Review: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation


As I browse through the forum and get many helpful tips from all of you mugs, I heard several of you say how good Estee Lauder’s foundation was.  So, I went to the counter to get matched for my color, went home to try it on, and fell in love!  I have to admit that this is my favorite foundation of all time!!

  • Product:  5 out of 5
  • Packaging:  4 out of 5 (I’d like it to have a pump)
  • Quality:  5 out of 5
  • Overall:  5 out of5
  • Would I buy again?  Yes!
  • Price:  $33.50  (or less on eBay)

Where to Buy Online:

They describe it as…

  • 15-hour staying power.
  • Flawless all day.
  • This worry-free, long-wearing makeup stays fresh and looks natural through heat, humidity, nonstop activity.
  • Won’t change color, smudge or come off on clothes.
  • Feels lightweight and comfortable.
  • Now the flawless look you see in the morning is the look you keep all day.


  • Goes on smoothly
  • Great range of colors
  • Covers well and gives a flawless finish
  • Does not feel heavy or cakey


  • More pricey than some other foundations, but well worth the price!

Overall Opinion:

  • I am so incredibly in love with this foundation!
  • It covers so well, feels great on my skin, goes on smoothly, and matches perfectly without making me look pasty!
  • I cannot brag enough about this foundation-  I am going tomorrow to pick up another bottle just in case ;)
  • It is more pricey than the Revlon foundation that I previously mentioned (which is still a good product), but costs less than the Makeup Forever HD foundation and works much better in my opinion.
  • It does not make me look orange like MAC’s foundations do, and covers even better.

MUG Seal of Approval:  (5 out of 5)



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I actually used Estee Lauder’s Lucidity foundation. It was the only counter I ran across commonly that could match me with a shade light enough for my skin so they definitely get points there. It did go on really smoothly but I started to worry that it might be causing me to break out so I switched to MAC which seems to be cause even more breaking out. So I may very well switch back to my Pale Ivory Lucidity.

Really great for the fair skinned ladies, I agree.

hi marlena:

i’m new at this but i was wondering how do you “get matched” ?
do you ask for the foundation and then they apply the ones they think are good or you do it by yourself?!
do you think it’s good for combination skin? i hate those ones that i have to keep reapplying powder to take the shine away.


thanks sweetie

Well i have just become hooked with the revlon colorstay foundation; but I’m willing to try the Estee Lauder one.

I have been using this for about 3 yrs. I love this stuff. I have tried the Revlon version, but the Bismuth makes me break out. Once every so often, on the weekends, I will go to sleep w/out washing my face (I know… a big no-no) and this stuff does NOT budge and is on in the morning just as good as it was on the day before. On my early work days I am doing my makeup at around 5am and when I get home at 3:30 it’s still good as new… and lasts!!!!!!!!!

Wow! I will have to try that too…but I need to brag about their Estee Lauder Mascara Magnoscopic….its clean, it doesn’t smudge even after a long day not like MAC or make up forever mascaras. I love this mascara esp I think this will be good for someone who already has long lashes. But unlike me, my lashes are short so I switched to yves saint laurent mascara and that makes wonder on ur eyes!
Hope this helps to someone out there looking for a great mascara…thanks

I love Estee Lauder products. They have so many color options for concealers and foundations that it is really easy to find a match. The only thing I dont like is that their packaging is a little bit old lady. I still use their products though because they really are the best of the best.

I use it a long time but one day, a friend of mine say that my foundation doesn’t look natural.
We can see too much that I’ve put foundation (not like MAC for example).
BUT it’s really long wearing !!! 100% true !

I think this foundation isn’t good for combination or oily skin…which is my case :)

Angelica kind of touched on this subject, but I’m just wondering if anyone else knows how good this foundation is for oily skin and if it still has good staying power!

I’ve been using Estee Lauder Double Wear for years, and I always seem to go back to it after trying out other foundations. I have a very oily T panel with dry cheeks. I use the Smashbox Light Primer on my T panel to control the oil, and use a good moisturiser on my cheeks. I don’t use a foundation brush, I use my fingers as I find it looks more natural. Use a good mattifying powder, or Coastal Scents Silicone powder on the oily areas. It’s definitely worth the money, and it is a really good idea to get the Estee Lauder girls behind the counter to help you choose the right colour. Once you’ve got the right colour, you’ll never look back!

