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    Some great looks already ladies- kudos! I can already tell that this contest is going to come down to the details, so please remember to take good close-ups of your looks so we can see all of your fine work!

    Thanks & good luck!!!

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    Hello Kitty inspired nails :)



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    I so far LOVE the “my little pony nails” what an imagination she has. :D


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    WOW Schnips what talent you have. That is amazing i love the creativity!

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    Thank you ladies… it took a loooong time.
    I painted my nails with a clear coat first. Then mixed my acrylics until I got my desired colors and painted the cartoons on with the thinnest brush I could find. Then I finished with a couple more clear coats.
    The hardest part was painting with my left hand and also, for some reason I couldn’t get Twilight Sparkle’s purple color right. It’s not perfect, but it was fun creating and watching my 5 year old niece get excited whenever I would FINALLY finish a nail… and she could announce who the character was. That in itself made it worth doing.

    Thanks again! There are a lot of really great nails here! I really like the braclet inspired one and the sailor one. All the dots, glitter, animal print, hello kitty, olympics, mel nautas! Awesomeness! Great looks so far nail Geeks! I hope to see more entries! Fun fun nail geeks!

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    Wauw that is awesome schnips!! Great job :D I love my little pony…  somehow i got really excited about them again in the past couple of weeks.

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    Watermelon nails to remind me of my favorite part of summer! :)

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    Wow! Watermelon nails is my favorite entry! Congrats Gurl!

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    Aww, thank you! But I think Schnips has this in the bag!



    This is a design inspired by Robin Moses. I hope you guys like it ! =)


    A little update, Muggies : Schnips’entry has disappeared while we were judging due to a technical error! We have contacted her so that she reposts it and we will then finish our work and announce the winners.

    Thanks for your patience!




    ::JUDGE’S EDIT:: This entry was originally posted on Wednesday, August 8th.

    My Little Pony Nails :-)





    Hope everyone enjoyed the look! X-D

Viewing 13 posts - 16 through 28 (of 28 total)

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