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    You ladies were looking fierce this week! Though not everyone could win, there’s no doubt you all livened up the town in your Madonna looks! Congrats to our winner this week, Marta G. (@trustmyself). We loved her take on Madge’s dramatic eye, chiseled cheeks and, of course, that signature red lip!

    EDIT : Our random winner for this week is @Kirstyn Delisle, congratulations to her!

    Congrats to both winners, please contact @Mariella via private message with your mailing and email address. Thanks to everyone that entered- see you in two weeks!

    Madonna has never ben afraid to take risks, it’s always put her ahead of the game. Hate her or love her Madonna has ben a fashion icon for decades! I love her style and it only gets better with age. She is definitely an inspiration because she has always ben who she is and is unafraid to show it. So this weeks challenge is Madonna inspired! Be creative and as always have fun!

    When – 

    • Challenge begins Monday, August 13th and ends Friday, August 24th at midnight EST

    The Rules – 

    • This challenge is open to anyone of any age and from any country
    • Only 1 look per person, and the work must be your own
    • The spirit of these challenges is to practice & create something new, thus to enter a look into a Weekly Challenge please create a look specifically for this challenge, i.e. do not upload a photo that was taken for another purpose.
    • Do not edit or alter your images – images that have been altered will be disqualified.Only one entry/person. You may not create other user names to get out of this rule.
    • Any entry that is suspected of violating these rules will be deleted, and the user disqualified. Repeat offenders will be banned from entering future competitions. If you have an issue with this, or believe you are not in violation of the rules, please contact Mariella or Jessica by pm.
    • In one of your photos, please make sure you are holding a visible sign while wearing the makeup look that you are entering in the contest that says “MUG Weekly Challenge ___(insert challenge name)___ by ___(insert user name)___(date)___”

    The Prize – 

    • Winner will be announced Monday, August 27th
    • Two winners chosen: 1 for best look, and 1 at random, so everyone has a chance to win!
    • Prize will be the fun Sephora Primal Instincts Eyshadow Palette
    *Enter your photos here!
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    In this challenge I believe anything goes? Meaning I can use any product or color?? If so, then let’s get started. I hope to see what everyone comes up with for ideas and new looks. Good Luck ladies (and men if there are any).


    Hy Mug’s, my inspiration for this challenge was Madonna music video ” Girl gone wild”. I hope you’ll like it.

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    My inspiration



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    [caption id="attachment_186510" align="alignnone" width="250"] I went with Madonna’s Bedtime Stories photo![/caption]


    Hi geeks! I am so excited to enter my first MUG Weekly Challenge! My look is an 80’s style, semi-goth inspired Madonna look, enjoy :)


    Hi geeks. I’m new to MUG and this is my very first makeup challenge ever. Below is my “Madonna” inspired image and ending result. Hope you like it!

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    Hi muggies! For the weekly challenge I was inspired by Madonna’s video
    “The Power of Goodbye” which I love.

    This picture hasn’t been edited! there was poor lightning and it was taken with the front camera of an Iphone since at that moment there wasn’t anyone to help me take a picture until my bf arrived home.

    This pic was taken by the back camera of the iphone! much better.
    This one with the front camera of an Iphone.

    Front camera of an Iphone.

    Madonna, profile view

    Pic taken by bf! better quality!

    None of my pics were edited!

    Hope you like it! :)

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    Hoping to post mine soon but I have to redo the look first. Lost all my photos of it…. :( mine will be up soon though….

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    Hi! I was inspired by Madonna’s look from “Sorry” music video, enjoy ;)


    Mi contribution on this weekly challenge! Good look to all of you!



    Well, well, well… We are almost sisters… jajajajajajaja

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    I was inspired by Madonna’s look in the Dick Tracy movie. I added an updated Mulberry lip.









    Here is my Madonna inspired look! I couldnt find a pen so I had to use eyeliner for my piece of paper, lol. Good luck to everyone :)










    Hi everyone, my name is Larea and this is my first weekly challenge. I apologize in advance while I’m trying to figure out this posting/picture procedure.

    This photo was my inspiration

    And here are my photos.

    You can’t really tell from my photos but I ran a spooly through my brows to go for the look as in the inspiration photo so they are not crisp or precise as I usually do.


    It was dark by the time I took my picture with the sign

    Hope you liked them and I’m looking forward to entering more challenges and talking to some of you :)


    Hello MUGs!


    My inspiration for this challenge was picture of Madonna below (it comes from her last album MDNA):

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] Source: http://media.fanfire.com[/caption%5D


    She looks sexy as hell! These cat eyes and red lipstick, amazing! I hope you’ll enjoy my look also.

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