Macy’s has an Estee Lauder gift with purchase right now. I’m going to try the foundation and get the free stuff too!


I worked for estee lauder for 5 years and everyone wore it. I have to worn you though, invest in a good makeup remover (not just a cleanser) because it really does stay put. My only problem with it is that I can’t find a good powder to go over it, but I’m not sure it “really” needs one.

Marlena- I remember you saying in a tut that you were really pale and had a hard time finding a shade in some lines. Merle Norman has some great things, and even makes a long-wearing foundation called Lasting that works identically to EL DW for slightly less $, and it comes in too-pale-for-MAC shades. I wear Cream in Lasting, and love it. Just in case you still have an itch to experiment…

I just purchased the Estee Lauder foundation. I have combination skin the typical oily T zones, mocha complexion. I’ll let you know. OMG oh yeah I went to the Lancome counter and they have this magnificent ulimate lasting full color lipshine in electric pink I don’t know if anyone has already commented on …it’s hot.

i just bought the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light yesterday and i LoVE it!!!! I don’t usually wear a lot of make up so the Light version of this was perfect for me.

I attempted to buy the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation since my foundation finished today and conveniently enough I had read the review…so I decided to try it. I had a big disappointment when the lady at the counter could not match my skin tone. I think she tried about five or six without success long story short I did not buy it. For some reason Estee Lauder is just not my line.

I was looking at this makeup about 2 weeks ago but settled on the MUFE HD. Thanks so much for reviewing it. I’m returning the HD and will try this.

I used to use this foundation and i forgot how much i loved it.. i have a problem with acne so this one does clog my pore a little bit.. but i found the chanel foundation is amazing coverage and doesn’t break me out at all .. but it is a little more pricey than the estee lauder … anyway.. good choice… love your tutorials and website! take care

Hello! Please make a video show the new Estee Lauder foundation! Please, please, please! I was at one step of buying the HD, but only because I didn’t find anything better. ‘Cause I like it when I look from far away, but hate it when I look near the mirror. It’s not natural, you know?! And I notice that they have C, W and N, like MAC, but is the same thing, or is it the opposite?? What skin tone did you chose?

The EL Double Wear is great. It stays true all day and doesn’t rub off on clothes. Another product that I’ve found to be wonderful is Cliniqiue’s gel liners for the lower rim or water line. It stays better than anything I’ve ever used and I’ve tried alot! It’s great for the upper eyeliner also, but it’s the lower rim that always seems to fade away.

I used to use estee lauder double wear foundation, I loved it at first- the coverage is amazing and it stays on all day with out budging. The only problem is it caused me to break out worse than I ever have, cyst like zits all over my neck and around my cheeks. I think this happened because it is SO hard to get off- even when you think you have it all off the next morning when you wash your face you get big smears of left over foundation on your wash cloth. I decided to stick to MAC studio fix fluid spf 15 and stuido fix powder over top for maximum coverage. I admit MAC does rub off by the end of the day- but I never break out.

Hey Marlena<3! Could u pls do a tutorial on this foundation? Like a foundation application? Thnxx I would really appreciate:)

I used to work for Estee Lauder, and wore the Double Wear foundation, here’s some helpful hints. Because this makeup stays on 15+ hours and is smudge proof, you really need a deep cleaning facial cleanser + alot of warm water to take this makeup off. Suggestions: Clinique makeup remover, Estee Lauder Take it away wipes or lotion in conjunction with a good cleanser. Sometimes the wipes are harder to find though. Wash your face really good in the morning before you put this makeup back on, the Double Wear gets returned alot b/c of breakouts. When you purchase this foundation, a good consultant will tell you what type of cleanser you need. :) Hope this helps! :)

The only problem with this foundation is that it does not photograph well. It makes you look very chalky/pale (think Edward, the vampire in Twilight). There is an Estee Lauder Double Wear Light version that is just as awesome, wears just as long, but isn’t as heavy and photographs very naturally.

HI there!

