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    ::EDIT:: Congrats to this week’s winner, Amy B (aka @m00nflower). While there were many stand-outs this challenge, we loved Amy’s for her super sharp lines and beautiful shading!

    Our random winner this week is Ana A. (@eyedazzle) who chose a striking silver interpretation. Congrats to both winners, please contact Mariella with your mailing addresses & email addresses.

    I’ve loved the Batman movies since I was a kid! I go to see them all so I’m really excited about the new movie thats coming out! So this  weeks challenge is to come up with your best Batman inspired look. It can be any of the characters from any Batman movie or comic book! I can’t wait to see the fun looks that are entered! Be creative and as always have fun.


    When – 

    • Challenge begins Monday, July 16th and ends Friday, July 27th at midnight EST

    The Rules – 

    • This challenge is open to anyone of any age and from any country
    • Only 1 look per person, and the work must be your own
    • The spirit of these challenges is to practice & create something new, thus to enter a look into a Weekly Challenge please create a look specifically for this challenge, i.e. do not upload a photo that was taken for another purpose.
    • Do not edit or alter your images – images that have been altered will be disqualified.Only one entry/person. You may not create other user names to get out of this rule.
    • Any entry that is suspected of violating these rules will be deleted, and the user disqualified. Repeat offenders will be banned from entering future competitions. If you have an issue with this, or believe you are not in violation of the rules, please contact Mariella or Jessica by pm.
    • In one of your photos, please make sure you are holding a visible sign while wearing the makeup look that you are entering in the contest that says “MUG Weekly Challenge ___(insert challenge name)___ by ___(insert user name)___(date)___”

    The Prize – 

    • Winner will be announced Monday, July 30th
    • Two winners chosen: 1 for best look, and 1 at random, so everyone has a chance to win!
    • Prize will be the fun L’Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Blush and two L’Oreal Lipsticks

    Post photos of your look here in the forum


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    I decided to do a Batman logo mask with some bold yellow eye makeup and lips.

    I also almost forgot to add the sign so while in the bathroom washing my face I suddenly remembered so I ran to my room made the sign and took a photo, I hope it still counts :-) thank you.


    Inspired by the Batman logo.


    I decided to base my look on the batman shaped “ninja star” picture that was with this forum. I used my phone and hd camera to take the pics thats why theres a change in quality :)

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    Question.. Do I have to put the makeup on my face or can I apply it to my friends face? It’d be my work, but their face? Is that okay or no?


    Poison Ivy <3

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    There’s nothing in the rules which specifically stipulates, or indeed even implies, that the entrant must be the model. Using a model is both within the specified rules, but I also believe it’s within the spirit of the rules. Just remember to photograph your model with the sign, and though there’s no rule anywhere on this forum regarding model credit it’s always nice to mention such a thing.


    @starxdust lol, that’s ok, right on time!


    Image Hosted At MyspaceGens

    Image Hosted At MyspaceGens

    Image Hosted At MyspaceGens

    Image Hosted At MyspaceGens

    Image Hosted At MyspaceGens

    Image Hosted At MyspaceGens

    Image Hosted At MyspaceGens

    Image Hosted At MyspaceGens

    Hey everyone! Hope you all have had a great week! This is my Batman challenge. This is my version of Poison Ivy. Took me 2 hours to do from start to finish. Some pics were taken w/my android phone and others with my digital camera. :)


    This is my Poison Ivy Look:








    I had a lot of fun doing the Poison Ivy look this morning on the porch! Fun with creating it and fun watching kids almost wreck there bikes looking at me, instead of the road! Ha ha!

    Thanks for this challenge, I hope everyone has fun!
    xoxo Becca


    So here it is! :) I took the colors from the batman theme. Good luck MUG’S! I had fun doing this. :D


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    Batman theme! so much fun :)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 45 total)

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