How to Conceal Under Eye Circles

One of the biggest problems that women face when getting ready for the day is how to hide dark circles under their eyes.  Dark circles can be attributed to many causes such as allergies, heredity, and not enough sleep.

The majority of women apply a flesh colored concealer under their eyes, or just an extra amount of foundation. Following this routine however, can leave you with a cakey look making the fine lines or wrinkles more noticeable.

Using the correct type of products, knowing how they work and how they should be applied will tremendously aid you in concealing your under eye circles.




I don’t think we can stress to you enough how very important this step is not only in covering your dark circles, but in your overall foundation routine as well.  Primers work wonders by helping any concealer or foundation to adhere to your skin and keep them from settling into fine lines and wrinkles.  If you are uncertain about which primer to use or what kind is good for your skin type, please check out “Top 5 Face Primers”.
To apply, use your clean ring finger and gently pat out a pea sized amount of primer under each eye. The ring finger has the lightest touch and will keep you from pulling too hard on the area.  Your goal is to apply a smooth, thin layer.


Concealer is the most effective tool for hiding dark under-eye circles.  There is much debate as to which color of concealer works best for cancelling out those unsightly circles.  If your circles are more blue-tinged, use a yellow based concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone.  This color masks the blue discoloration and brightens the skin.  If you have more brown colored circles, then use a peach or orange based concealer- 80% of all women fall under this category.
You want to use a concealer with a gel like base to avoid it caking up under the eyes. Bobbi Brown Correctors and Eve Pearl Salmon Concealers are my favorites. Using your ring finger, pat on a thin layer of concealer, paying close attention to the innermost corners, where many of us have dark shadows.  Keep patting and gently swiping until you have a smooth even layer over your dark circles.


The next obvious step to concealing your under eye circles is to apply your foundation.  Make sure the color matches your skin to where it will blend well down the neck line for a flawless finish.  Place several dots of your foundation on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin area.  Using a Beauty Blender or a stippling brush, smooth out your foundation to create a smooth finish. Make sure to get under the eye area covering the concealer, but be careful not to blend too harshly as it can wipe away the concealer you just applied.
Setting the Concealer
This is a very important step as it makes your concealer and foundation last much longer and not crease or fade throughout the day.  Use a finely milled powder like Palladio Rice Powder, Benefit Powderflage, or NARS Loose powder.  Using a small powder puff like NYX’s will prevent the powder from caking up and making the “problem” area more noticeable.  Use the smallest amount of powder and gently pat under the eyes and onto the rest of the face.

That’s all there is to it!  Now your face is ready for the rest of your fabulous makeup.  Concealing dark under eye circles is such a daunting task, but with these helpful tips your eyes will be looking fabulous in no time.

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Just found your website yesterday. Great job! Used one of your tutorials this morning lol. I slightly have those “valleys” under the eye and above the cheekbone. I always fail when I try to conceal it. Is it the same procedure as this? And what is the best way to find your right color foundation and concealer. I always have trouble with this. Ok I’m done with my questions now :):)

This is the same method, but it won’t help with puffy circles unfortunately :( That’s how mine are too as my eyes naturally protrude, then they accentuate as we age too. This method helps with darkness though and evening out the skin

For foundation and concealer, you need to hold up to your jawline (without makeup on) and match to your skin- from there, it’s trial and error so try to get samples of foundations before you buy!

I went bed last night only owning facial cleansing products, concealer, foundation and mascara. I am going to sleep tonight, with a full bag of make up and more on the way. Thank you so much for teaching me at age 27 everything I feel I should of known several years ago. I suffer from major dark circles (due to heredity), after trying some of the ticks you’ve listed I’ve noticed a big change. I am waiting for mac matte mattifying gel to get here, and I’m super stoked. I also found that ‘benefit’ has a product called “porefessional” a primer that minimizes the pores. I hope it works. I also bought the too faced primer and a set of urban decay primers. :) I couldn’t find the ‘expensive pink pot’ but found it online in pigment form. I skimped and bought cheap brushes, only to find that they are just that, CHEAP. After my husband falls asleep, I’ll be purchasing those as well. lol
Anyways, thanks so much for the tutorials.. I’ve seriously watched every one of them.
p.s. I bought $5.00 FALSIES mascara from Walmart and it’s fabulous.