Love your podcast! Also I wanted to recommend for people that want a real natural base, Luminelle by Ives Rocher. These products are sold by catalog like Avon and such so maybe it would be easier to get them online. So there.
Oh by the way I went to mac today and totally splurged on alot of products you recommended, I am so excited to start with all your techniques.

Glad you like it, I like it too except I feel it doesn`t match me perfectly I`m NC20 in Mac and at estee counter i`ve been matched with 1 n ecru, I don`t like the difference between my face and my neck, the second time I went for this they told me the same, that this is my match; a little disappointed because otherwise I love it, so the question would be what`s your match shade?

HI Marlena, i wanted to know if this foundation is good for oily skin?? because if it is.. i might give it a try! im looking for the perfect foundation =) thanks a lot xoxz

I also worked for EL, first as a counter manager and later as a Regional Artist. Rest assured that this foundation is not going anywhere- it’s been around forever! As many people mentioned, it does bond to the skin, so you have to use a cream or lotion makeup remover to take it off- a foaming cleanser will NOT do it (think of 15 hour lipstick and how it sticks- same thing) this is why people are breaking out from it. It is actually an oil free makeup, so it is generally good for oilier skin types. For Romelia- if you’re a NC 20 in MAC I’d try bone, linen or dusk in the Double Wear- I always thought the Ecru was to gray for most people.

What is the best thing to set DL with? I was wondering if Mineral Veil would work to control settling in lines..

I love this foundation! The best kind out there that makes my skin look amazing. I bought it 5 or 6 months ago, and all you need is a little dab to cover your entire face!

I love this foundation, it is great for my oily skin, i rarely need to powder throughout the day, i do find it a tad heavy so i mix it with a little oil free moisturiser, it lasts all day too,

I have been wearing EL Doublewear for years. I wash my face very well at night to remove it all. I use EL Take It Away and Ponds makeup remover, never had a problem with breakouts. The MAC foundation pump works great and it’s so inexpeensive. I usually go through two pumps a bottle because the foundation is thick.

I used this foundation for a long time and then swithced to BE a few years ago due to the mineral makeup hype. I recently swithced back to Double Wear and I am sorry I ever left. I have combination skin that breaks out if you look at me the wrong way. Very frustrating for a 45 yr old woman! This does NOT make me break out at all. I do wash my face VERY well at night using Purity and it seems to get all of the foundation off.

I use this too!! it’s definitely amazing.
If you mix it w/ strobe cream from mac or tinted moisturizer from stilla, it will give you nice glowy skin :)

I use Double Wear Liquid Foundation in Truffle and I love, love, love it. I switched about 3 months ago and I started with the DW concealer in Extra Deep. I love the concealer because I have melasma in the face and it covers everything! So then I moved on to the foundation and then the powder to set it. This combo makes me look flawless and it does not rub off. That was reason #2 for the switch from MAC studio Fix powder. I hated the rub off. True enough I looked good but my makeup was on my clothes, cell phone, house phone, hands, papers, other people and their clothes. Not good. If MAC comes up with a smudge proof, stay in place foundation line then I’ll be back but until then I’m staying with Estee Lauder. Gotta love it!!

Marlena, what do you recommend to remove this foundation? Is Purity by Philosophy sufficient? I heard the foundation can break you out if you don’t remove it very well. Thanks! Love your tutorials and reviews!

Thank you so much for this review – im usually a bit skeptical but you were 100% correct about this foundation – the color is great, it wears ALL day long and feels great on the skin!!!

YAY! I remember reading your revlon article and I was one of the people going on about this foundation. I just cant believe it isnt a cult hit yet!! It is incredible stuff and I am so glad I am not alone in my opinion, and that an expert like yourself, who has tried LOADS of other foundations agrees!! YAY for double wear!!!

May I ask what color you got? I got Fresco which is the lightest, but I wish they had a slightly lighter color with a less yellowish tone – for winter..I still find Revlon Buff to be such a perfect color match.

