Product Smackdown: NARS Sheer Glow vs. Neutrogena Healthy Skin

The Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation is very similar to the NARS Sheer Glow – it gives a dewy finish, feels light on the skin, and covers fairly well.  I really love this one as it doesn’t break me out and is supposed to be non-comedogenic, plus it has an SPF 20 to help protect the skin.  It doesn’t cover quite as well as the NARS, but I will often mix this with some Revlon Colorstay to give it some staying power and more full coverage.

The price is much better, but the only downside is there are only 8 shades to choose from.

Here is my list of  Top 10 Foundations!

Coverage:  Sheer to Medium

Best for:  Combo/Dry skin, mature skin, those looking for dewy finish


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Another good thing about the Neutrogena vs Nars is that it has SPF 20 and i don’t see any spf from the nars, so that for me is a plus. Thank u Marlena hope doing great :)

by the way you talked abt break out, I have a lot of little blemishes under skin, especially on my chin, i dont know how to get rit of them (it’s also too expensive to have facial every week :( so…) May anyone please show me how to make a skin care routine at home or do whatsoever so pick them out or any recommendations of skincare products? I very appreciate it and many thanks to you guys :)

i used to have those awful little blemished all over my chin, all the time, for 2 years, i was so upset about it.. then i found this doctor ( i am in australia) he gave me this ‘liquid’ antibiotic , it’s called ‘clindatech’ (apply morning and night before lotion) within 2 weeks all the pimples popped up, i squeezed them out with a cotton pad (so you don’t get any bacteria in your skin again), it’s been 3 months, I haven’t had ANY pimples at all. I am not sure where you live, but try to google this product, it’s saved my face! good luck!

ok so this is the exact name of the product:
ClindaTech, acne treatment topical solution.
Solution contains: Clindamycin Hydrochloride 1%w/v


I did have a research and unfortunately i can’t find it in us :(
now am using tea tree oil and Vitamin E oil (pure) in hope that they could help my skin without any chemical in. :( but I do think that I need something more in order to pick out all the little blemishes

Hi Alex:)

I would recommend too check out the Decleor and Md formulations products. that helped my hormonol akne very well. The are expensive, but they dont dry out your skin ( like drugstore skin care) and helps clear your skin good and prevent any breaktouts, dryness and dehydration.

Decleor is alot of essential oils thats natural and is really effective. visit and chat there with an assistent, they can help you and set up a skin care program.

I recomend also too have patience, when you use MD formaltions, your skin get worst before it gets better, but believe me, its worth it:)
Check out the CosMediX clairty serum. this stuff is so amazing. I have tried maany spot treatments but this is the best. If you have really mutch acne, try out the MD formulations Vit-A plus clearing complex.

hope this helps a little bit:)


Thanks Mari :) I would like to try them as I also hear abt MD so many times. Thank you for your suggestion <3


Jane Irdeal is a mineral make up she has a concelear that help well it covers blemish it has green tea in it to help heal it from the inside out ….. Really helps even her fondationds help and do cause break outa…. It’s called Disapper ……. ?

I had that problem but the blemishes were all over my face. I use the Clarisonic face brush with a cleanser to exfoliate my skin and remove makeup. all those bumps underneath came out and disappeared in two weeks. i also use Exposed Skincare system right after Clarisonic to treat acne and prevent new acne. my skin has cleared :)

Try drinking coconut water from the green coconuts. It is comparable to human plasma in the blood and is great in healing any type of inflammation you have in the body – which acne Is usually in the blood and is a type of inflammation. Look up the benefits and get more info on it, but if u do decide to do that commit to drinking the juice of one coconut per day for 3-4 weeks. I’m in the process of doin that right now.
Also as a cleanser I use the deep cleansing skin cream from walmart the equate brand not the original. It’s cheap around 3 buck and comes in a 12oz jar. As a moisturizer I use cerave moisturizing cream also purchased it at walmart it’s their basic moisturizer and it has some ingredients that are naturally found in ur body so it’s not greasy yet moisturizes very good. Also helps with wrinkles which is always a bonus. Once or twice a week a do a cumin mask which is also great for keeping your skin healthy. Hope this helps :)

Alex, I suffered with breakouts on my chin for years, and I went to the dermatoligist for years, I have finally found what works for me. Go to your dermatoligist and ask for Duac, it is a topical treatment that combines an antibiotic and benzoyl peroxide. It is amazing. Also, make sure you use a toner every night to remove all your make up.

Hey Marlena,

Since winter is here I wonder if you’ve heard about BB creams? They’ve been a fad in Asia for a while, and now Smashbox and TooFaced have come out with their own BB creams.

They’re supposed to combine makeup and skincare in one product, and are very moisturizing.

I’ve been using a Korean brand and I love it so far. It has really good coverage, and makes my skin really soft.

I was just curious what your take on them would be, since they’re fairly new to the US.


Boscia made a BB cream as well and it is absolutely amazing. It combines anti aging, anti acne, hydration, spf, and great coverage into one product. The only downfall is that it comes in one shade and does not work well with people with a really fair complexion or dark. Otherwise I would recommend everyone to try it!

