)

I have been using It’s a 10 leave in condtioner for almost 2 years now and LOVE it, plus it smeels good too. Leaves my hair soft and shiny.

To answer some questions and provide some further information…

Yes, It’s a 10 can be used on African American hair. In fact, it is suitable for all types of hair.

A little bit of this product goes a long way. At my salon, we recommend that you start out with about 2-3 pumps, especially if you have fine and/or thin hair. You would want to focus the use of this product more at your ends. Don’t forget to get the hair underneath! Combing it through is a really great way to evenly spread the product to where it is needed.

While It’s a 10 has more styling products in the line, for this particular item you only need to spray it in while your hair is damp (not wet, damp), comb it through as the video said, and proceed to style as desired. The product is already on your hair, there is no need to add more if you are planning on ironing your hair after your blow-dry.

If you feel that this product is too heavy for your hair (in some cases, it does happen), you might like to try a liquid spray instead. TIGI’s Sleek Mystique Fast Fixx Style Prep is a good one, although you will have to enlist the aid of a heat protectant (which the line also carries) if you plan on ironing your hair.
Not many people know about Design Essentials, but they have a wonderful blow-dry spray called HCO. It’s very lightweight, works very well, and has a great scent to boot. And for any of you African American ladies reading this, their line is made specifically for your hair (although it can be used for other types of hair as well). They have many other great products.

Also, if you’re not an online shopper…your local Hair Cuttery should have It’s a 10 in stock. The smaller bottle is around $16 and the larger one is around $30.

This product does it all? You don’t need to put gel in your hair? I have curly hair and I go through a ritual every time I wash my hair. I’ve been searching for a product that does it all but didn’t think it was possible, are you saying this is the does it all product?! If it is, I’ll go out and buy it tomorrow.

DO go out and buy it!!!! you will LOVE it….there are smaller bottles that start at $10 :) ….its a 10 also has gel and serum and cream and lots more!!!

GREAT product! We cant keep it in the salon I work in! It is one of those products that really does what it says! One spray and you will fall in love!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all its a 10 products…..also in the leave in there are 3 different sizes so there are cheaper options! I am a hairstylist and every single client that has used this product says they LOVE it …i have never heard someone say a negative word about its a 10 :)

It makes my hair sticky and doesn’t work at all.
What am I doing wrong?!
After the money i spent, I need it to work.

So I’m buying this next week! I am so excited! :] Can’t wait for it to make my hair beautiful! haha

Thanks so much for this tip! I live in Peru and just flew to Miami on vacation this month and found this product at CVS and had to buy it…it is great! It leaves my hair so soft, healthy and shiny (and I have prtty damaged locks due to all the makeover changes I get done). Totally in love with this item! :)

I’ve been looking for this everywhere! Where can I buy it at? I’ve recently started going lighter for the summer and notice my hair is getting dryer than usual so I desperately want to try this product.

Just bought this product today!!!! I moved to El Paso about a year ago ans since then I’ve had Serious hair problems…SERIOUS…I hope it does what it says cause I’m desperate..By the way I got it at the salon in Wal Mart!