But this never ever breaks me out – so worth the bit of extra blending!!! :)

Oh and a P.s. Neutrogena has a blue pump bottle cleanser, thats a makeup remover and cleanser in one. This is the most affordable cleanser for this foundation, and works like a bomb! :)

Hi, I tried and I didn’t like it, it is not a good cover. when you have a dark spots it looks not good. i like better mac make up

Double Wear foundation is an awesome foundation. Some of our News Anchors here in Houston wear it.
For those of you that like the coverage of the Double Wear foundation but want something with a lighter feel, Estee Lauder came out with the Double Wear Light Version (6 different intensities all neutral shade).
The Double wear line also has concealers and powders.

Thanks for the review! I already have the MUFE HD foundation but went ahead to my local Estee Lauder counter to get my color matched for the Double Wear foundation. My ELDW shade is Tawny.

You are right about the EL shades matching better compared to MUFE HD. At least, for me it was. The MA from Sephora picked out my MUFE HD shade for me. At the store, it looked perfect. In the daylight, it seemed just a tad lighter than my normal skin shade. The EL shade, Tawny, matches my normal skin tone perfectly in any lighting. And, unlike MUFE HD, it really evens out my cheeks which are quite pink (especially when the weather is warm).

The EL Double Wear (ELDW for short) does seem to feel a little thick on my skin when I apply it with a foundation brush. I tried wearing it again, but applied it with my fingers and got a lighter application – but the coverage was still just as perfect. For me, using the foundation brush made my complexion a little more matte than I would like, which did look like I was wearing foundation.

Like someone pointed out earlier, MUFE HD is great for pictures. My digital pics make my skin look perfect. However, the coverage wasn’t as good as ELDW. I love both products and I am torn as to whether or not to keep the ELDW. I’ll give it a few more days because I still have time.

BTW, I have not had any problems removing my ELDW. I use my MAC makeup remover wipes. It takes two sheets to get it all off. Recently, I discovered Neutrogena makeup remover wipes which claim to remove waterproof makeup too. I tried it today and it works better than my MAC wipes! The Neutrogena wipes are very soothing and with two sheets, all my foundation is completely gone and my skin feels very silky afterwards! I also bought the EL makeup remover lotion which can also be used to clean the foundation brush. If you refrigerate the EL makeup remover stuff, then it’s an extra perk to use when you’re feeling hot in the summer months.

Overall, ELDW is just a tad better than MUFE HD because I found a shade that matches me perfectly and coverage is better than Bare Escentuals and MUFE HD.

HI, I went in to an EL counter and asked what foundation they recommended and they gave me the Double Wear Light? Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the regular and the light? I had a really bad reaction to it within the first couple of hours so I won’t be repurchasing, but it did cover pretty good. =]


I’ve tried Estee Lauders Double Wear and it was to cakey for me. It does cover but looks to much like I’m wearing foundation. I love Lancome’s Teint Idole because it has a longer wear than Double Wear and doesn’t look obvious or cakey. Doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing anything.

Double Wear Light only comes in a few shades (4 or 6) and is more like a tinted moisturizer than a full foundation.

Answer for #30, use a foundation that reflects light. There are a few out there. Most of them are made for people who are older to help disguise lines and wrinkles. Some come in powder/mineral form while others come in liquid.

I have been using this foundation since the day it came out (my sister worked for Estee Lauder for a veery long time adn I got if for free the 1st tme) Its exactly what you said, Its worth every penny! I have tried using MAC, Chanel, CD etc etc but this one is the absolute best!! For picture taking is the best

Is this recommended for acne prone/acne scarred skin? Would it make my blemishes and scars look worse?

I’m looking at myself in the mirrori right now, and I’m looking at how flawless and fresh the application is. I don’t have any “3pm t-zone shine areas”, and the makeup looks like it’s just been applied!

I saw the foundation mentioned on here, and have heard (over the years) many ppl rave about it; I’ve worked for NARS, and have been wearing NARS, MAC and Cover FX. This foundation, so far, has been the one to beat.

I was sampled with the foundation yesterday, and tried on a small amount all over my face. I love having a warm glow, so I skipped powder (fine with me), and opted for MAC’s Skin Finish Bronzer in “Warmth” (limited edition from last year :(..sorry girls!)…anyway, my skin is very matt, but dewy looking (i.e. not greasey/shiny looking).

