Featured Idea Gallery Looks: January through March 2012

Since launching our user-submitted Idea Gallery system, we’ve had an amazing selection of submissions.   Using a variety of makeup brands, and techniques, we have gathered our favorites into this one place.    Click on the title or picture to visit the orignial Idea Gallery post to see more pictures and a list of products.   Under each image, we’ve also included some tips for each look to give you an idea on how to accomplish the look.

Going forward, we plan on featuring our favorite submissions each month.  This time, we are playing catch-up a bit, so we are highlighting our favorites from January through March 2012.  Hope you enjoy these selections!

Raspberry Margaritas by Meredith Jessica

Raspberry Margaritas

Bold shades and perfect color placement make this stunning look an easy pick for our gallery.  Using Makeup Forever, Sugarpill, and the 88 palette, the key to this look is blending. Use a firm, flat brush to pack the color on your lid.  Use a dark purple like Sugarpill’s Poison Plum in the outer v to create dimension.  Add a set of dramatic and playful false lashes to bring this remarkable eye creation together.

Teal and Brown with Makeup Geek Shadow  by starryskies214

A stunning look perfect for day or night!  This look is all about using the right brushes. Our lovely artist used our very own Makeup Geek eyeshadows for this.  Use the flat shader brush for packing Mermaid onto the lid. Bring it under the lower lashline as well. Use a crease brush to apply Burlesque to the crease.  Using a fluffy blending brush, blend the Burlesque out using Cocoa Bear and repeat with Vanilla Bean.  Use Shimma Shimma as a highlight color under the brown bone and in the inner corner to help the eyes pop.

Peacock by katosu

Colorful eyes are perfect for summer. Using a combination of MAC and Makeup Geek shadows helped our artist create a flawless look. Be sure and use a flat, stiff brush to help pack color onto the lids, and sweep it back and forth where the colors meet to create a gradient effect. You can also use a fluffy dome brush to help blend the colors. Use a neutral tone in the crease to help tone down the look and blend out harsh lines.  Add your favorite pair of wispy lashes and you have a great summer look.


Sweet Lilac Eyes by Meredith Jessica

Pretty in Pink, this sweet and romantic look is perfect for our gallery.  Using a variety of Coastal Scents 88 palettes, this soft look is perfect for day or night.  The most important thing to remember with this look, after placing the pink on the outer corner, is not to completely cover it with the brown. You want to be able to see the pink underneath.  Also, make sure to add that pop of color shimmer in the inner corner to make your eyes stand out.


Fantastic by olennka177

For the adventurous types, here’s one perfect for you. The overall key to this look is perfecting those sharp, crisp lines.  Use a winged eyeliner technique with the aqua and black colors to get perfect defined lines and bring the darker blue from under the eye and wing it our so it meets under the aqua shade. The most noticeable thing here is the feathery lashes. Try Ardell’s #102 Demi Blacks, or your favorite pair of feathery looking lashes.  Trim off the first 1/3 to use on the lower lashes and apply the rest on the outer part of your top lashes as lash accents.


Inverse Gradient: Teal, Gold & Brown Eyes by Meredith Jessica

With Urban Decay, drugstore makeup and an 88 palette, this stunning look is a perfect example of how a simple addition of color on a section of your eye can make a dramatic difference. Perfect for those who are new to wearing bright colors so you don’t feel over whelmed. Make sure you blend where each color meets so there aren’t any harsh lines. The overall look should have a gradient effect. The shades should flow easily from one color to the next.


Blue Smokey by starryskies214

If you are looking for a dramatic night time look then look no further!  This is perfect for making one color the center of your makeup look. Our artist used Spellbound by Beauty from the Earth.  Take a flat, stiff brush, and pack the color onto the lid. Use a small brush to apply the same shade under the eye. Use neutral colors to blend out and tone down your crease and under the brow. Using the Naked palette, feather Buck into the crease, use Naked to blend out the lines and Virgin as a highlight and also in the inner corner so you won’t have any dark shadows.


Teal and Purple! by starryskies214

Creating a flawless, colorful, smokey eye isn’t difficult, as seen here.  Making sure you blend between color applications is crucial.  Keep the purple on the outside of the eye and don’t feather it in to far so you don’t cover up the teal shade. Bring it down under the outer 1/3 of the eye and add the teal shade all the way under the rest of the eye. Make sure you add a hint of shimmer to the inner corner to pop the eyes.  Wing out your liner using gel or liquid eyeliner and add your favorite mascara for a look that you will love!

