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    Hello everyone! I have another update! so I have another quick update… My manager called me back today to let me know that my orientation date has been bumped up to this coming toesday insetad of wednesday… She also told me that my position would be cashier/recovery, meaning that if I am scheduled say 5 PM to 1 AM, I will be on the cash register from 5-closing, and doing recovery from closing to 1 AM. I am fine with that, the only question I have is that if I spend a significant amount of time doing recovery, what do I have to do so that I will stay on board after the christmas season? Do I even have a chance of staying on board? My goals are to grow and learn with the company so I would love to stay after seasonals are over to learn more training… but what do I have to do to prove myself? I know that I have to sell beauty insider cards, but if I am doing a lot of recovery, how am I going to do that? Also not being late or calling out, but I am sure that alllll seasonals want to stay after christmas season, so everyone is going to try their best.

    Does anyone have good advice on how they keep you?

    Also, how many seasonals do they usually keep once christmas is over? Let’s say they hire 15-20 seasonals, do they only keep 5? How do they choose?

    Also, what’s orientation like? She said it would last 3-4 hours because all of us new hires will be there. I honestly feel like i’m “just a seasonal” when she refers to us as ‘all of you new hires’ hahaha.

    Agh! If it’s not one thing i’m stressing out about, it’s another hahaha….

    someone? Anyone? Please answer! (can you all tell that I desperately want to stay hahaha)… =/


    WOW the going over lace with a sponge idea is wonderful! could you PLEASE post a pic?

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    Hey Gabby!

    For orientation  they’re going to have you all do your paperwork and go over the basics…what Beauty Insider is, how to ring everything up,etc..they’ll go over Sephora standards and what they expect…but you won’t go over SOS….if you stay after holiday, you’ll be sent to SOS afterwards…

    .the best thing you can do is to let you store director know every so often that you don’t look at this as a seasonal job, but as a stepping stone to  staying after holiday. Sephora is HUGE on client service and how you treat them…..don’t think that being on register is stupid,,when you start during holiday EVERYONE starts there…and they think of it as one of the most important parts of the Sephora “experience”….believe me, ppl either are quick to COMPLAIN about the service they got when checking out or how WONDERFUL it was….YOU are the last person to make an impression on them before they leave…if you are rude, you WILL get complaints…if you’re extra nice (and give them your name when you ALWAYS ALWAYS remind them about the survey) then you will get mentioned for being amazing! Your SD and the other leads are always watching to see how you interact with people, how motivated you are, etc. If there’s actually a few minutes where there is no one in line, take the initiative to fill the items in BEAUTY TO GO or something along those lines. Just always have a smile on your face, NEVER give attitude, even when you get that lovely “fun” client who is just incredibly nasty..because you WILL….and be willing to jump in wherever needed! Like if there’s a lot of you on register and they need a greeter for a little bit, offer to do it! :)

    Try to learn as much as you can in different worlds (color, skincare, frag, hair)….EVERYONE wants to be in color….usually. I was in color for almost 5 years but i learned SOOOOOOOOOOO much about skincare and developed a passion for it. I didn’t want to be permanently in skin, but when we were slow and needed someone to go back, OR if they needed someone to talk about a specific line that I knew about, I always volunteered. Remember, if your skin is bad, NOTHING you put on it will look good….but if your skin is clear and glowing, ANYTHING you put on it will look good :)

    **Sorry if i’m throwing a lot at you, i’m just thinking about how all the seasonals who stayed after holiday performed and what they looked for…..i was part of a LOT of discussions on who to keep and why!**


    As far as how MANY ppl they’ll keep..it depends on store volume and how much is in the budget….some holiday seasons we kept 5-6 ppl…some we kept 12….one time we only kept 3….depends…



    I think i blabbed enough…if you have any more questions, feel free to ask! If i don’t get back here fast enough, send me a messege! GOODLUCK! :)


    Hi everyone!  I am hoping to get hired seasonally and then hopefully permanently after that!  I just spoke with a manager on the phone!  I have a quick question, which I hope wasn’t already answered.  I tried to read through everything here, but it is a lot!  LOL  I am wondering if it is required that you only wear brands of makeup that Sephora sells while working there?  I know someone mentioned that they sometimes start you off with gratis so you have products you can use & recommend to customers, etc.  I of course, do have some makeup from Sephora, but I have a lot of other makeup as well, so I was just curious about that.  I can totally understand that they would only want you wearing stuff they sell, so I assume that is the policy, but thought I’d ask anyway.