I have really bad dark circles and my eyes tend to be puffy.. so the concealer that i use ends up settling into the fine lines.. does the matifying gel help with that? i also know that MAC has a line filler..which one should i go for??

thank u so much

Hi gorgeous! Thanks for the video~ Was just curious what color hair dye you have in your hair in this video? looks lovely! Thanks so much for the videos and reviews!

I’m pretty sure this one was Loreal’s Iced Chocolate, but since I just dyed it before this video, it’s pretty dark and my hair is naturally almost this dark

HI l LOVE LOVE YOUR VIDEOS Its safe to apply Mattifying gel in the eye area Thanks for your help and love your nails..

I wish I could hide the dark circles under my eyes… I’m anemic, so I have dark, sunken blue circles under my eyes which stand out like bruises against my pale skin. Its impossible to cover them up because makeup just sinks into the crevices, and any concealer just ends up looking like I have a weird skin disease because the circles are so dark and my skin is so white. :(

Works great on Halloween though, I can pull off the “undead” look pretty easy! :D

Try this method, but use a light peach concealer under your foundation- if you put just a teeny bit of foundation on top, it will help hide the concealer


I know exactly what you mean, but I could not help but ask that have you been taking your iron supplements? Concealing the dark circles is one thing but if you are anemic you must target that with supplements and eventually they will decrease and you can always conceal them. But I really hope you are taking your iron supplements and multivitamins!

Hi Emme;

I know what you mean. I have terrible blue/black circles and very red eyelid skin. I think that if you used Benefit’s Confessions of a Concealer, you may get some better results.

The LemonAid concealer tones out and evens the skin tone colour, I also use that on the circles as well. The red is gone, but the blue/black circles are subdued but still there.

Then I apply dark bo-ing concealer to the corners and under eye area, patting it on, and then blending out the sides. Then add some more Lemon-Aid over top the layer of bo-ing on under eye area. Then I apply abit of Benefit erase paste to make the skin tone blend in with mine own. I know this may sound like alot, but for us ladies with such conditions, it’s really necessary to cover up and blend out our complexions. I have found it necessary, I know some people just need a little concealer.

Some days I look like someone has punched me in the face, my circles are so bad, resulting in really silly looking makeup because of the condition. I am glad I found this product. I really hope you can try it out. I guess you’ll need to play around with layers and combos to get the coverage that you need.

Good luck!

I need your help because I am confused about the types of “first”. Until recently watching your tutorials I knew what the “first” because before I saw them and gave no importance.
I would like to know more about the “first” and to specific parts used on the face.

Greetings and congratulations because I have been very helpful tutorials.

i have the benefit confessions of a concealaholic too and i was going to reccomend the lemon-aid. i love it. i used all of it and had to go back and get a full sized one the other day. the erase paste it also a favorite of mine.

I am having a lil bumps after using the nars sheer glow foundation… Is this normal ? Should I give it a try and wait my skin to get use to it ? Or shud I stop it ?? PLEASE HELP !! In case you think I should stop? it, do you know a good foundation that doesnt make you break out nor get those lil bumps ? :(

Eeek! That sounds to me like you have an allergy to the makeup. If you do you should stop using it!! But if you mean bumps as in pimples, definitely try an oli-free foundation like Revlon Colorstay’s Oily/Combination foundation. Good luck! :)

Hi Marlena!

Great tutorials, this will surely help me a lot :)

You’ve colored your hair :D I prefer that dark brown you used before but black looks good on you too :P

Take care **


A tutorial on eyebrows would be helpful…(how to pluck/shave, what kind of products to use, etc)

I find all your videos fun, inspiring and helpful.

Thank you!! =0)

Hi Marlena!! The powder that you use in your eyes, is it the same as the one that you will be using for your whole face? please let me know

Very nice and your face ALWAYS looks flawless is that because you wear liquid foundation? Just asking because I wear pur minerals pressed powder foundation..
Anyway my question was, for under eye creases which type of powder is needed? like a ‘setting’ powder? or maybe just a finishing powder?