Oranges and plums by katosu

A supple wash of colors is what makes this look so sweet and stunning. Blending again is the key to this look. Making sure you use a plum color a couple of shades darker than your lid color and blend it into the outer v, will add the dimension you need. Using a fluffy dome brush will transfer just the right amount of color above the crease and feather it out perfectly. Adding Shimma Shimma to the inner corner will lighten the look more.  Add a set of Ardell’s accent lashes for just a bit of drama.


Sensuous purple and gold by Silje Beate

Perfect for any eye color this gorgeous look is great for day or night. Apply Sensuous to the lid, use a blending brush to blend Purple Rain into the crease. With a smaller blending brush, gently apply Corrupt in the over v for dimension. Using a fluffy dome brush to blend out any harsh lines will help create a soft wash of color on your lids.  Apply a soft wash of color under the brow and into the inner corner. Apply the colors in the same order under the eye to tie the look together.


Coral Reefs :) by Cecilie Alstad Olsen

If you want bright colors and high impact then this is for you! Use a combination of Sugarpill and Makeup Geek shadows to create this vivid look. Use scotch tape to help create the intense line at the corner of your eyes. No blending required here except to help feather out the Sea Mist. You want your lines to look crisp for the most part. Double wing your liner and use lash adhesive to apply your decals. Add your favorite colorful lashes on top, and apply individual false lashes to the bottom to bring this look together.

Smokey Eye with MUG shadows by starryskies214

Using neutral tones makes this smokey eye perfect for day or night.  Pack the shade Corrupt onto the eyelid. Blend Cocoa Bear into the crease and use Chickadee to blend out the brown. Use Vanilla Bean under your brow bone.  Use a small brush to place Corrupt under the eye and wing out your eyeliner on the top lashes. Applying a hint of Shimma Shimma in the tear duct keeps dark shadows away and keeps your eyes looking bright and open.


Nude Purple Smoky eye by Silje Beate

Here’s one for all you purple lovers. Once again, using a combination of MAC and Makeup Geek shadows created this striking look. The key to this look is layering different shades of the same color to achieve the overall effect.  Be sure to add a dark shade like Corrupt to the outer corner and blend to create dimension to the eye. Make sure you blend any harsh lines so this flows together well.

Burlesque tango by Silje Beate

This is one of those 3 color wonders.  If you don’t like using a lot of different colors to achieve a look then this one is perfect for you. Apply Mango Tango to the lid and up past the crease and use a soft dome brush to feather it out. Use Vanilla Bean to blend out the line and under the brow bone. Use a small crease brush, or the Makeup Geek Outer V brush to apply Burlesque to the outer corner and under the eye. Put on a coat of your favorite false lashes and you are ready.

Spring Purples by jessk

This stunning look is all about layering shades in and above the crease area to give your eyes a soft wash of color. The artist here used Makeup Geek’s Duchess and Sensuous blended well together.  To make this look pop, it’s all about the winged eyeliner. Use a gel or liquid liner to create that dramatic winged out effect, the perfect eye for work or a day out with friends.


Chickadee :) by Cecilie Alstad Olsen

This stunning, sunny look is about layering colors to create the desired effect. Use Makeup Geek shades to recreate this look. Pack Yellow Brick Road on the lid and then blend Chickadee into the crease and go up toward the brow about ½ of the way. The key is to use a neutral shade such as Cocoa Bear into the crease and then a darker brown like Mocha in the outer v for dimension while allowing the Chickadee to shine through. Bring the colors under the eyes and add your favorite lashes.


Burlesque Smokey Eye by starryskies214

This is another one of those simple yet stunning smokey eyes.  They secret to achieve this amazing look is to pack on Makeup Geek’s Burlesque on the lid and blend up past the crease. With a small crease brush, apply a small amount of Corrupt to the outer v section of the eye. You may need to pick up a little bit more Burlesque to blend out the line from the Corrupt. Use Vanilla Bean to blend out the line from the Burlesque, add some Shimma Shimma under the brow bone and to the inner corner.  Use a thin brush to apply Burlesque under the eyes, wing your liner and you got the look.

Glamorous :) by Cecilie Alstad Olsen

Grab your Makeup Geek starter kit for this one. The name says it all; this bright sunny look is glamorous. To get this gradient effect make sure to create a soft transition between colors. Use Mocha in the outer v with a small crease brush to create a deeper element to the eye. Perfect for you blue eye babes.

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