    Thanks for all the info everyone!! :)


    Gaby- We had 9 seasonals and kept two girls. So I think it depends on budget yes, but also how you are working. Lots of people took this as “just a weekend thing,” so they’d call out a lot for shipment. This seemed to be a main factor in the cutting as one of the girls they kept never called in for a shipment shift. They want you to be available at anytime they need covered. Our store has now made it everyone has to be able to work at least one shipment shift a week, or they’ll cut their hours a LOT.
    Also name mentions will help improve your chances as well. The more happy clients you get that say how amazing you are, the better you look to keep in managements eyes. Those go towards bonuses at the end of the month and our stores scores as well. How “loved” we are :)

    Orientation lasted a LONG time for us. We were sent to a hotel in downtown Portland and it took us quite a while as they booked the wrong room so girls were being sent all over the place. Our manager had to finally call everyone to the lobby and then we went to the correct room afterwards. People still kept showing up late afterwards due to getting lost in the hotel still. I’d say we were there a good 6-8 hours. It was craaaazaaaahh.

    makeupbybaribie- I know that we’re supposed to be trained at Encore to do full faces/appts at the hub, but ohhhh lord. They’ve had girls who haven’t even gone to SOS do full-faces, which is kind of irritating as they don’t know all the tricks and techniques that you learn. I really don’t know if its due to under-staffing or what, but it has been happening a LOT lately at my store. I hope this stops once seasonal starts!!!

    UGH. Where did you work at longest!? I want to transfer! Just kidding! Maybeeeeee… ;D We had a girl become a DIC after a few months of working. Since i’ve known her for a while I know she has no prior supervisor experience, so perhaps this is due to 6 out of our 7 managers being gone due to maternity leave. Again, craaaazy. Do you know if this happened at your store? They even had ME dic for an hour during meetings day.

    Ohhh the gratis. It sadly hasn’t changed at our store. We’ll still get training on it, but lately it’s usually color and/or management only that receives it. They then will leave a few testers of the more popular colors in the back for us to try out, but most of the staff won’t receive the actual product. I really do hope this changes soon for our district as they don’t include either really dark or light shades and quite a few girls miss out on the opportunity to share to the clients what a wonderful product it really was/is. Do you know when this started? I’ve been there for a year and haven’t heard any news on a changing of the gratis policy :/

    EyeMasingLisa- When I started I literally only had MAC cosmetics, so when I attended orientation I received an eye shadow,  cleanser, and a foundation primer from Laura Mercier. Not saying I was ungrateful, hell I still have the primer and use it more often lately than I used to. LOVES it under BB cream! Anyways! What I did was go in a few minutes early and find something comparable, if not a dupe for what I was wearing and then if a client asked I’d be ready to show them what an alternative could be. There are quite a few pigments that I wore that i’d have a really hard time finding dupes for sadly, so I’d stop using those on workdays or just wear them during shipment. It took me quite a few months before I got enough gratis to actually wear more Sephora products than anything. Plus you get the chance to win gratis picks from contests and name shout outs from the surveys, so don’t worry too much. Stick to what you have and just hunt a dupe down! :D Best of luck to you!

    Briana Martin- I don’t believe I took any pictures from the Marchesa event, but I’m doing a similar one for Halloween weekends, so I’ll try to post a photo :)

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    Okay everyone so I know this forum kind of died down but I have a question. How long does it actually take to get hired at Sephora? Reading from earlier posts it seems that anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. I applied on a Sunday then that following Thursday got a call for a group interview that Friday. They said that they would call us by Monday because they wanted to get everyone second intervied. I didn’t get a call until Tuesday for a solo second interview on Wednesday. They told me I would have it with a different manager at a different location. (they said this was normal at the group interview) Anyways it went great, I related alot to what the manager experiences were and to what I was going through and we talked alot and she said things like “love that” or “totally agree” after I answered questions.

