How To Choose The Blush For Your Skin Tone

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For many of us, picking the right blush may be one of the biggest challenges we face when it comes to makeup. With so many gorgeous shades on the market, finding the color that is right for your skin tone can seem like a daunting task at best. Even women experienced in makeup can feel overwhelmed at times. Blush is meant to be a natural and subtle looking makeup. Too much can make us look clownish, too little and we look washed out.

Knowing your skin tone is key to finding a shade that will work perfectly for you. To help you, we are going to break these down into 3 groups, fair skin, medium skin and dark skin. We want to help you pick the perfect shade to help add the ideal flush of color on your cheeks.

Each person should have at least two shades to pick from, a peach and a pink. This way you have a color to choose from regardless of the makeup look you are going for. In this tutorial we are going to give you the best options for both plus the perfect highlighter to add a flawless finish to your cheeks.

Fair Skin

Alright you fare skinned babes, you know who you are. If you burn easily, get freckles when your burn, or if you have porcelain skin then you fall into this category. When picking a shade for your stunning skin, remember, lighter is better.

Using a angled blush brush like the Makeup Geek Blush Brush, tap off the excess by “flicking” the end of your brush with your finger. This will get rid of any unwanted excess on your brush and keep you from applying to much on your cheeks. If you do apply to much, use a beauty blender and roll the area lightly, this will pick up any unwanted pigment on your cheeks.

Apply the color to the apple of your cheeks and blend back toward the temple. For highlighting your cheeks you want to pick something for fair skin that’s a light champagne color. Whether you choose liquid or powder form is completely up to you and really is a matter of what you are more comfortable using. With a highlighting brush like Makeup Geek Cheek Highlighter Brush, apply the highlighter right above where you placed the blush. This will add just the right amount of shimmer to the cheeks.

We recommend:

Medium Skin

Medium skin tones are the most common with 80% of all women falling into this category. The best blushes for medium skin toned ladies are rosey pink and deep peaches. If you choose a color that is to light it can make you look ashen, anything to dark will make you look clownish.

With an angled blush brush like the Makeup Geek Blush Brush, apply the blush to the apple of the cheeks and blend back. Again, remember, if you apply to much you can go in with a beauty blending or sponge and roll across the color to pick up some of the excess pigment on the skin. For highlighting on medium skin toned, the best thing to use is a pale golden or warm gold. Don’t use a champagne color or a light color as it will look to frosty on the skin.

Depending on the kind of highlighter you choose, you can use a highlighting brush or CLEAN fingers, pat the highlighter onto the cheek bones right above the blush. The highlighter used here has a small amount of shimmer to it, using a matte blush allows you to control the shimmer and place it where you want it to be. You don’t want your cheeks to be overdone. Remember, you cheeks should look as if they have a natural flush to them.


We recommend:

  • Pink Shade: NYX Blush – Mocha (Amazon) (eBay)  (yes that’s the name but we promise it’s pink)
  • Peach Shade: Tarte Blush – Tipsy (Amazon) (Sephora) (eBay)
  • Highlight: Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Natural Highlighter Duo – Gold Luster (Amazon) – This is dual sided compact, for medium skin you want to use the lighter of the two sides.

Dark Skin

OK you beautiful dark skinned dolls, it’s your turn. For your skin, choose colors from rose to deep oranges. Choosing a shade that is to light will make your skin appear washed out and pale. You want to enhance the natural beauty of your skin.

Just as before, use an angled blush brush like the Makeup Geek Blush Brush, remember to tap off an excess from the brush by tapping the brush with your finger. Gently apply the color to the apples of the cheeks and blend back toward the hairline.

Remember, you just want to make your cheeks glow. For cheek highlighting using a gold color is stunning. Using a champagne color will look to frosty against the skin. Using your two CLEAN fingers, apply the gold color to the top of the cheekbones above where you placed the blush. Use a beauty blender or a sponge and blend the color into the skin for a perfect dewy finish.

We recommend:

  • Pink Shade: Tarte Blush – Amused (Amazon) (Sephora) (eBay)
  • Peach Shade: NYX Blush – Cinnamon (Amazon) (eBay)
  • Highlight: Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Natural Highlighter Duo – Gold Luster (Amazon) This is a dual sided compact, for dark skin you want to use the darker gold shade.

And there you have it, the perfect shade for any skin type. Having a couple of shades to choose from is necessary when it comes to trying different and new looks. We hope this guide helps you find the perfect shade to add just the right amount of color to bring out the natural beauty you all have inside of you.

Fair Skin

Medium Skin

Dark Skin

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Another great tutorial! Can you recommend a low end peach blush for medium skin?

hi chells319, I

‘ve been wanting to try mai tai, but it looks kinda dark in the pan. would it look good on my nc30 skin? i have yellow undertones.

Try NYX in “Pinched” or “Terracotta”. The Pinched color is a very close dupe for Nars Orgasm and the Terracotta is more peachy than that. They are both stunning shades.

Thank you for the fair skin demo. I’ve been really struggling to find blushes that don’t make me look clownish. I’m buying the LORAC highlighter soon. It is in my shopping cart now in fact.

I love Tarte products. Does anyone know of a good Tarte blush for porcelain skin? Most of them seem way too dark or bright.

Try Dollface, it is the lightest pink. But it is also cool toned so have to try it on your skin and see how it looks. If you want a peach color, I think Blissful is a lighter peach color. Of course you can use any of the colors with a light hand ;)

I enjoyed this video. I am closer to fair skin and actually already own a NYX Blush – Natural, so it was nice to hear something I already have is recommended :) I am going to check out that highlighter though!

Marlena what color blushes do you recommend for in between skin colors? I’m neither fair nor medium!