Hi just wondering I prime under my eyes with the smashbox but no matter what it looks so dry and flacky and nasty. Thats just with foundation on concealer and if I but concealer it looks more dry. I really have extra dry under my eye and eyelids . can you help thanks

I have had a HUGE problem with this in the past and spent tons of money on products, concealers, etc… I found that the Clinique works well, but I also use Philosophy’s Microdelivery scrub (very gently!!!) around the eye area. Then I apply the Clinique. Right before I put on my corrector I use Philosophy’s Hope in a Tube. Now corrector. Next, I very gently pat on my Bare Escentals foundation (just a tiny bit to set), but I avoid the area where I get the lines. Before I figured out this routine, there was no way I could wear BE under my eyes, because it looked terrible!
Perhaps this helps :)

Hi Marlena! I’ve been struggling with hiding my dark circles for a long time and it would always cake up by the afternoon. I got a sample of primer from Sephora and tried it today and wowzers! Primer is definintly the way to go!
Will you be doing some back to school looks? Thanks for the tutorial Marlena! You are super duper helpful!


Hey Marlena!!! How r u? Thanks for the video! So simple and easy! Well, I don’t live in the U.S. and don’t have Sephora, but last time I was there I bought the MUFE Concealer Palette No. 2, but it’s still too light for me. I am an NC40 but it still won’t work, the darker one is just too dark. They look like eyeshadows. Is there any other palette i can use that has also green to get rid of red or something to get rid of brown spots? Please let me know, lots of love,


For brown spots, you could probably use any concealer that is a tad darker than your skin. Then go over with a little foundation to even it out- you don’t necessarily need green for the brown spots as it’s meant for redness in the skin


I wanted to ask, have you ever tried the the bobby brown eye concealer kit? it has the powder with it too! do you know if your method is more effective? x

GODDESS MARLENA .. Looking extra sexy today and love the long black hair xx

May i congratulate you Goddess on breaking through the 5000 post,s barrier within the forums of your Empire ….. :-)

Where as i your devoted servant slave geek to the cause have only managed a paultry 750 posts to date … for Forever in you shadow and Forever at you feet of worship at a figure i can never surpass!

All thats left for you to do Goddess is to remame your Empire of beauty if you wish …….

Make Up Geek .. Embrace Your Cosmetic Addiction
Make Up GODDESS .. Embrace Your MARLENA Addiction .. :-)


hi marlena…..another great tip…i’m definitely gonna try it.
i have one problem regarding my eyes, they look sagged specially under the brow bone and my eye bags :-( can u recommend any eye creanm that could solve this problem? i have bought clinique’s all about eyes rich when i saw u using it but confused about how to apply it. shall i apply it on me under eye bags and on my eyelids also????? plz reply

I apply all around my eyes and it helps some- it helps more with moisture than anything. If you feel your bags under the eyes are puffy, you could put tea bags on them- I’m going to try that this week and see if it helps mine :(

Marlena, I usually don’t comment on your website but I just had to say that you look so wonderful in this video. You are naturally so beautiful without eye makeup!
Anyways, this video was very informational. Like someone mentioned above, could you do a brow tutorial?
Thank you and have a good day!

You just read my mind…. I was abt to ask you for this…..!!!! yeiiiiiiiiiiiii
Thank yoou soo muchhh !!!

My problem is that every concealer i use it crease, but i will try the mattifying gel
i think my undereye area is too oily, and the only concealer doestn crease that much
is the Mary kay one. i want to use boing, makeup forever, erase paste, and others, now i think i will be able to use them.

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
pd. the makeupgeek store, ships to Mexico??

Hi Marlena, love your videos. I too unfortunately have tried everything to hide my blue bags (excess luggage! hehe) under my eyes but they tend to puff a little and I am almost 50, so the skin is not as smooth or firm as a younger lady. If I put too much product under my eyes, it really looks too thick and horrible. I don’t have a lot of wrinkles but because of my age, the skin is a little looser and super soft. Besides plastic surgery, any suggestions?

Ps. I have Mac Line Filler and I think it’s rubbish. It might work better on a younger skin. The Smashbox primer works well though – it tends to smooth the skin out a little.

The MAC line filler is crap! I have it and it gunks up on me, so I like the Gel ones better. The smashbox ones works great too!

The key for under your eyes is VERY light layers- especially with powder. And don’t use powder unless you see the concealer creasing

I like to use mineral makeup for foundation, and I want to ask you how to conceal undereyebags. Mine are not puffy, just slightly blue, I have some orange/peachy mineral concelar, but it just gets into the lines, and then disappears. It seems like the melting-into-the-skin part of mineral makeup doesnt work in the undereye area.
What should I do?