    I asked at the end about how working here would be like and so on. She said I would be good as a cashier since I have experience being a cashier/hostess/takout person at a resturant which is good because Im used to multitasking and used to working in a fast pace environment. I reassured her on my availability and she said that in the time that they called be back which would be around a week or so plus training and such I wouldnt work work until January. Its been a week since the solo interview and haven’t heard word back. I checked the mail and nothing (which I know usually means your not hired) so that was a relief.  But I’m nervous they won’t hire me. What should I do?

    I read some articles and some people said since its been about a week that I should call back for a follow up. But then someone else told me I shouldn’t because my name is already out there. I already have had the two interviews that calling back would be like bugging them almost. I don’t know what to do. Do most managers at Sephora like when you call back? This is a very busy Sephora I’m applying for so would I be bugging them? If I do call back what should I say? Any other advice would be helpful. :)


    Hi, I see no one has posted here in months but I have an interview at Sephora on Monday and I’m really excited and nervous about it. Its a Sephora in JCPenny. This store isn’t my first choice location-wise because the first one I applied to only had a nights/weekends position available and I already have a job as a waitress at a very busy restaurant so most nights I’ll already be working.
    I can’t decide what outfit to wear or how to do my makeup. All of my outfits have black and white. I want to do some kind of dramatic look but I’m just not sure if I should because I also have an interview at Victoria’s Secret later that day!
    Would it be OK to wear a high-low skirt and a sleeveless shirt or would that be too casual?
    Help! I’ve only worked in restaurants and I just don’t know how to impress retail management.

    Also, it is easy to transfer between stores? And can I transfer between Sephora inside JCP and freestanding stores? The other location would be much more convenient for me. But I want a day job now during the summer when I have time to put in a lot of hours and establish connections within the store.

    Please help!


    Well, first of all good luck and I wish you well on your interview. For your outfit, I would suggest all black if possible as that’s what Sephora used to have their employees wear. The outfit you’re talking about seems too casual, yes. I’d go with a nice black blouse and black slacks if possible. As for makeup, it could go either way. Right now the hot things are pastel colors for the face. So,  if possible, perhaps a light purple smokey eye? That’s whats required for the weekend as of right now and it wouldn’t be so dramatic for your interview later on at VC. Or gold would look fabulous seeing as you have blue eyes.
    Transferring is easy, but it takes a while. At my store they required you be there for at least 6 months, but that’s Oregon. It could be different for you. Sadly, you cannot transfer between JCPenney’s and Sephora freestanding stores. JCPenney’s owns their own Sephora rights and is not connected to Sephora corporate at all.


    if i get the job at the sephora in JCP do i still get a discount at freestanding stores?
    also i was going to wear a lace blazer probably over the sleeveless shirt.
    i don’t have a black blouse and i also live in florida and will be driving 30 minutes from my college with no a/c. thats why layers and skirts and non-black blouses are my only options lol. i have black skinny pants but i feel like i’ll have a heat stroke when i wear them.
    so would a sleeveless shirt be fine with a black lace blazer or another kind of over shirt?

    also what about a purple cut crease? or a natural cut crease with black glitter liner and red lips?


    Oh snap. No heat stroke please. Yeah, I think the sleeveless shirt with a nice blazer would be perfectly fine. Usually though, for the last interview they’ll ask you to wear black on black as if you were coming to work. If hired, it’s also what you’d be starting with as they have to order uniforms and those take a long time.
    Sadly, no. You won’t get a discount at freestanding stores as (odd, I know) the two stores are not connected in anyway. I do remember hearing that JCP offers 20-30% which is pretty nice anyways.

    Ohhhh. I adore the cut crease and black glitter liner idea, but I love glitter  so I might be biased ;D


    well i have my outback uniform which is black slacks and a black button down shirt. usually drive in just a camisole and the slacks dont show sweat lol
    so sephora is cool with glitter? sometimes i wonder if people think of it as kid stuff but i’m obsessed.

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    do you have to be a professional make-up artist? and do i get a discount while working at sephora!?


    Brianabones- haha that outfit sounds just fine then. idk, JCP might have shirts they have you wear, but I thought i’d fair warn just in case. Ohhh man oh man does Sephora love glitter. Whenever I wore it clients would go crazy. So it is definitely not kiddy stuff. Clients and cast members alike love glitter.

