Idea Gallery Round-Up: September 2012

Welcome to the best of our Idea Gallery for September 2012. (See our previous round-ups here)

This month is all about creativity. Whether it was all about bright colors that were inspired by the hues of Autumn, or neutral shades that made a dramatic impact, our artist stretched their creativity to the limits. Not only did we get to see a phenomenal display of colors, but also of astonishing techniques. These artist truly amazed us with their talent and imagination.

Just click on each individual picture to visit the original Idea Gallery post for a complete list of products and more pictures. Under each image, we’ve also included some tips for each look to give you an idea on how to achieve it.

Fashion Inspired by ilovemyaddiction

For our bolder Muggies, here is one that is perfect for you. Make sure you create the white part first using a white base and going over it with a white matte shade to achieve a very white matte finish. The key to creating this look and making it pop is the bright purples used. We suggest using a bright purple gel liner to create the lines and then going over them with a bright purple eyeshadow like Sugarpill’s Poison Plum to set the eyeliner and make the color bold. Keep the lines crisp and clean using an angled tip eyeliner brush like the MAC #266 brush.  The artist here used Makeup Geek’s Corrupt to create the black wing on the end of her eye and to line under the eye as well.

Cat eye by MarilynMUA

This is the perfect look for those of you who are just beginning to experiment with color. What sets this look apart is the bold placement of colors on waterline and under the eye as well. Create your natural eye and wing out the top black eyeliner on the top of the eye very dramatically. To add the color, place Makeup Geek’s Boo Berry or bright blue color of your choice under the eye. Go over the outer 1/3 with a touch of black to warm the look up. Next, place a green eyeliner in the waterline. If you don’t have a green use a white and then pat a bright green like Makeup Geek’s Appletini over the white. Add a pop of gold in the inner corner to help balance out the cool tones under the eye.

Neutral cut crease by MarilynMUA

Without question this is a ideal example of how neutral shades can make a strong and dramatic impact! To duplicate this look begin by placing Makeup Geek’s Mocha in the crease and creating a crisp line. Gently blend the line upward and feather the color out with a lighter brown like Makeup Geek’s Brown Sugar. Make sure to keep the original line and don’t blend it out, a cut crease is defined by the sharp line in the crease. Add your highlight shade and then go back and fill in the lower eyelid. The other stand out to this look is the sharp, thick cat eye created by the winged liner. If you have trouble with these use a piece of scotch tape on the edge of the eye to help create this look. (Place the tape on the back of your hand and quickly remove it. Doing this several times will remove most of the glue on the tape and keep it from pulling off your makeup)

Colours of Autumn by Joanna

Ideal for Fall, this striking look is a perfect example of how just a few shades can create a astonishing look. Begin by sweeping Makeup Geek’s Beaches and Cream to the entire lid. Use Galaxy to darken the crease and blend the color out with a soft grey. Run the color Bitten under the lower lashline all the way in. Add Goddess to the inner corner and under the inner part of the lower lashline. Bring that same color up over the inner 1/3 of the upper eyelid as well making sure to blend where the color meets the Goddess and the Beaches and Cream line the upper and lower waterlines to finish off this vivid look

Power of violet by choccolate91

Purple is most definitely one of the hottest shades for Fall and that is just one of the things that makes this look ideal for this months gallery. This important part of this look is to find two shades of purple, a dark and a lighter one. What makes this look stand apart from a normal purple smokey eye is the addition of a well placed dark purple sweep of color over the inner crease area. Use the darker of you purples and begin in the inner corner and sweep the color up past the crease leaving a space between colors to make it stand out. This perfect placement of purple makes this look one we love.

Galaxy by MarilynMUA

So this is most definitely NOT for the faint of heart. If you are bold enough to rock this look you may want to remember the key to this look is mapping out the black lines first. To create those sharp, crisp lines use a brush like the MAC #266 small angled brush. Create your first black line in the crease and wing out the liner. Then, create you normal wing liner on the top and bottom of the eyelid. Connect the two lines coming around the curve of the end of the eye. Once this is done trace the line you made in crease with a light blue eyeliner or shadow. From there on it’s just filling in and creating lines to match the ones you already have.  Be creative and use your favorite colors to create you own unique design.

Smokey eye by claudiaguillen

This is a wonderful example of how just a few eyeshadows can make a stunning impact. Using Urban Decay’s Loaded and applying it to the lower eyelid and Blackout in the crease, this artist shows how proper blending can create a beautiful smokey look. Make sure to use a good fluffy dome brush such as the Makeup Geek Crease Brush to blend out any harsh lines. Add a pair of your favorite lashes if you want to add a touch of drama to this look. This striking look is perfect for day or night.

