Featured Idea Gallery Posts: April 2012

Here is our latest installment of the best of our Idea Gallery for the month of April.  Whether you prefer bold colors that grab attention, or neutral shades that enhance your natural beauty, there is something here for everyone. (See our last few months’ roundups)

Just click on each individual picture to visit the original Idea Gallery post for a complete list of products and more pictures.  Under each image, we’ve also included some tips for each look to give you an idea on how to accomplish the look.

Enjoy these beautiful selections!

Minnie Mouse by olennka177

Blue, purples, and pink create this stunning look. To mimic this look, make sure to keep the colors below the crease. Begin by applying a blue shade on the outer 1/3 of your eye. Next, with a flat stiff brush, place a purple shade of your choice on the eye overlapping where the blue ended. This will eliminate any harsh lines. Bring the purple color in until you have a little over ½ of the way. Next, apply your favorite pink shade just like you did the purple. Follow the same steps for under the eyes as well.  Pair with dramatic lashes and you are all ready.

Acid Sunset by Meredith Jessica

A combination of Makeup Geek and Sugarpill eyeshadows create this vibrant look. Begin with Sugarpill’s Poison Plum and a small dome brush such as the Makeup Geek Outer V Brush, place the Poison Plum in the outer v portion on the eye and blend up into the crease and blend out. Next, with a flat stiff brush, pat Makeup Geek’s Mango Tango onto the lid coming in 1/3 of the way. Repeat this process using Makeup Geek’s Manderine. Lastly, apply Sugarpill’s Buttercupcake to the inner 1/3. Apply a soft wash of the shades under the eye using the Outer V Brush. Apply false lashes to the top and you’re done.


Tropical Mood by Joanna

Using a combination of Makeup Geek and Inglot, our artist created a perfect colorful look for day or night. Using a flat, stiff brush, apply Inglot’s loose pigment #17, or for a perfect dupe, Makeup Geek’s Pixie Dust, all over the lower lid. Place a soft wash of Makeup Geek’s Corrupt in the crease and blend out with Makeup Geek’s Twilight. Use Shimma Shimma under the brow bone as a highlight and in the inner corner; place Makeup Geek’s Mermaid under the eye coming in ¾ of the way. Line the waterline and set by gently patting on Mermaid with a thin liner brush. (Yes, the Makeup Geek eyeshadows are safe for the waterline) Perfect for a soft, yet colorful summer look.

Natural Crease Cut by Kristianathe

Nothing is more stunning than a perfect cut crease and here soft washes of color help create a remarkable look. The key to this look is using the MAC #266 or any small angled brush for the cut crease. Pick up a small amount of black and draw a thin line following the natural crease of your eye. Place a dark purple from the 88 palette over the black and blend slightly upward. Pick up a taupe color and blend out with a pencil brush. Create a small cat eye effect by slightly winging out your liner. Line your waterline and blend out with a pencil brush. Apply your favorite lashes and you have a perfect, soft yet stunning cut crease.

Blue Jay by bitterstarlite

For you more daring Muggies, this one is for you. Using Urban Decay and Wet ‘n’ Wild helped our artist create this dramatic look. Begin by filling in the 1/3 of your eyebrow with a black eyeshadow using a small angled brush and the rest with a vibrant blue. The key to this look is those “feathers”.  Using a soft pencil like the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Zero, begin making short black strokes on the outer ½ to 1/3 of your eyelid, depending on the size of your eyes. On the bottom the marks should begin where your lashes begin. Create fewer in the inner part of the eye and make them wider coming out. This will give your eye and sort of cat eye appearance. Remember; don’t over think this…HAVE FUN!!!

Sweet & Sour Spring Look by Petja

The perfect look for perfect sunny day!  The key to this look is the bright, bold shades. Use a layer of NYX’s Jumbo Pencil in Milk all over eyelid. This will act as a base and allow the color to pop off the lid.  Make sure you blend the crease colors well to create a soft wash of color there. The star of this look is that pop of color on the lids. Add a white liner to the waterline to open the eyes, and add long dramatic lashes to bring this look together.

Lace Eye by MarilynMUA

Here’s another one for you not so faint at heart. Here our artist used a combination of Ben Nye, Inglot and drugstore makeup to create this spectacular look. This look is all about that lace! With a small angled liner brush, or with a felt tip liquid liner, create a strong dramatic line all the way from the inner corner of the eye just past the eyebrow. This line needs to be thicker than normal. Go back and create a curl at the inner corner of the eye. Now create a series of curls and circles mimicking a lace pattern. Apply a pair of wispy false lashes and you have lace eyes everyone will envy.


Carribean Accent by katosu

Just like a warm tropical island, this look is spectacular. Using one MAC eyeshadow and our very own Makeup Geek shadows, this look will look great on everyone. This look is all about perfectly placed pops of color. Put MAC’s Deep Truth under the lower lashline coming in ½ of the way. Brush on Makeup Geek’s Fuji where the Deep Truth ends and bring in the rest of the way. Apply a small amount of liner to your to your top lashline and add mascara. Easy and stunning!