I would go with the lighter shades as you can always add more color if needed… My go to color is Tarte’s Tipsy, NYX’s Peach, and NARS Orgasm- they’re almost universally flattering

Hi great and helpful video!
Cute model you have used for medium skin color.
I have a friend who is also Asian. Their eyes are shaped differently than ours. (I hope I do not express myself wrong on any way, because it’s not my intent of hurting anyone)
Can you please do a makeup tutorial on a girl like her, so I and others, can see where you put the shadows in such kind of eye.
I know you’ve made several kinds of videos with different shape of eyes, but it would really work better, if one could see, how you did it on a girl who had the kind of eyes.
I would really like to help my friend with her ??makeup. She has actually given up wearing makeup, because she does not know, how and where she should put the different colors.
I hope you will consider making a recording with such a sweet model.
Have a nice day you are extremely talented. :-D

Shania! I am so with you on this one! I am also Asian (from Thailand) but I have more almond eyes rather than the more slotted eyes. I’m very very much into makeup and have done many looks on slotted eyes and it is doable!!! Here are some possible tips you could use for your friend and yourself :)

– Try and use more lighter colours on the eyes, you don’t want to use too darker colours or it will make the eye look smaller if you bring it in too far into the crease.
– Greens and purples & of course nude colours are 3 types of really nice colours to use for any eye shape.
– Matte looks a lot better if your going for a more natural look.
– You can use pink on the eye lid for this type of eye shape, but I do recommend using a darker shade of pink mainly because it tends to look a little funny around the eye if you choose a shade too light. It all depends on your skin colour really.
– And a really simple a nice look that goes with any eye shape is simply applying some liquid liner along the lash line and do a really simple cat eye look with it only using the eye liner. This look all so looks good just without eye-shadow and a with a really nice lip colour of your choice would compliment it perfectly :)

Hope this helped <3 xxx

Thank you so much for this video! Soo helpfull!
I would love you to do the same thing with contouring and bronzer!
Thanks again!

Any blush brush will do. But the angled blush brush works so so much better!! Try the MAC brushes or any from the Makeupgeek store :)

Hi Marlene, I am medium skin and I wear blissful from “tarte”. I think it looks okay, what do you think of the clor blissful?

I love this! Very informative! One question though, will there be a new tutorial on how to make brown eyes pop in the eye color series? Just wondering, love this site!

I really love this! It’s a nice wide range of color instead of just one “look”. This is why you ROCK! :) Makeup tips from an actual makeup artist.

Great tutorial! I love how you went through both highlight and blushes! I have been a little apprehensive about using highlighters since I don’t want to emphasize things I try to cove up, but this helps! :) I personally am partial to matte blushes for just that reason. I am going to try these suggestions, thank you!

Hello! I just wanted to ask what blush I would use if I have pale skin, with redness in my cheeks…? I use Illamasqua’s Rich Liquid Foundation, which covers pretty much all of the redness, but there is still that slight tint. What blush should I go for? Looking for something readily available in Australia… e.g. MAC x

Hi! I have similar coloring, so I get what your talking about. You could get something similar to the pink peeking through your foundation, it’ll look more even and deliberate. I don’t use MAC so I can’t give you specifics, but if they have a make-up counter near you the artists there could help you find the perfect shade. :] Good luck!

You mentioned 2 different blushes and a highlighter, but what about a product for contouring? I’m in the fair skin category. I’m getting both the Nyx and Nars blush, but it there a product to contour the cheeks that you can recommend?

I agree. I appreciate the recommendation and I will try it. It is VERY hard to find contouring shades for fair skin that doesn’t either look too orangey or too muddy. A tutorial would be great!

I have medium skin tone, but I have a redness to my skin. Can you tell me what shade would be best on me? Thanks!

Marlena do you have a NYX alternative for the tarte tipsy blush for medium skin tone?

Love your work :)

Hello Marlena. I am from Malaysia. I loveeee watching your tutorials. =D Can u please do makeup series using the Maybelline’s color tattoo? Thanks.

Really really good tutorial <3 Love the blushes that where used on Alex it looks absolutely G-E-O-R-G-I-O-U-S !!! :) <3 xoxo

Hi Marlena, please can u recommend me what kind of blush will be the best to use on a latin skin? i definitely dont have fair skin, but I am somewhere between the medium and the dark, do u think I could put up with both options? thank you so much :)

hi Marlena.i really like ur videos.they r very helpful.i hav a question regarding blush shade.i m between medium n fair but more medium.yesterday i went to sephora to get NARS blush n make-up artist there recommend me luster by NARS.but i m not sure whether it wil suite me or not. i really need ur opinion.i i actually went to get orgasm but couldn’t make decision. hope u vil help me.

I love you Marlena! This was such a helpful video as with all your other ones! I’m obsessed with all your videos because you’re so good at making makeup seem so practical and not overwhelming! Never stop doing what you do! You’re the best! :)

I really like this tutorial but I have to say that for me the Dark Skin is not right because Dark Skin well let me say Women of Color come in different shades. Do you think you can make a tutorial with Women of Color Im saying Like women with skin tones like Kelly Rowland Or Fantasia it would be very nice to see what Blush would really look like on those type of skin tone since there are my skin tone .

I just posted a comment in regard this this issue. i am fair skinned so I was actually wondering if she meant the colors were for dark skinned or fare. mmmmm. Just a thought. Good luck finding your color.

Would Mac blush colour pink cult work on fair skin? I have a peach colour – peachykeen, so just trying to find the right pink.

I just wanted to point out that the African American girl is not dark she’s what you would call fare skinned. So it was really hard for me as a fare skinned African American to see which color would work for me in vice versa for a dark African American. Only because I was wondering if in fact those colors would work for a dark skinned complexion. Maybe sometime in the near future you can post another video.