Idea Gallery Round-Up: October 2012

Welcome to the best of our Idea Gallery for September 2012. (See our previous round-ups here)

Our latest installment of the Idea Gallery Round-Up has been some of the most striking looks we have seen thus far. The month of October saw vibrant, bold colors combined with warm, shades all of which had breath-taking effects. With this also being the month of Halloween, we were amazed by the techniques and looks created by our Makeup Geeks. We are never disappointed and October was one of the best months we have seen, we are always impressed by the technique and quality of work our Makeup Geeks put forth.

Just click on each individual picture to visit the original Idea Gallery post for a complete list of products and more pictures. Under each image, we’ve also included some tips for each look to give you an idea on how to achieve it.


Purple glam by MarilynMUA

This stunning eye is a perfect example of a glamorous cut crease. Define the crease by tracing the crease of your eye in black and slightly fading the color up. Add purples above to create a gradient effect.  The glitter on the lower eyelid is a perfect addition and makes this a look that will stand out. Make sure to keep the glitter under the crease area. Add a blue pop of color under the eye for definition and drama. Add a thick, winged out liner on the top to finish off this fun yet striking look.

Blue Lagoon by Joanna

Using all Makeup Geek Eyeshaows (Beaches and Cream, Drama Queen, Mermaid, Moondust, Neptune, Peach Smoothie, and Shimma Shimma), this artist demonstrates perfectly how color can still be soft and subtle. The key to this look is to make sure you blend the colors together where they meet so there are no harsh lines. Trade out the black liner for a vibrant blue color, here the artist used Makeup Geek’s Electric. Begin the liner in the middle of the eye and wing out the liner. By starting in the middle, you keep the eye open and the blue liner doesn’t overpower the entire eye. Add the same color to the waterline to add a little more color. Add your favorite feathery eyelashes to finish off this amazing look.

Zombie Witch by choccolate91


We loved not only the look, but the creativity and imagination of this! Using products she had on hand, this artist show off her talent by combining two looks into one amazing look.  Here the artist used red lipstick to create the line where the two looks meet. For the mole, cut lashes from a long, dramatic pair of false lashes and use lash glue to add them to the mole. This is the perfect addition to any Halloween look and is sure to be the center of attention.

Neutral glam by MadamNoire

Using mostly Makeup Geek products (Latte, Mocha, and White Lies), this artist show us how neutral can still be dazzling. Begin by creating a soft brown cut crease with Makeup Geek’s Mocha and blend the color out slightly. The cut crease along with the addition of a little sparkle is what sets this look apart from the rest. Here the artist used a glitter from Viva La Diva in Disco, but any light glitter will work. To add a touch of drama to the look, add false lashes on both the top (Ardell #105) and lower (Ardell #108) lashes. Wing out your liner and line the waterline to finish the look.

Fall trends by ilovemyaddiction

Colorful smokey eyes are always stunning! This look is a ideal example of how to create a colorful smokey eye that has depth and warmth. Be sure to blend the colors together where they meet to avoid any harsh lines. This should have a gradient effect to it. Warm it up by adding a brown color like Makeup Geek’s Bada Bing to the outer corner to keep the look soft and wearable. With so many color combinations available, this look is sure to be one you will love.

Emerald smoky by choccolate91

This emerald look is simply striking! The jewel tones of this look make it an easy pick for our monthly round-up. This is ideal for the upcoming holiday season and is easy to achieve. Make sure you choose a rich, emerald shade for this look and keep the placement below the crease. Gently blend out the crease color so there are no harsh lines. Here the artist used a pop of metallic silver under the eye to keep it open and look vivid. Add your favorite lashes to finish the look and create stunning eyes.

Sex on Fire by bitterstarlite

This striking look is for those of you who want a little more drama or when you are feeling more daring. Using Makeup Geek eyeshadows (Bada Bing, Burlesque, Cocoa Bear, Corrupt, and Purely Naked), the artist here created this bold smokey eye with amazing results. For added heat, add a red glitter such as Sugarpill’s Asylum, or or NYX’s Apple to the lower eyelid making sure to keep it below the crease area. This look is ideal for the holidays and is sure to catch the attention of everyone around you, maybe even Santa himself.

