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    [caption id="attachment_191946" align="alignnone" width="250"] Lela Rose Show[/caption]


    I was really drawn to the yellow shadow in the inner corner eyeshadow of each model to create continuity while other aspects of each model’s makeup were unique.

    Here is what I came up with!


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    Hi Girls,

    I was inspired by McQ Autumn/Winter 2012 dress, love this colors! :)


    My inspiration is India Fashion Week, but its not a typically outfit :)





    Cosmetic used:

    face: Diva defense primer CS, Light med cool FF foundation by Lumiere

    cheeks: Ruby mica CS

    Eyes: without base :/ (ended), CS 88 original palette + Maybelline turbo boost mascara



    Here is my participation in the weekly challenge :)
    I used makeup brand SLA, but also eyeliner and false gemey winks make-up forever


    And here my second participation for this challenge :)
    I used makeup brand SLA, but also eyeliner and false gemey winks make-up forever
    My inspiration? The red and black colors and louboutin by JP Gautier (French inspiration ^ ^)

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    I hope I posted this in time. I had the hardest time logging in all night long!!! EEE!

    My favorite looks in Fashion Week are the sexy, daring ones. Instead of finding a sexy daring fashion piece, I decided to base my look off of a color and shade that I think defines sexy and daring, since makeup is all about colors and shades. To me, that color was a deep purple.  So I found a look that portrayed that color and recreated it.


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    Forgot to mention, in my entry above. My look was inspired by the dress that was in the top right hand corner :)


    I often participated in this contest a few years ago and the rules were not the same …. I restarted for fun but I’ve only just see the history of the duty rate on a sheet date and the name of the weekly challenge …

    I hope that this time my participation will count anyway because I spent the time to make these makeup yesterday and I thought only note my name on the picture would be like at the time ..  Please, a little leniency I Thank You in advance :)


    I’m not sure if they are going to consider your first two entries because you are not holding up a sign like the third entry you submitted. I’m sure the third post is qualified, though. :)


    Hi everyone,

    Okay so like my two previous entries did not count because of the sign,
    Here is my last participation inspiration from Louis Vuitton and its beautiful white flowers in the summer 2013.
    I use matte shades face and iridescent colors and black and white duality. Still my SLA products and make-up forever. I hope you enjoy! ^ ^

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    Hi Everyone. (^_^)!

    I’ve been lurking around on this site for far too long.  This challenge was definitely something I was interested in and finally decided to join. Good luck to you gals. :)

    This was the picture I chose. One of my favorite colors is orange and this dress and her lipstick screamed to me.

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    I continue to present Finnish stuff! Someone maybe heard of Marimekko in the fashion week :) I got my inspiration from a dress, what was worn in the catwalk by worlds oldest supermodel Carmen DellOrefice

    Well, its definitely not winning material but maybe i’ll win in the “lottery” =)



    @emmindaalen I’ve been to Finland several times and I love Marimekko :)

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    I love ‘Ilovemyaddiction’ and ‘Kailan DiGiulio”s entries! :)

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    Nice Mariella! Just considering gettin converse tennis shoes with Marimekko’s “Unikko” Pattern :)

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