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    My inspiration was this make up:
    Madonna looks here very sexy

    Madonna in this photo has got very graphic makeup.
    Also she wears cross jewellery very often :)
    My hair was inspired by 80′.

    Don’t smoke cigarettes! It’s unhealthy ;-)
    If you want be a really bad girl, wear red lips! ;-)

    My makeup;

    Nude lips :)

    Hope you like it :)

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    Hi again, long time no see :) I decided to go with modonna’s look from “Gimme all your luv”







    love Liefpandabeertje

    check out my blog: http://www.panda-lips.com





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    Hello Everyone!

    Mu inspiration was Madonnas looks from now days – very sexy but calm )))

    So here what I came up with

    Good luck to all!


    My submission for the challenge! True Blue! ;)

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    Loved the Madonna Challenge!

    Sorry for the lighting! Its raining! In TEXAS! a rare occasion!





    My Inspiration:



    My attempt ;)


    My inspiration:

    Instead of using actual bubblegum like Madge, I decided to go for some bubblegum pink lips!



    LUV MDNA <3 

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    Hello geeks!

    This is my first challenge here. I am a HUGE Madonna fan. Here is my version of Madonna’s Like a Virgin. Hope you like it!







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    Hello everyone my name is kirstyn and this is my first contest here at MUG…I hope you like! My pics kinda suck sorry…

    My inspiration


    My Photos


    I hope you guys like them!!


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    Hi! So this was my first time doing this, and I used my mother as a model. I had a lot of fun playing with this look and also trying new things… I had never really done eyebrows before, so I was really proud of them ;) and since I am only 20, I had a bit of fun learning how to try and work on wrinkled skin. Here’s my results!





    So maybe not the best, but it was enjoyable!

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    So I did my look at the beginning of this challenge but did not post it until now. I have been reworking my design and reworking it until now. I chose to, instead of just basing my look off of one picture, my look was inspired by Madonna in general. I love all the looks done so far and think they are all beautiful.

    Photos of this look at:






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    This is my Madonna Inspired look. I found this really great picture of her in a beautiful outfit, so I wanted to try and use her outfit as inspiration to create a funky eye look. :)

    The pink eyeshadow in this picture, taken from my phone, is the most true to color. For some reason my camera didn’t pick up on the vibrancy of the look.

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    Madonna is all about the eyes in this one! I loved this look with the awesome teal and black combo!


    Hi guys, so I combined a few different looks of Madonnas in this look, I bushed up my eyebrows (didnt really work too well) to try and mimic those crazy eyebrows M used to have. I teamed it up with her famous red lip which she loves, and a basic ultra-violet eyeshadow which she used to wear in the 90s! Hope you like! And good luck!

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 37 total)

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