You could try using just a little bit of creamy concealer (like the Bobbi Brown Corrector) then apply mineral on top. Just try it before you buy something- I need to try this on someone first before I advice that! But I imagine it would still work as long as you apply thin layer of concealer…

Helloooo There!!!
This tute was great. I have a question about the creasing under my eyes. Generally I can hid the color, but not the depression or creasing and concealers usually sink into those lines and make it look worse. I use a face primer under my eye, plus I use an eye bag removal gel and I moisturize. Im only 35 and I know this will only get worse so might you have a suggestion? Also have you and I realize you are young still, but have you used any of the olay regenerist products? I am considering asking for them from Santa and would like to know if you or any other Muggies have used it. THANKS and keep up the good work, you are a dream and we all love you!!

The Olay products are really good! My mom uses them and loves them- I’m planning on trying them soon too.

For creasing, I think a good primer really helps. What face primer are you using?

I used the Olay/Cover girl creme concealer that Ellen Degeneres endorses, it has kind of a white swirl through it. I think it works okay, the consistency is really nice. the coverage is good but on me it settled into the fine lines ender my eyes. When I use the Coastal Scents concealer I dont have that problem.

Oh thank god! After some fairly serisous illnesses, my skin has been sallow, pale and dull, and my deep dark circles have been getting deeper and deeper. Thanks for the tips! Maybe I’ll start looking human again;)

thanks for the tutorial. When i first apply concealer in the morning, my makeup looks perfect. my problem is after say half a day, it starts to sink into lines and get patchy. i’m feeling like the concealer is drying out. :(

hi! do you have suggested where i can buy orange or peach colored concealer? i have a very dark eye circles and without makeup on I look like i’ve been punched on both eyes, i have purple colored veins on my lids that tends to get so dark and my eyeshadows just tends to fade in colors after a few hrs or becomes dark color as in black same color as my dark circles. help! what should i do? thanks

Bobbi brown has a great peach concealer- light peach, peach, or dark peach depending on how dark your skin is. That should help some!

Hi Marlena! I love your videos! I was wondering what kind of cleanser/toner/moisturizer you use? Do you get any treatments done? Your skin is flawless!

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect face products- I’ve used Mary Kay for several years but am switching out. I like Dermalogica, but it’s really pricey :(
I know Cetaphil has a good cleanser and Olay has good moisturizers

This year I started getting Glycolic peels done every other month or so and they seem to help :)

hey Marlena! Great video, as always :)

I just wanted to comment, or chime in, on a great skincare line. It’s called KORRES and it’s a natural greek line and it’s AMAZING!!!

Most days, i don’t even need foundation anymore! The Wild Rose collection (which says ‘normal -dry skin’ is wonderful for ALL skin types, including oily),keeps skin hydrated, evens out skin tone, gets rid of redness and blemishes, fights and prevents seriously does it all. My skin went from being oily and broken out, to clear and NORMAL!! I can’t say enough about this line!!!

As far as price point for the Wild Rose collection, everything is easy on the wallet AND lasts…the most expensive item is the serum, which is $41, but it lasts 5-7 MONTHS…as do all the products.

Definately worth a try! Plus, Sephora should carry a starter kit for the WIld Rose Collection…

Let me know if you have any questions on it….i have recommended this to so many people..and they all have beautiful skin now too! :)

Side bonus, i just turned 32, and almost every single person i talk to always think i’m a bout 24…they can’t believe how my skin looks…just sayin’…lol

I was wondering about amazing and powderflage… thanks.

My undereye area is dry, has some fine lines in the outer edges too and my circles have a brownish color. Right now – my concealers are making lines even more visible, and after setting with powder little bumps are more evident too and my concealer turns very dry and fades.

What eye cream that hydrates can i use and do i apply just that or mattifying gel too ? Also what are the best concealers for dry undereyes with lines?

Also, I’ve heard of wearing more than 1 types (e.g. liquid and cream concealers at the same time- does that help or is it too much ?

Thanks Marlena ! :)

The less product the better when it comes to the face makeup, so use just one concealer/corrector. For hydrating, I really like Clinique All About Eyes Rich. And I think the MAC gel will really help prime under the eyes

Thanks Marlena. Is that a new formula ? i tried the regular one and it didn’t hydrate enough. also, if dark circles are more brownish- do you recommend the concealer in dark tan ?

Hi Marlena ! Do you think the Benefit powder will work for darker skin tone, since it looks very light ?
Thank you, you’re doing amazing job !

Great tutorial, thanks for the help. I have a real hard time trying to cover my under eye circles.