Tamed Orange by Joanna

A soft, neutral eye can be just as stunning as a bold eye and here is the perfect example using Makeup Geek eyeshadows. Apply Shimma Shimma over the eyelid. Place Bada Bing in the crease and blend out with Chickadee.  Using a smudger brush, smudge Corrupt along the upper lashline.  Smudge the color Burlesque in the outer corner to darken the look up just a bit, and also just under the edge of the lower lashline.  Use Shimma Shimma under the brow bone as a highlight and under the eye where the Burlesque was placed. A stunning and simple eye for every occasion!

Juicy Pastels by Katosu

A perfect example of how to get a stunning eye using only 3 colors, this sunny, summer eye is captivating and easy! Here our artist uses our very own Makeup Geek eyeshadows. First, pat Wisteria onto the lid with a flat stiff brush to create a soft wash of color on the lid. Use a fluffy dome brush to sweep the shade Mango Tango into the crease making sure not to leave any harsh lines. With a small dome brush, place Yellow Brick Road all the way under the eye coming in to the inner corner. Add a small line of eyeliner to the upper half of your lashline. Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara.  A striking yet simple look!

Golden Sunrise by Meredith Jessica


Once again, our artist uses a combination of Makeup Geek and Sugarpill eyeshadows to create this stunning golden look. The look here is about creating an eye starting from the outside coming in to the center of the eye. Adding the perfect pop of color the waterline adds just the right amount of dimension. Use NYX’s Milk to line the waterline and set with Afterparty by Sugarpill. Curl your lashes and add mascara and you have a perfect sunrise eye!

Sea and Earth by MadamNoire

Perfect for you gals with hazel or brown eyes, this look is gorgeous.  This technique is all about using just few shades to give you a dramatic eye. Just remember not to leave any harsh lines in above the crease area. Use a white liner to line the rims of your eyes and set with Makeup Geek’s Gold Digger. Also, place a dot of the Gold Digger in the inner corner.  Stunning and easy, this eye is perfect for any occasion.

Portrait Ready by jessk

Simple and breathtaking, this look will turn heads everywhere. Perfect to pair with a bright red lip! This stunning look uses only two Makeup Geek eyeshadows and is perfect for those days when you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your makeup.  Lightly place Preppy all over the lid and blend the shade Mocha into the crease. By just using a couple of shades on your eyelids and winging out your liner you can achieve a striking eye in no time at all!

Wearable look with peacock and fuji by Silje Beate

For those of you who want a simple eye with some color then this is the ideal one.  Using only 3 eyeshadows by Makeup Geek, the secret to this look is to concentrate the color Peacock in the outer corner and blend it into the crease.  Blend the shade Fuji above that and under the entire lower lash line.  The soft wash of color under the eyes a winged out liner bring this look together effortlessly.

Inspired by the dragon from “Enchanted” by starryskies214

This colorful smokey eye is spectacular!  This look uses all Makeup Geek eyeshadows. To make sure this look is as remarkable on you as it is here, make sure you layer your colors well and blend well where two shades meet. Wing out the outer 1/3 of your top lashline and line your upper and lower waterlines. Curl your lashes and apply mascara. A stunning, colorful smokey eye!

Dark by nadinee101

Believe it or not, this dark, smoldering smokey eye only uses 4 Makeup Geek eyeshadows. So if you have always wanted to try something like this but always felt too intimidated then here is the perfect opportunity. To recreate this dramatic look, apply Corrupt under the eye from the inner corner to the outer corner. With the color Razzleberry, blend a small amount on the outer part of the eye right above the Corrupt only placing it on the outer 1/3 of the eye. Keep the line pretty crisp, you don’t want this to have a blended look. Use Vanilla Bean as under the brow bone as a highlight.  Add a pair of dramatic lashes and you are all set!

Unexpected Mermaid by Joanna

A soft, demure smokey eye is stunning and this is an eye-catching take on just that. Using Makeup Geek eyeshadows, our artist demonstrates how soft hues can be as alluring as dramatic ones.  Make sure your colors are well blended to create the perfect gradient effect seen here. Use a universal shade like Unexpected to blend out the crease color. Wing out your liner on the top of your eyelids, curl your lashes and apply your mascara or a set of false lashes.

Lime Green & Bright Blue Look for Spring by starryskies214

Sultry, smokey eyes don’t always have to be dark and this is a perfect example of that. Using Makeup Geek eyeshadows, our artist shows us a great way to create a colorful smokey eye. Apply NYX’s Pearl Mania in Lime or for a dupe Makeup Geek’s Pixie Dust to the lower lid coming up to the crease.  Use the same color all the way along the lower lashline. Use Makeup Geek’s Poolside and blend in the outer v and into the crease area coming up slightly. Use the same shade and apply it along the lower lashline just beneath the other shade that was placed there earlier coming in ½ to ¾ of the way.  Use a tiny bit of Corrupt to intensify the outer v section of the eye. Using a fluffy dome brush, place Gold Digger above the Poolside feathering out any harsh lines. Use White Lies under the brow bone as a highlight. Use a small amount of Shimma Shimma in the inner corner to allow the eyes to pop. A perfect eye for our MUGs who love some color!

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