Over the mountains by Alexandra M

We know this isn’t something you are going to be able to wear to work or on your first date, but this remarkable look is perfect for Halloween or any holiday when you want to show off just how artistic and creative you can be.  Gold and pink are placed on the lower eyelid and blended out in the crease with a purple. Lighter blues fade into darker shades to mimic the stunning night sky. Black liner replicates the mountains and the addition of glitter (NYX glitter eyeliner would be perfect for this) is placed on the blue part of the eye for the stars in the sky. With so much going on on the upper eyelid, keep the lower lid bare or add a soft gold to enhance and warm up the over all look of the eye. Regardless of where your wear this, you are sure to be the envy of everyone around you.

Golden Leo by MarilynMUA

Proof that dramatic eyes don’t have to be bright and colorful, this striking looks is all about how to use neutral shades and the remarkable use of eyeliner to create a eye that is sure to catch everyone’s attention. There are a few things that make this look as stunning as it is. Make sure to use a lighter shade in the inner corner of the eye and sweep it in 1/3 of the way. Follow up by using a bright gold and a metallic copper to make this look pop. However, the standout to this look is the eyeliner. Create an overly dramatic cat eye by bringing in the liner to a point in the inner corner and winging it out on the end. Place a faint white line on the outer part of the black. Use the black all the way on the bottom lashline to connect the inner corner and outer corner. With all that black you want to make sure to open the eye, use either a white or flesh tones eyeliner on the waterline to open the eyes and give a great finish to a amazing look.

Burning Night Sky by MadamNoire

Taking cues from the bright blue sky of Autumn and the leaves that come with it, this eye-catching look is one you will love as much as we do! Use MAC’s Deep Truth on the lower eyelid and bring up slightly past the crease. Blend the color out using Sugarpill’s Love+ and then again with Flamepoint. What sets this look apart are the placement of the Buttercupcake on the outer and inner part of the crease above the Flamepoint, leaving a small portion of the Flamepoint visible in the middle. Run Flampoint under the eye and line with black liner on the top and waterline and add your favorite lashes to finish this perfect Fall look.

Autumn Spirit by rinrin

Inspired by the leaves that accompany Fall weather, this look amazed us. It’s the ideal look for Halloween, or, minus the leaves, great for a soft day look. The artist here used Makeup Geek eyeshadows to create this stunning warm look. Leaving the brighter of the shades on the outer and inner parts of the eye gives the look depth without the addition of darker shades. Sugarpill’s Goldilux was used in the middle of the eye to add a pop of shimmer that draws attention to the middle of the eye. Add wispy lashes to complete the look and give it a touch of drama.

Purple rain by MadamNoire

Sometimes all it takes is a couple of good eyeshadows and a remarkable artist to create a amazing look, and this one is a wonderful example. Here, the artist used Sugarpill’s Poison Plum on the lower part of the top lid and then feathered it out with Love+ by Sugarpill. Run Poison Plum under the lower part of they eye as well. The key to this look is to blend the top line where the color Love is applied to make sure it blends seamlessly into the skin. Line your lids and wing out the liner and add your favorite lashes to tie this extraordinary look together.

Pixie Dust by Tereza Hiblarova

This look is all about adding pops of color to enhance the over all look of the eye. Here the artist used Makeup Geek’s Pixie Dust on the lower part of the top eyelid. Use a brown like Bada-Bing in the crease and blend the color out with a soft brown. Adding Shimma Shimma as your highlight to the top and inner corner of the eye gives the perfect shimmery effect. Run Pixie Dust under the lower lid and then place a white liner to the waterline of the eye. Pat Appletini to the waterline over the white liner. This addition of this color will enhance the Pixie Dust that was previously used and make for a amazing look.

Gemstone Eyes by Meredith Jessica

Everyone loves the rich, deep colors of gems. This stunning look uses the same metallic tones to create a amazing look that is sure to melt some hearts. Apply green to the lower part of the top eyelid not going past the crease. Bring the same green onto the bottom of the outer corner coming in 1/3 of the way. Take a metallic purple shade, here the artist used Lime Crime Magic Dust in Empress and place it into the crease. Bring the same color under the eye where the green left off and bring it to where the lashes begin. Blend out the purple with a brighter jewel toned pink and finish up with a soft pink as your highlight.

Back to school by amy b

Every girl wants to look her best when she goes back to school whether it’s high school or college. Having the ability to incorporate colors into your look without spending a lot of time in the mornings is a huge concern. This look is a ideal way to do just that. Here the artist uses a bright peach/orange shade to fill in her lower eyelid and then placed a purple in the crease and outer v of the eye. Feathering the color out making sure there are no harsh lines gives it a soft look perfect for school. Run the purple under the eye as well and line that waterline and you are sure to get an A+ on style.

Playing with colours by Marta G.


We told you this month had its share of colors and we weren’t kidding. This playful look is fun, flirty and perfect. The artist here used the Lime Crime Uniliners to create this stunning look. The real key to this look is to make sure you add a good primer to the eyelid. This will mask any flaws as you want you eyelid to look its best. Then this look is all about creating a series of lines put together in a winged effect. The wonderful thing is you can use as many or as few shades as you like to get the look you want. Any way you do this, it’s sure to look fun and festive.

cornflower blue cloud by choccolate91

Sometimes, all it takes is one bold color to make a statement. This is the inspiration behind this stunning yet simple look. Here the artist used Makeup Geek’s Neptune and placed the color over the lower eyelid. The crease was blended with Moondust and feather out to leave no harsh lines. Moondust was also used under the eye as well. The artist added a touch of Neptune to the inner corner and then traced the v shape with a white liner like Makeup Geek’s Cottontail. The gems are what give this look its sparkle. Using eyelash glue, place gems on the outer corner of the eye and one small one on the inner corner to tie the look together. Add your favorite lashes for a final touch.