I can cover them but even though I don’t really have any lines, I find that it always creases under my eyes and make me look like I’ve got lines.

I normally apply my concealer on top of my foundation, not sure why, think I read somewhere to do this. I will give it a go the other way around and see about getting some of that primer.

Thanks again for the help :)


I too saw somewhere a trick to apply concealer AFTER foundation. I think that method works best with minerals, I was doing this method when I was using Loreal mineral foundation powder and powder concealer. but I tried Marlenas tutorial using Coastal Scents concealer and its by far the most effective. I dont have wrinkles or major creases either (thanks to my addiction to sunglasses) but have had creasing under my eyes with concealer.

I really love the Erase Paste from Benefit as a concealer – will need to check out that MAC mattyfying gel next though!

Thanks for the review!

I dont see the MAC mattyifying gel on the MAC website….where can we buy it from? Has it been discontinued?

Thanks for the video it’s verry helpful
I usually don’t comment on your website i no it for now more then 2 month and i love your tutorial
is the MAC mattyfying just for under the eye ?
the Benefit powder use as a concealer look stunning!!!!!!
thank you so much you are always helpful

I’m so glad that you discovered Benefit’s Powdeflage! I tried it for the first time about a year ago, and I haven’t gone a day without it since.

Hey Marlena!
Great tips. Thank you so much, you are so helpful
Quick question, not beauty related, what program do you use to edit your videos?

I am so excited that you are using Amazing concealer in your tutorials. I was so crazy about it after I received a sample, I had mentioned it in one of my previous posts. It never looks cakey and the tiniest bit goes a long way. I would love if you did some skincare reviews and tutorials. I am constantly trying out new skincare products and would love to get your professional opinion of them.

Hi Marlena,
I came to your site after viewing your helpful tutorial on concealing undereye circles on YouTube. I was looking for the “list of different products…based on… skin color.. to get the right shade of concealer for under the eyes”. Unfortunately, I don’t see it! Please point me in the right direction for the list. Thanks for the simple steps and I can’t wait to see the list of your recommendations.

do you have any tips for concealing dark spots? I have some on my right cheeck and don’t how to conceal them.


Do you have any suggestions for some drugstore concealers that would work? I have a pretty fair, yellow-y pink complexion (I am usually the lightest shade foundation/concealer available), but the concealer that I use leaves an almost ashy cast on my undereye. Any tips?

I dont know what it is about this video but you look super cute and skinny. I think some of sculpting you do, and pulling attention to the corner of your eyes widens your face to me, but here you havent done any of that. I just think you are so stunning in this video. Congrates on loosing the weight too. :)

Hey I watch ALL of your videos I think your amazing. I was wondering if you can do one on how to color in your eye brows! I just cant seem to do it right and one eye brow has an arch and one really doesnt and I think its because I tend to left up my left side a lot so thats why its archy?? and past midline in my eye brow it looks like i dont have any hair there!! lol pleaseeee help!


Hey Marlena! Wonderful tuorial! LOVED IT! I use an undereye moisturizer every morning and every night. Do you recommend layering the MAC Mattifying Gel OVER my moisturizer? – Or- use one or the other?


thanks for this tutorial . dark circles is issue for me too .
now i need concealer from Amazing cosmetics :)
p.s. You shoud try Clinique blended face powder . I like it more than powderflage and its way more bigger – its my hg and money saver :)

What drugstore concealer do you recommend for dry skin? Something that goes on smooth and isn’t cakey or hard to blend. Thanks!

Hey Marlena!
Realy siked about this vid, but i have a question, i’m only in high school so i don’t wear foundation, so what would you recommend i use instead of it on top?


Would you recommend NARS Sheer Glow Foundation for Oily Skin? I have the Sheer Matte and I love that foundation.


Hi! Wonderful video as always! Could you do one on removing mascara? I can never get it all off and worry about rubbing my eyes.

Hi Marlena… Im thinking of getting makeup foever primer. My face is really dry. I think that the mac gel primer will make me face look dry. What do you think???

I was thinking…

I’m not a person who likes to use foundation everyday, just for some occasions but I have deep dark circles and sometimes I want to hide them without covering my face with foundation to smooth the concealer.

What do you think it’s the best solution? And what products do you recommend?