I saw some of your posts on here about it not photographing nicely…I’m going to take a pic of myself tonight and see how it looks. I think for those of you commenting on this, you should opt for a bronzer, as it will make your skin look a bit darker with colour. I’m not a fan of getting a “darker” foundation. I would rather get a foundation that matches my neck, and hand (when you raiise your hand up to your face), and then “edit” my skin colour with powder. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

If I like it, then I’ll go back and buy it. Thanks for the tip on the MAC pump; I’ll be sure to pick one up on my way as well!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


I just purchased the Estee Lauder DW Foundation. The color for me is Tawny. I must admit….I am fascinated wth the coverage, and how much time it lasts! I think I have finally found the ‘right’ foundation for me (after so much search and money invested)

hey there i would be ever so greatful if u cud help me with a lil enquiry Marlena
i currently use MAC nc40 studio fix fluid
i wanna purchase one of these online , which colour is the closest to MAC nc40 studio fix fluid? thank youuu xxx

Great foundation. I have been using EL DW for 10 years. I’ve strayed to others, but always come back to DW

i have been using double wear for a while now and agree that it is the best foundation buy far. I have freckles and pimples but my skin looks clear and smooth when i’m wearing this. I would recommend using it with one of Estee Lauder’s pressed powders.

I’m about to go EL Double Wear in the quest for my perfect foundation!!
Question is, what colour is most similar to Elizabeth Arden Toasty Beige does anyone know??

hi Marlena,
i purchased estee lauder double wear foundation and i’m loving it so far… problem is, it’s my sister’s wedding… and i would so love to wear it on that day, BUT , some people say it’s not photo friendly and turns your face WHITE in photos… i don’t want to end up looking like a ghost in family photos of such a big day…
will using powder over it make it look better on camera? maybe a bronzer?? or should i start hunting for a new foundation all together?

Love this foundation but cannot actually see the big difference between this one and Revlon CS…
they both stay for whole day on face. I find that CS is easier to blend..
But generally I give both of them overall:5/5

Hey people!

I recently bought estee lauder double wear and realised it wasnt the best skin shade for me. I then went to a counter girl at Debenhams and because i naturally have kinda clear skin was advised to buy the light wear. This was not good at all you cannot tell that you have anything on your face at all! that was a waste of £24. I then decided to switch to MAC and my shade was nc40 this foundation is not only cheaper but also better on the skin.

hey salma,
I went to Mac last weekend and I wear nc40 as well, I love this stuff. The estee lauder might not come off for hours and hours, but the natural look and feel of the mac studio fix is so much better on me. I also bought the studio stick, I used it under my eyes and it doesn’t sink into my recently aquired fine lines. I choose mac.

Thank you for the wonderful website. I just had to share my fantastic Estee Lauder experience. I was on an impossible mission to find good coverage AND light-weight foundation in the perfect shade. At Estee Lauder they matched me to my perfect shade and suggested I try the “Double Wear Light” so that I got the benefit of good coverage with that light “barely there” feeling. The product is AMAZING.

OMW!! I have just tried Clinique Even Better for dry skin – and I have to say it is pretty good too. I was always a HUGE ELDW fan – and nothing else ever lived up to it.

I am very impressed with Clinique – it is a better colour choice for me.

It is also more suited to dry skin.

I think if you love ELDW then the Clinique Even better would be worth trying.

It doesnt dry as quickly, it is buildable, but the finish is a bit more dewy. Regarding staying power – well, i cant really telll yet.

It doesnt feel as light as ELDW, but for my very dry skin, it leaves it feeling more moist which I like.

Hi i’ve always used the double wear and loved it. However, i use the colour Fresco and it pictures it looks way too pinky compared to other faces. Does anyone know of a colour in the same range that has a more yellowy tone to it? thanks =]

I can’t wear this foundation :( They really don’t seem to do foundations with a strong yellow tone. The lady at the counter tried for 20 minutes to get a colour that matched me, but they were all too pink/neutral, she tried to get me to get me to buy one anyway, which made me laugh! Tis a shame as i have oily skin and i would love a good long lasting foundation, one that doesn’t end up sliding down by my knees come 5pm!