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    Hey I had so much fun doing this! :)

    I don’t get why there’s so few people responding to this ! Get choppin ppl!! :)

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    I wanted to do a sort of modern tribal look.  It’s all very improvised in the way of product usage–the eyebrows are glued and layered with all manner of gunk, such as cover-up, powder, foundation, etc.  The dots on the eyebrows as well as the lip color and eyeliner were all painted on using a mixture of various eyeshadow colors and contact lens solution.  I did natural shading for eyeshadow and finished it all off with a gloss on the lips.  Hope you guys like. :)

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    Hey :) I was aiming to gain the ‘scary-look’. I hope it looks like this.

    Sorry, on my pictures is date of 27th of June but I couldn’t upload them then because my Internet was broken ;(

    Hope you like my make up :)



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    This is my Australian Aboriginal Dot Art


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    I thought butterflies would be fun symmetry :)


    Great entries on this challenge, well done MUG’s.

    A little reminder though: your entry is not valid unless there is a pic of you (or your model) holding a card as requested. Tagging your immage is NOT VALID as this can be done on a pic taken at anytime by anybody. Please make sure you always take a pic of you holding the requested card, it’s just an extra minute of work.


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    what?! T_T I didn’t saw that… so much efort for nothing… u_u
    next time will be… hate being a noob here.. :'(

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    Wow, i saw everyone else just making tags in their pictures so i thought i could do that to..guess not. all that time and effort for nothing


    Nooooooooo plz skip it for this one! :( This was my very first entry! Plzzzz I saw everyone tags and I did the sameeeee… :(

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    Wow! Its a pity as the better entries are tagged! The 1st entry is FABULOUS and SO to the point, also the Mel Nauta‘s entry: WOW!  VENOM’s is SO CUTE! Isabel Marburger  ‘s is so inspiring!


    Guys, I understand your disappointment and I also agree that some excellent entries weren’t tagged, but this rule has been one for a couple of months now, it’s not new – and making an exception this time wouldn’t be fair to the members that didn’t follow the rule in previous contests and weren’t considered as possible winners for that reason.

    Adding text on a pic does not prove that the pics aren’t stolen nor that the look was created for the contest, so we really can’t go with that.Always make sure you check the rules before entering a contest, please, they exist for a reason!

    Hope you understand!

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    Oh crap! I can prove to you that I did this makeup. by myself, just go to my blog: http://www.muamuax.pinger.pl


    Dang it..
    Next time I suppose…

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    Really a pity.. it was was first entry too. Whatever…
    I don’t care about the prize, I don’t deserve it anyway… I broke this rule. I hope at least MUG mention the ones who would have won…
    i.e: @name would have won if her/his photo wasn’t taged. So the winner is @name2
    I mean it would be nice to encourage the ones (as me ^^U) who made this mistakes to try it again next time.

    Thank you! And I’m sorry for this confusion..

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