It has to be close to my skin color and look as natural as possible

Hi Marlena,
Love your website! I was wondering if you could do a video for us older ladies (I’ll be 43 next week) I’d like to know how to knock off a few years and how to use the products that seem to be marketed for younger women, in an age appropriate way. Thanks!

Hi Marlena! Im just starting to use makeup, so i was reading your artickle on teen makeup and found out that i cannot buy Coastal Scents Camo Quad Concealer in my country. What would you reccomend instead?

Dark circles… I have them all the time, even if I’m well rested!! My sister-in-law, a makeup artist, recommended I tried the Instant Light Prefecting Touch by Clarins… and I love it!! It’s quite expensive but well worth it imho.

I was thinking of getting the Bobbi Brown concealer set- the one that comes with the yellow tinted powder in the lid to set it. Is this a good alternative to the products in the video? The concealer seems to have a very gel-like consistancy

Hello, Marlena! Thank you for this video! I wonder if the same procedure works for visible veins under the eyes. My skin is really thin under the eyes ( and on the upper lids, but this part is hided by primer and eye shadow) and the blood veins beneath are visible… like there is almost no skin. Now it’s better, thanks to Sun and tan, and I also got used to them ( and not feeling like a vampire anymore). I bought an Essence 3 in 1 concealer ( pink, beige and green concealers) but it’s not working. Tried with the pink one, then with a beige concealer plus foundation and the veins were still there… and it looked like I had a mask under the eyes. Do you have any advice? Thank you again!

hello marlina,
u r doing awesome work,plz tell me all abt base i live in saudi arabia there is to much humidity in atmosphere so i swat too much plz tell me what r the products i have to use for the base.

I am so glad to have stumbled onto one of your tutorials on youtube. I am absolutely in love with your site and have purchased many things from you. I have also hooked several of my friends and co-workers. I get a lot of compliments on my eye makeup at work and always refer our customers to your site! Love, Love your ideas and feel so confident experimenting on my own now with colors! You have completely inspired me! Thanks for another great tutorial!!!

P.S. You look amazing! But I think you always have!

Thanks Marlena for the always informative tutorials!!! I know you mentioned you are still in the search for a good skin care line. I’ve been using the Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty products and i gotta say its amazing stuff!! It leaves your skin smooth and looks younger in the morning.. Just thought i’d share since you are always showering us with wonderful tips and ideas and all kinds make-up products. Love ya and your website!!

if you can, try the Loreal skin genesis line. I used clinique for a long time and it was good but seemed something was missing. I switched to Mario Badescu for a year and it was okay. for the last 2 years I’ve bee using the Skin Genesis foaming cleanser, clay scrub, serum, and moisturizer and my skin is very happy. If I get a chance I;d like to try the cindy crawford line, just to compare.

Hello, I just subscribed to your channel and im loving your vids. Your such a sweetheart. I was wondering if you could help me out. Im a mixed gal so my skin tone is tan but more yellowy than brown, black hair dark eyes. Can you recommend a good lip colour, I have such a hard time.

Yes, you should try the Cindy Crawford line its amazing. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and already my skin looks younger and glows. I’ll try out your products once i think it’s time for a change.

Does any of this help to prevent mascara from bleeding down onto the lower eyelid? I always use a moisturizer before applying anything else and I’m sure that’s the problem, but I don’t want to stop moisturizing… but the mascara bleeds almost every day! :-(

Hi Marlena,

I use Sonia Kashuk’s Hidden Agenda cream concealer over my foundation because when I try to put foundation over the concealer, it seems as though the concealer is being wiped off. Am I doing something wrong?



Hi marlena, my name is Isis and I have a question about foundation. I use the foundation from revlon the colorstay foundation. It works really good for me because i’ve used a whole bottle once before, I went to go buy one about 4 or 5 months ago. I dont use it very ofter but this last time I did use it, it seemed very thick like it didnt have a flowy consistency and I know the whole time I used my last bottle it stayed liquidy. So I was wondering if you knew why this was happening and if there is ne thing I can do to fix it, or make it not so thick? should Ijust get rid of it? please let me know if you know what I can do. Thank you.

Thank you, this is a very very useful tutorial! I would love to hear some advice from you about the eyebrows as well: contouring, what do you use, etc. Would be nice. Big problem of mine: eyebrow tatto. Especially a spoiled one….what can I do with it? I mean it doesn’t matter how nice make up you can do if the eyebrow is a thin curve line over the eyes that makes her a wandering look if you know what I mean :D Spoiles the whole make up.
What would you recommend?