Yeah, that’s a problem with a lot of the Korean brands, too. They only come in one shade (usually very light). And some of them have skin-bleaching ingredients, so you have to be careful with what you buy.

The Smashbox and TooFaced ones have different shades, though. I got a free sample of the TooFaced one in medium. I’m fair, but I opened it anyway to swatch it and see what the consistency was like. It was nice, but it had some micro glitter in it, which I’m not crazy about. I think the Smashbox one is glitter-free, though.

The Makeup Forever HD Foundation is amazing too- I love this one for a satin finish. If you want that dewy or slightly shiny finish though, I would go with the Neutrogena. But yes, MUFE’s foundations are amazing :)

Hi Lily Marlene :D … you do a great job as usual … I live in Paris and I wonder how to avoid redness in winter. I have combination skin, I’m matte (mediterranean) and dealing with adult acne. Please, could you suggest me a moisturizing cream or anything else to avoid redness on my nose and cheeks… I actually use a primer and a green concealer of MUFE (5 concealer palette) but the results are not so well (the coverage is meduim) …I’ve tried Dior airspray fondation by the way (amazing product) but the redness still remain…. you would be so cute to give me some tips… Xoxo from France !

Is the redness from acne? If so, you’d have to figure out what’s causing the acne- for me, it’s hormones (yay for being 30+). But also if I eat sugar, I have breakouts… Are you able to see an esthetician or a dermatologist one time to see what is causing the redness? If you want to cover it really well, the Revlon Colorstay foundation has full coverage

Thanks so much Marlena for your response ! I will try revlon fondation :D … I’m 34. Stress, hormones and sometimes sugar (chocolate) causes me acne too ;s …
By the way, I would like to ask you about your diet (I fight to loose weight and be healthy and happy like when I was 20 !)……. I loved the video you posted last time (about veggie “snacks”) … It is really helpfull for me at the moment… ……..I’m going to Roma next week and I fear to feel frustration not to be allowed to eat delicious dishes (but bad for weight… such as arancini, pizzas, and gelatis … Yuuummm ! ). What would you suggest? It’s winter in Roma as well and I don’t think I could just eat salads !! ….. I would like to share experiences with other MUGS about diet and have some tips…… Ciao bella !

I heard from a sephora sales lady, that because of the mills and where its from has a lot to do why you could break out.. same with make up forever brand.. Both are milled in france.. MUFE did the same thing to me..

I love your reviews, they’re so helpful. :] Could you maybe comment back saying if the coverage of the Neutrogena one is as good as Revlons photo ready? I want to try it out but I don’t want to get less coverage than I already do because my cheeks get very red!

Hey marlena! Hopefully you or anyone else that has had this problem can help…

I never broke out to the extent I have been going through now. I may have had a pimple here and there but nothing beyond that. My jawline and the sides of my chin started getting those weird bumps that are beneath the skin, just like marlena had mentioned. I have had them for a few months now:(

Since it sounds like marlena had exactly the same problem w the nars foundation, me personally I believe it’s due to a cleanser I recently discontinued using , ~~>I just wanted to know how long it took for it to finally go away……..

I’ve been trying to avoid the dermatologist because I don’t have the best health insurance so I’m hoping you all could help. And of course if need be I will have to visit Dr.Klein lol

Thank you…

HI Diana! Mine took a few months to go away- you need to exfoliate 2-3 times a week and be patient. I also use Retin-A, but be careful with that as it can cause dryness on the skin…

just wondering what do you think about the foundation from dior diorskin sculpt? i want to buy it since i’m gona travel soon so i can buy it from the duty free?

I don’t recommend this foundation – the texture is ok (very heavy), but the colors are terrible. Make sure you test it outside in the sunlight!! I bought a darker shade on the recommendation of the sales assistant only to find I looked like a golden statue in the sunlight. So I stupidly went back and bought the lighter shade (they only have about 4 colors) and now I look like a ghost. That’s $160 down the toilet. What a waste!!!!

the sales assistants aren’t much help they always seem to recomend 1 shade to dark i kinda fought with the guy i guess i got lucky maybe cause i’m so fair skined so their lightest shade worked great for me and i only bought it because of the duty free it was just 34 euro so a preety good deal thanks for ur answer

I’ve heard a lot of derms and other doctors say that acne issues on the jawline and chin are almost always hormonal. If that’s where your acne or other skin issues are showing up, you might check with your OB/Gyn about the possibility of some sort of hormone imbalance. Most dermatologic creams and potions can’t really address that issue.
IF you issues really are purely skin-related:
For me, I have had a lot of success with Origins brand products. Checks and Balances is a great, gentle cleanser and it does a good job cleaning without over-drying. I also JUST discovered Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair. It contains Retinol in a newer form and its been great for keeping my skin moisturized, no breakout issues whatsoever, and even shrinking some wrinkles and fine lines! I’m loving it so far (been using it about 10 days). I think a LOT of skin issues could be solved by keeping skin clean as much as possible – even going without makeup a day or two a week if you can swing it! – and going easy on it. I think, generally, skin doesn’t respond super-well to being over or under cared-for. ;) Good luck finding your happy medium! :)

I agree, if you are breaking out around the chin/jaw area that is hormonal…I know because it happened to me a couple of years ago…I was going through pri-menapause and didn’t know it…the pimples were driving me crazy( so I know how you feel) espeically if you never had skin problems before… I always had clear skin…they will clear up but you have to figure out if it’s hormonal first or not. Good luck!