Feline by EllieSunshine

This stunning and sexy look is all about that remarkable eyeliner! Using the Naked 1 palette, the artist created a soft, subtle eye making sure to keep the colors delicate. Now for that liner. The trick to this is to do this in two parts. Apply your liner and wing out the end like you would an winged eye look. Extend the very tip of the wing out a bit further making sure to keep it very thin. For the inner corner, bring the liner in and curve in downward into a point and then draw the line back up to meet with the line underneath the eye. You may want to practice some to get the hang of this but once you do it will be something you will come back to over and over again.

glamour turquoise by ilovemyaddiction

This brilliant jewel-toned look is an added treasure to our Round-Up. Turquoise is a stunning color and this use of it is ideal for going out or even work. Keeping the inner corner of the eye light keeps the eye open and the addition of a blue eyeliner on the inner rim adds more drama to the look. Be sure and place the same turquoise under the eye as well to tie the look together. Curl your lashes and add your favorite mascara to complete this timeless look.

2 am heartbreak by Silje Beate

If you love color than this one is for you. Using the Sugarpill Heart Breaker Palette, this bold and dynamic look makes a great addition to the Round-Up. The use of cool tones makes this look great for this time of year. Make sure to blend the lines where each color meets so there will be no harsh lines and carry the same color scheme under the eyes as well. Finish off this look by creating a dramatic winged liner on the top of your eyelids and add your favorite pair of false lashes to finish this look but be ready to be the center of attention with this electrifying look.

Good Vibes by Joanna

Inspired by the warm hues of fall, this stunning look is one we are sure you will love. Using all Makeup Geeks eyeshadows (Beaches and Cream, Bitten, Cocoa Bear, Creme Brulee, Glamorous, and Gold Digger), the artist created a warm palette that is as inviting as it is stunning. The placement of gold on the inside corner keeps the eye open and looks gorgeous. Combined with soft peaches, coppers, browns and a hint of maroon red, this look is ideal for this time of year. Avoid the black eyeliner and opt for Makeup Geek’s Mobster instead to line the waterline of the eye. Add your favorite set of wispy lashes for a look everyone will love.

Autumn Sunset by choccolate91

Inspired by the warm sunsets of Autumn this look is definitely one you will love to wear. Using the Sleek Sunset palette, our artist’s take on warm sunsets left us spellbound. To make this look its best make sure to blend the lines where the colors meet so that there are no harsh lines visible. Carry the same warm-tone colors under the eye as well. What sets this look apart and makes it really stand out is the addition of blue, to represent the sky, above the crease to blend out the warm shades. Using a light blue enhances the warm shades and makes this look pop.

Burlesque by MadamNoire

This dramatic look is one that we had to add to our Round-Up. Using all Makeup Geek eyeshadows (Bitten, Burlesque, Corrupt, and White Lies), the artist here created a look that you are sure to love. To achieve this look add a touch of white to the outer and inner corner of the eye between the black liner to make it pop. Use a set of lashes (Ardell #113) on the top and on the bottom (Ardell #108) as well. This adds extra drama to the look. Make sure to blend out the the line at the top so there are no harsh lines. This look is going to be one you and those around you quickly admire.

Sweet Lilly by Marta G.

This sweet look is one we fell in love with. Using shimmery purples, the artist created a flawless look that is simple yet so beautiful. To achieve this amazing look make sure to keep the shimmery light purple under the crease of the eye. Use a darker matte purple in the crease area, using a matte color will keep to much shimmer from being on the eyes. Create a dramatic winged liner on the top of the eye and finish your lashes to complete this beautiful look.


Black&White by iris

Don’t let this astonishing look intimidate you. This look is not hard to recreate and only uses 2 eyeshadows and some fishnet stockings. This look is perfect for New Years or any holiday party where you want to be the center of attention.  Use a piece of scotch tape on the end of your eye to create that crisp, clean line. Apply a black base like NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean and then go over it with a intense black eyeshadow like Makeup Geek’s Corrupt. Add a silver shadow above the crease and blend out. Now the fun part, pull a pair of fishnet stockings over your head and, with a makeup sponge, use the same intense black to “stamp” the color on. Be gentle when removing the stockings and that’s it. Add your liner and lashes to complete the look.

Peacocky by NaturallyErratic

Peacocks have some of the most beautiful colors found in nature. This lovely look was inspired by the vivid shades found in peacocks. Using Makeup Geek products, this amazing look is easy to recreate and looks simply gorgeous. The addition of Pixie Dust to the inner 1/3 of the eye allows the eye to pop and plays beautifully against the color Mermaid. Darken the outer part of the eye with Drama Queen to add depth to the eye. Add a touch of Shimma Shimma to the inner corner to open and brighten the eyes. This look is ideal for adding a little color into your makeup routine or for when you want to be a tad dramatic.