Hi Marlena,

This video was so helpful. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOUR AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ive been looking for a good concealer for my under eye BLACK circles…..N i know that the color orange helps ..wanted to know if u have u seen the MAC’s orange concealer….its just orange color!!! I checked makeup forever…it had a decent amount of coverage but was cakey n also bobbi brown was so soft but it didnt have enough coverage for me….
sO wat do u think …shud i get the MAC ORANGE CONCEALER…n apply concealer on top??
I DONT USE FOUNDATION….im not a fan of using many products!!
plzzz helppp me out here!!! WHAT DO TO??!?!!?

What ever happened to the “How to Become a Makeup Artist” youtube series? That was way back in June and no updates.

Hi, I love all yoru tutorials and makeup tips. I have a problem similar to this. I have dark spots that I got from surgery. Like a scar but it turned into a huge brown spot on my face. Well, I was wondering if this would work for dark spots on your face because I have tried everything. I would love your help in this matter. I am disabled an makeup makes me feel a little better but when I can’t get that spot covered I know it seems stupid but I get a little depressed. Well thank you for your help. Take care and keep up the fantastic work.

Hey Marlena
I just found your website and it’s truelly amazing….i watched most of your tutoriels…i’m kinda new with make-up and thanks to you now i know what i should buy….what brushes should i have… to sublime my eyes….so thank you
I’m waiting for your tutoriel about Eyeliner…how to apply them and everything….because i mess up everytime i use mine XD
I live in Algeria…I don’t know if you even know where that is ^_^…..the cosmetic products are really expensive (the good ones)……so i try the substitutions…..and it works really well
so again thank you Marelena and keep up the amazing work

ok so i was looking at sephoras luminous glow for a cheek highlighter and i was wondering if that works?? i really want to buy mac miniralized skinfinish shampagne one but its over my budget right now. what do you suggest?

Hello I love your videos thanks for your advice
I have a question which concealer I can use because I have extremely oily skin and acne

Hi Marlena,

I’m so glad to see your making video’s again. Thanks for the concealing tips but i think we all miss your videos.I hope the best for you. I miss your bright shine face.

Hi, first of all i really wanna say that i L.O.V.E all your videos and tips and everything. This video is totally helpful, i always have major problems with my dark circles. But i also have super major problems with puffy eyes. I can’t really spend a fortune on eye creams and anyway i have sensitive skin. So i always try home remedies and stuff, but so far nothing worked. I’ve tried everything-chilled cucumber, aloe vera, ice cubes, ice water, etc.

Do you have any tips or remedies for my puffy eyes. Any tips would be great!

Thanx ?

= )

hey, marlena….great vid as always. I’ve got a question-i have major puffy eyes problems. I can’t find anything that helps.

Could u help me out(maybe recommend some tips or products)?

thnx = )

Hi Marlena – thank you very much, I will definitely try it out :-)

I was wondering where you buy those gorgeous jewelery! Love love LOVE your rings and earrings :)

i am shruti frm india iam 19 yrs old n i liked ur videos a lot
in this video u ve applied a mac mattifying gel i can gt it here in india also but its too expensive so can u suggest sumthing else which is cheaper n is available in india

hey marlena!
so i was looking at the gel on the Mac website and it says that its a cream not a gel is it the same thing? o and do you know of another gel i can use similar to Mac?


Great Video. I’ve been watching you for a year now and taken many tips that have helped so much. You’re looking well and I’m on a healthy regime too so I know it can be hard at times. Any way my question is that although I follow these steps to cover my dark circles under my eyes, but If I use only the Bobbi Brown corrector, it does not work.. (it looks greasy) so I have to use the Make up Forever concealor too, but this in turn makes it look a little cakey…. Any tips please (I have Olive coloured skin)

Hi!!!!!!!!!!!! Marlena
You are so great ,your tutorials are wonderful I always follow them and will keep do it just because I love them and the most important is that they work really well .
Thanks for you help

Hey Marlena!
I just want to say that I love your videos :D
I usually have dark circles under my eyes so this video helped alot :)
But would you mind doing a brow-video one time? Because your brows look fantastic almost every make-up video you do :)

Hey! ,
I am such a big fan of all your artistic work and ofcourse you have a great personality.
I have a question for this video Im a college student and I hardly get enough sleep and sometimes I just have the worst dark circles under my eyes I look like a zombie. I was wondering what can I do to make my eyes look brighter and not as tired in a fast way im always on the go. I will really appreciate your help.
Thank you<3

Hey, Marlena, I really love your videos!!!