I love Neutrogena! It works great on acne prone skin (like mine). thakns Marlena for your great video as always!

I went and got some of this but there weren’t any that matched my skin quite right. Too tan/orange for my pink and yellow skin. I had to take it back. Revlon colorstay colors match better but I was trying to stay away from the dry matte finish due to dry cheeks in the winter but mixing it with a little water and moisturizer helps. Too much work for a foundation. I’m going back to MAC :-/

I would mix the Revlon one with the Neutrogena- I do that a lot to get the perfect color. Avoid MAC’s foundations as they really are bad for the skin :(

Great smackdown! I love the NARS my color is Stromboli and I actually like the MATTE verision better as I have oily skin so it actully comes up dewy after a few hours… which is GREAT! I too own the Neutrogena Healthy Skin and LOVE IT! But I agree I would totally repurchase this one over NARS (Price). The NARS didn’t break me out or anything. Check my review on Thanks Marlena yet another great smackdown!

Marlena have u tryed Jane Iredal she is a menial foundation she makes it in liquid that has alovera in it to help out with dry skin it has a really nice coverage. She also has a pressed powder and a loose Both are really great coverage and it won’t make u break out, it’s easy to apply . Hope u try want to know what u think

I think u will really like her foundations I work at a make up boutique so I have fun experimenting with all the products hope u they I really like it

Wow, you are the same shade as me with the NARS foundation! I would never have guessed. I am fairly dark myself so perhaps i am wearing the wrong shade? I love my NARS but would love to give the neutrogena a try, as it sounds like a wonderful daytime foundation. What shade do you wear with the neutrogena?

I tried the neutrogena foundation and it broke me out. i researched the ingredients and found that one of its main ingredients causes acne. i have sensitive acne prone skin so i have to be careful with what i use :(. If i want a dewy, glowy finish i use lancome teint miracle.

I would really like to try this foundation given I have diffculty with breakout after using some the disadvantage to this product is it is not for dark skin. I have written directly to the company regarding this and have not received a response.

My problem with NARS was getting a colour-match. Their shades were either too light or too yellow. Ceylan was good in terms of not being too light but it was so yellow and there’s no pink or neutral shade that is similar (there is lighter or darker!). I don’t think the Neutrogena is available in Canada. I’m sticking with Guerlain Lingerie de Peau for now.

love this one, I might have to try it as long as it’s oil free. lately I’ve been trying to learn about my undertone (I think that I’m cool-neutral), I’ve never heard you mention anything about matching your makeup to your undertone. Many of the colors you love go with a warm undertone so I’m guessing that’s what you have. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic since you are my “makeup guru” :)

Marlena have you ever heard about ruthless full cover make up? … i wonder if its any good and would like to hear your thoughts about it … im currently using NARS matte (Stromboli) and so far i love it … it hasent broke me out or anythign but i wish it was a little more covering …

Neutrogena may only have 8 shades, but I use two different shades to mix them to my skin color. Ever since I saw Marlena do this in a tutorial, I have tried it and it’s produced better results than if I were to just use the color straight out of the bottle. Love it!

Hi Marlena!
I was wondering if you or anyone else has heard of the makeup line called Motives?
I’ve been using there blush and love it!!!

Hi Marlena,

I too wonder if you have tried Motives. I’m a makeup artist in NC and am a huge fan of yours. If you haven’t heard of the line then I invite you to check out my website. Our line is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic and is priced affordably. We are unique in our ability to custom blend foundations in both liquid and powder forms. We also have phenomenally effective skin care supplements that really help prevent breakouts. Have you ever done a product smackdown with any of our products?

Danelle Toner

I actually went ahead and bought Neutrogena Healthy Skin after I saw this review. I have to say that I was disappointed. I use Nars Sheer Glow at all time and always was satisfied with it. But decided to try a Neutrogena Healthy skin foundation which disappeared from my face after 4 hours!!?? I have to say that my T-zone tends to be bit oily, but Nars held pretty good as oppose to Neutrogena. So I’m back to Nars…

Hi :)!!!!! I have oily skin so I get breakouts too :( I’m always trying to fined a good foundation that helps control my oily skin n also that is not to hevy I dont like the feeling of to hevy makeup n can u help me how find a perffect shade plz????? How do I shose a good shade that really matches my skin color???

Is the Neutrogena fit for oily skin? I rarely buy high end makeup, espeically foundation cause it goes by so fast. Right now I am using mineral foundation, which does not provide much coverage so I need something new but have really oily and dry around the mouth skin.