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    For the Batman Inspired look I chose Bane, Hope you all like it!


    This is my entry for the Batman challenge, I went with a Poison Ivy-ish look and I think that if I had natural red hair or even just a wig I would’ve probably rocked this look even more. hope you guys like it.. :)





    Here is my look!

    I did poison ivy’s look… :D






    Sorry,the proof picture is little messed up since you can see me very little… :(

    Hope you like it!





    I love Selina Kyle aka Catwoman’s  classic look from the new Batman movie. She is beautiful, elegant, simple just perfect…


    /face: revlon colorstay_fresh beige foundation, avon arabian glow bronzing pearls, the bodyshop lily cole_puff on radiant, maybellin mineral power blush_soft mauve and true peach, eyes: mug_moondust, vanilla bean, mango tango, the bodyshop_nature’s mineral bronzed amber, nyx eye pencil  901 black, pupa diva’s lashes mascara, lip: clinique_color surge  lipstick 105 fashionista, revlon colorstay mineral lipglaze 555 overtime wine. 

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    Hi everyone! Here is my makeup… I know, I know my sign says 22/07/12, I didn’t have time to upload the photos. I really enjoy this challenge!! Batman, hell yeah~!!

    Ok! here we go~! My inspiration is Bane’s addiction: VENOM.
    Hey! Bane is the bad guy in the new film, let’s consider him too! However, my idea it’s a little bit more twisted >D

    Liked Melanie Rafaiel (@beautybymel) Bane’s inspired makeup… the Melanie’s got the “same” character inspiration, my name is Melanie too hehe! xD

    The idea was to recreate the seduction of a strong drug as it is Venom with a seducing fatal fem. For the one who dosen’t know about Bane’s past, he grow up in jail in order to pay his father’s crimes. When he became an adult, scientific did tests on him with an experimental drug called Venom. This drug was so strong that immediately incremented his strength a lot! The problem was the huge addiction this drug cause and the necessity to inject it directly to the addict’s brains every 12hs to prevent secondary effects.

    Well. here are my photos! Enjoy~!

    Like always…
    Photographer: Victoria Koellner (Luv u my love~ Thank you for your help!)
    Makeup artist & model: Mel Nauta

    Yes my nails, eyelashes (made be me~), earrings and the green hair glows in the dark! (in the dark light ;P)!!! It was so awesome!!

    Thank you everyone for watching! Thank MUG for this challenge and good luck to all participants! =D


    Now… unfortunately I have to leave this comment…
    We understand death only after it has placed its hands on someone we love.. and also when it takes place in such a terribly way. My deepest condolences and sympathy to families and friends of people who suffered in Denver. Wish they rest in peace.


    My  inspiration character from Batman  was Catwoman. Hope you like it and good luck everyone.




    Hi This is my Batman Inspired look on model Fiona! We had so much fun as usual :) Good Luck everybody :)


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    Ok, let me start off by saying, this is my first time doing anything like this and I only discovered this challenge yesterday! So, I know my lines aren’t as clean as I would like, and it probably has a very amateur look to it, but over all I am pretty proud of myself for even attempting this. Regardless of the outcome of this challenge, I had a lot of fun and plan on participating in future challenges!


    And now, here’s Harley Quinn:


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    Nice work ladies! Beyond bummed I missed this challenge!

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    My favorite batman character is Poison Ivy, so I did a look inspired by her :)

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    Profile photo of kay lopez


    Argh! Thats crazy thankyou so much!!!!! :D

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    You CAN enter the Weekly Challenge and Weekly Staff Choice Awards. It can be pretty difficult to build underwater in Minecraft.


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Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 45 total)

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