MUG Rainbow look by alwaysbella

If you have never seen a rainbow in the Fall with its amazing colors then here’s your chance. This artist used a series of Makeup Geek eyeshadows to create this soft, yet vibrant look. Placing a white line at the outer corner of the eye keeps the colors separated giving them definition and enhancing the look by making the colors pop. Also, make sure to keep the majority of the colors on the lower eyelid and soften them as you move the shades up so the eye retains its subtle look. It is very important to blend each line where the color is placed so there are no harsh lines anywhere in this look. With the ability to pick and choose any colors you want, the ideas for this look is endless.

Modern Cleopatra by choccolate91

Stunning has never been so simple! This amazing look was created by using just two Makeup Geek eyeshadows. Place the color Duchess on the lower lid and then blend the color up past the crease making sure to fade it as you bring it up. Next, go in with Gold Digger and place above the Duchess making sure to feather out any harsh lines. Place Gold Digger in the inner corner to open the eye. Create a winged line with Makeup Geeks Immortal on the upper eye making sure to create the point in the inner corner.  Smudge the same black under the lower lid and waterline as well. You can go over this with Corrupt to set it if you like. Use a true gold to trace directly above the black liner and add your favorite lashes to complete this beautiful look.

Show Me How You Burlesque by jessk

This is an ideal look for those of you want something for day or night. What makes this look so unique is the over extended crease line on the inner corner. Here the artist used Makeup Geek’s Shimmermint on the lower lid and darkened the outer corner with Poison Ivy. Place Burlesque in the crease and bring the shade in toward the inner part of the eye overextending the crease line. Make sure to feather out any harsh lines to soften the look. Preppy was used as a transition color to blend out the Burlesque and keep the look soft. Darken up the crease with Mocha but make sure not to bring it in all the way or cover the Burlesque. Wing out your eyeliner and you have a stunning look for anytime.

Aries by MadamNoire

This striking look is just amazing! Using only a few products this artist shows us how you can use eyeshadow to create a winged look. The key to this look is keepin the shape of the eye. To help achieve this you can use the scotch tape trick and place in on the outside of the eye to help maintain that crisp, sharp edge. Use NYX in Milk over the lower eyelid. This will help all the bright shades to really pop. Place Makeup Geek’s White Lies on the inner 1/3 of the eye and then go in with Sugarpill’s Love+. Place it over the rest of the eye creating the cat eye bringing it up into the crease in a fine line. Use Corrupt by Makeup Geek to darken the outer portion of the eye. If your lines are uneven you can go in with a cotton bud and clean up any edges. Add your favorite dramatic lashes for this full effect.

Dragon Scales by Meredith Jessica

Finding a color that you love and inspires you is often the best way to create a stunning new look. MAC’s Blue Brown pigment is the featured color in this astonishing look. By placing the color on the lower part of the eyelids the artist finds shades that compliment it and make it the star of the look. Here the artist darkened the crease area with Makeup Geek’s Mocha and Country Girl and then feathered out the colors with Cocoa Bear. Run the same Blue Brown color under the eye coming in 3/4 of the way. Place Shimmermint on the inner 1/3 of they lower lashline to add a pop of color to the eyes.

Autumn Inspired by ilovemyaddiction

We love bold, bright statements, and this amazing look is just that. The colors are perfect for Fall and look stunning. Place a bright yellow like Sugarpill’s Buttercupcake on the lower eyelid coming up to the crease. Next, place Makeup Geek’s Mocha in the crease and make sure to blend out any harsh lines. Use Vanilla Bean to soften the line and as a highlight under the brown bone. Place Appletini under the eye coming in all the way. Create a winged line on the top of the eyelid and line the upper and lower waterlines to complete this head turning look.

Rainy Day by alwaysbella

This incredible look is picture perfect. Using Makeup Geeks shadows, the artist created a mosaic of color on her eyes. This look is all about placement and perfect blending so no lines are visible. Work with one color at a time and blend out the edges to help keep the lines from forming. Use scotch tape or a tissue on the outer corner of the eye to help create the distinct, crisp line. Keeping the brighter shades on the bottom of the eyelid and fading them as the colors move upward keeps the eye open and softens the look. A fine line of winged out liner to complete this look.

Just when we think we have seen everything our wonderful Makeup Geek’s can do, you shock and surprise us again. We love sharing these looks with you and look forward to seeing what else our wonderful artist come up with. Make sure to check out our previous Idea Gallery Round-Up, and keep submitting those remarkable creations.

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