You look great, I love your hair in this video, very natural and sexy (better than the blonde highlights).

My question to you is how do you keep your teeth so white? Mine are kinda colored by the coffee I drink.

Thanks and keep it up, girl!!!!

I can’t get Sephora or any of the other name brands you use on here. Could you tell me where I can get something like the benefit powderfage at like Target, CVS, or Walgreens?

I have a question about the bobbi brown concealor. OK, I’m pale / yellow olive tone with some pink red undertones . What color concealor do I need for under my eyes??? Thanks T

Hello Marlena, my problem with concealing is that I have a very, very dry skin. So what could I do to avoid that coocky, cracky skin when I conceal it. I’ve already bought different concealers at your shop. They are very fine. But the problem is that I have to use cream in combine with the concealers because I am not able to put it on normaly. So what is the best way to conceal on very dry skin ? Already thanks for an answer, kind regards, Alexandra

Marlena you are my heroene !! I feel like I just opened my eyes into make world I never knew how to do make on me and I have a hard time findying the right fundasion, concealer and loose powder be cus my face is lighter then the rest of my body thanks a lot and God bless for all your tutorials.

Hi there,

I have a few questions that maybe you can help me with. First about circle under the eyes, some of the products you have lsited do not exist on (as this is the only amazon that deliveres to europe which is where I live- does not do that) so can you advise me on other products 8or maybe have a look at and you can see what I mean).

When you advise about MAC Mattifying Gel , if I am using Clarins Instant Smoothing cream would that do or does it have to be this gel and if so can you advise me of another as Mac products do not exist on

Also about Amazing Cosmetics Concealer if I use the Make up for ever Camouflage Concealer pallete no.1 (as I am fair skin) does it work as well or can I use the NYX Cosmetics Concealer Jar Porcelene as a replacement?

About Concealers the Make up for ever Camouflage Concealer pallete no.1 do you have any other that you can advise that is as good as or does the COASTAL SCENTS CAMOUFLAGE CONCEALER PALETTE do the same?

About eyeshadow I have big, bulgy eyes so when I see how you apply eyeshadow I think, first when you talk about applying on the crease, well with open eyes sink into the cream and you only see a bit of the eyelid and the beneath the eyebrow, the crease disappears, so do I apply eyeshadow on the crease the same way or not? Another querie when I see you apply eyeliner just half way across your eye it looks very nice but when I do it , it doesn´t I need to apply it all the way to the teardrop? Any advice on that and also when you said you use black eyeshadow under the eyeliner it looks great on you on me it makes my eyes look bigger and does not look that great, HELP on that too!

P.S One last thing foundation, I use LÓreal Infalible Make-up #235 Honey colour ( as I do not like foundations that start messing your clothes and that come off during the day) and I can not get the Revlon foundation you advise on amazon, so is this one ok to give me a full all over cover on my face or do you advise any other?

Anyway I think this is all, please advise me as quickly as you can as I need to buy my makeup on as this is the only way I get a bit more variety as I live in Portugal and unfortunatelly we do not have so much variety of colours and also of make up, you are very lucky to have all on Sorry for all these questions but I thought you are so great and your make up always looks fantastic that you are the best person to give me some good advice.

Thanks a million for all your help.

I have dark under eye circles/bags … and I use MAC studio finish concealer in NC42. And I use MAC studio sculpt foundation in NC44.
My concealer always comes out an ashy grey colour. when it’s put under my eyes, over my bags And the concealer always settles in my fine lines… I hate it. I’ve tried putting MAC’s mattify gel underneath before concealer application but still doesn’t make a difference.
Please help me! What can I do?

your my only hope!

\I have dark under eye circles/bags … and I use MAC studio finish concealer in NC42. And I use MAC studio sculpt foundation in NC44.
My concealer always comes out an ashy grey colour. when it’s put under my eyes, over my bags And the concealer always settles in my fine lines… I hate it. I’ve tried putting MAC’s mattify gel underneath before concealer application but still doesn’t make a difference.


Oh sweetie, never, never, ever rub the tissu under your eyes. Always pat with your ring finger or your pinky. You don’t want to help nature along you want to chet it. But othere than that i love your tips.