Autumn… by makeupbyhilary

Autumn shades are everywhere and this is another stunning example of why we all love these colors. Make sure to blend where each color meets so there is no harsh line between the shades. This should look like a flawless fade from one color to the next. Some great duplicates for this look would be Makeup Geek’s Gold Digger, Burlesque and Bada Bing. Make sure to feather out the crease as well. To finish off this look, add a pair of your favorite lashes and mascara. A simple look with striking effects.

Bohemian by Marta G.

Sometimes the best way to change a look is to change the order of the eyeshadows. Most looks start off with a lighter shade and have the placement of the darker color at the outer corner for depth. Here the artist reversed this by adding the darker shades on the inner part of the eye and leaving the lighter shades on the outer most part of the eye. The result is this amazing look that we love. The key is to keep it well blended so it appears as a gradient effect and feather it out so the browns appear as warm hints of color. Bring the blue and green under the eye and line the waterline with a green as well to make the colors stand out. Wing out your liner to complete this impressive look.

Ruby/Red Riding Hood by MadamNoire

Inspired by Red herself, this simple yet impressive look is soon to become a favorite. Don’t be intimidated by the red, knowing how to use the color helps in being able to wear the shade well. First, pat a matte white shade onto the lower eyelid. Then, apply a medium/light brown in the crease as a transition color and to keep the red from going up to far. Keep the majority of the color on the outer corner of the eye and blend it in onto a white. Add a dramatic winged liner and your favorite lashes on the top (Ardell #105) and the bottom (Ardell #108) to complete this fairytale look.

Green gray cut crease by nastea20

A cut crease can be one of the hardest things to learn but once you do you get amazing results like this.  Use a black to draw a line on your eye and the blend the shade out slightly allowing the line to be very visible. Use greens to begin the gradient effect moving up the eye and bring the color under the eye as well. Add a matte grey color onto the lower lid up where the cut crease begins. Make sure you don’t get any grey on the crease itself. This look is amazing and with a little practice is one you will love.

Scorpio by MadamNoire

Scorpio’s are known for being sexy and mysterious and this look definitely has that look. This is simple to recreate but with stunning effects. The artist here used all Makeup Geek products (Galaxy and White Lies). The stand out of this look is the bold, red eyeliner also by Makeup Geek in the color Poison. Placing the red against the silver and white makes the color pop off the eye. This look is ideal for a night out or for those of you who want to add a little mystery to your look

Disco by claudiaguillen

For all you party goers out there, this ones for you! Ideal for the upcoming holidays, especially New Year’s, this remarkable look’s standout feature is the addition of glitter to the lower eyelids and under the eye as well. Don’t worry if it falls or transfers a little, that only adds to the look. Use glitter glue and then a flat, stiff brush to help pack the glitter firmly into place. For the under eye area you can use a good glitter eyeliner to make the application easier.

Gemini by MadamNoire

For all you Gemini out there, this ones for you. What you don’t see from this one picture is that just like duality found in each Gemini, this look has similar but different eyes. Using Sugarpill (Flamepoint and Poison Plum) and Makeup Geek (Chickadee and Corrupt), this amazing look is one we are sure you will love. On one eye create the look with pink on the lower lashline and orange in the crease and under the eye. To represent refection, switch the other eye up so that orange is on the lower eyelid and the pink shade is in the crease and under the eye. The colors work so well together that you can hardly notice the difference until it is pointed out. So have fun all our Gemini MUGs!

Hidden Dragon by NaturallyErratic

For those of you who love playing with color and being creative, we know this is one you will love. Here the artist used only four Makeup Geek eyeshadows to create this sensational look. Use Bleached Blonde on the inner 1/3 of the eye and then go in with the color Razzleberry and extend the color past the eye and wing it slightly upward finishing the “wing” with the same Bleached Blonde color you began with. Follow up using Corrupt and then Ice Queen and finish by lining your eyes and extending the liner as you did the shadows. Smudge black under the eye to complete this bold look.

We couldn’t wait to share these amazing looks with you and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. If you like a look make sure you let us know by clicking the “Love” button on each look. Keep submitting your remarkable creations to us, we love seeing what all our wonderful Makeup Geeks are creating and keep an eye out for our Idea Gallery Round-Up to see if your look made it.

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