    Carlinj83 – You don’t have to be a professional make-up artist. They actually prefer if you have no training as then they can teach you the Sephora ways of doing it.
    You do get a discount for working at Sephora. I’m not sure about JCP, but if you work at a freestanding Sephora store it’s 40% off the Sephora collection and 20% everything else :)

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    Hey all! Just wanted to add some input as to what it’s been like working for a Sephora inside JCP.

    I worked at Bare Minerals for about a year and half when I came upon the positions hiring at the new SiJCP.  I interviewed first with the Beauty Leader (manager- jcp has their own sephora lingo) I wore all black, hair pulled back, full face of makeup…and was shocked that she didn’t have on a stitch of makeup (infact we learned about the new sephora when she came in to BM to learn about makeup from our ast mgr). Then I had an interview with the Talent Resource Leader (TRL) -who also didn’t wear makeup….??? (oh well, that’s jcp for you), and then the Store Leader. I got hired as the ft Operations Consultant. Now, I’m sure it’s different in every store depending on leadership, but I’m pretty sure our store was rushing to get the sephora opened, my first official day (bar the jcp training videos in between my BM shifts) was about 2 days before SOS (which IS awesome)…suffice to say this has been detrimental in the long run, as I have had no training whatsoever for the Ops position- which is INTENSE.  We had a week of SOS, then we had merch week -which was installation of all the gondolas and product -or what product they sent us, we still have holes…then we had soft opening and then grand opening…We opened may 3rd…and as of right now, our SEC (education/ast mgr) quit, and our Beauty Leader put in her 2 weeks. What I’m finding is that there can be a potential for a certain tension between the ‘sephora’ way and the ‘jcp’ way…and if the SL and the TRL are not in full support of the beauty leader there are a lot of issues. There are also 500million different people that you go to for different needs, and sorting them out can be time consuming.

    Our product consultants are doing well- none of them have sales/cosmetics training. They have ‘areas of pride’ but because it’s  a smaller store, and the hours are tight, we all spend time selling from each world- which is great for experience.  JCP is WAY intense about the surveys, beauty insider, and credit applications (but since the client can’t get their discount in the sephora it’s a lot harder). Loss prevention is constantly monitoring our store (though during grand opening people stole half the testers from nars and  MUFE).  The discount is 25% within the 4 walls of jcp (which is great when they have $5 clearance racks!) inc sephora (all products)- associates love having a sephora in their store -make sure you’re nice to all of them because they won’t like you since you don’t have to stay and do recovery outside the sephora and can actually go home at the end of your shift.
    We wear the same sephora costumes and name tags.
    Beauty leader gets 40hrs, SEC and OPs get about 35hrs but are FT and the product consultants get 10-20 hours. Ops is leadership, but not management (don’t let them fool you, you’ll play manger and get paid much less). However, if the team makes plan we see a nice incentive bonus on our check, if we exceed goal we get even more…that’s some good motivation for team selling!  I love -love- that it’s not commission! We tell clients we don’t work on commission but recognition, and ask them to fill out the survey. JCP looks for love and osat scores.
    You’ll probably find a SiJCP to be a lot less…strict…about how certain things are done, or as segregating, but it always comes down to who’s in charge and how they lead. (with our BL leaving, the new SEC and I will be sort of running the place, and things will change since we’re more ‘by the book’ types).
    As far as gratis goes…the leadership got some at SOS, but since we’ve been open the only thing we’ve gotten was a sephora black eyeliner.
    There are a lot of pros and cons. I really love working in cosmetics…it IS retail, and you need to be able to sell, but at the same time cosmetics can be very personal as well, so making that connection with the client and helping him/her to feel comfortable, more confident and happy after having spent time with you is a huge highlight. You have to love people as much as you love makeup and skin care. =)
    I was actually on this site because I was wondering what it would be like to work for a free standing sephora. I’m needing to relocate, so though I can’t transfer per se, I am hoping to get  a spot in a free standing sephora.


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    Hi guys i was just hired at sephora! I haven’t gone into the store to do paperwork or have had orientation. I’m going to be out of town May 26-31 the manager already knows thie but im also going to be gone June 21-24 would it be unprofessional or rude to tell a manager this when I go in? Help! I don’t know how flexible or understanding they are with this!

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