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    Hey, so I am 13 and I am 5’10. I know that models must be tall, but I’m not sure I want to be one. All my friends (and other people) say I should be a model because I am pretty, but I don’t like being that tall. I am in the back for EVERYTHING, and I can’t wear heels!!! I am kinda’ a fashion LOVER and there is no way I could ever wear heels without getting weird looks. Be ing tall also comes with big feet which i am unfortunately cursed with! A lot of times buying shoes is pretty embarassing when I have to walk all the way down to the 10.5 to 11’s


    If you’re only thirteen you may not be done growing, either. I know that’s probably the last thing you want to hear, but it’s likely true.

    The only thing you can do is accept that you’re going to end up tall and own it. Screw everyone who stares at you; you can’t help your genetics.


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    I’m super short. If its any conciliation, I would love to be tall.

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    Girl, own your tallness!

    You absolutely CAN wear heels, I wear them all the time. Tall means lonnnnnnnnnnnng legs. I’m 5’10” too, and my BF loooovvesss when I wear heels and match his height (6’2″).

    Most models are taller than us :) Gisele is 5’11”, and she rocks heels all the time :)

    Don’t be scared. Be proud that you’re tall—trust me, most girls wish they were taller!

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    I’m 13 also I’m a bit sorter than you 5’8″ It’s just a small fact of life it’s not like you can change it…. I wish you well

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    I’m 5’5”, and while I love my height, sometimes I’d kill to be tall haha. I love maxi dresses, but they’re always like a foot too long for me! Own your height – if you go out looking confident, in a killer outfit, like you’re in love with your height, people won’t give you weird looks, they’ll be impressed! And if they do give you weird looks, they’re just jealous that they don’t have the confidence you do to rock your uniqueness!

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    I’m proud of my height, but I am only 5ft 2 and sometimes its a pain in the butt. I can’t reach anything,  all trousers in the world are way too long.

    I also have a female friend whois 6ft 2 and yes people are always going omg how tall are you, but (and never tell her I’m sticking up for the tall people) she has really long nice legs and a wonderful willowy frame. I on the other hand am short ans stumpy

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    I’m 5’10 and I know how hard it is to hear “You should be a model” or “You should play basketball” or other sports. It isn’t easy but whatever. I wore heels on occasion. Whatever, got would get told to take my shoes off or whatever. I chose onto to care. Now as an adult I wear flip flops because they are easy and my husband is my height. Lol. Since moving to California from a little town in northern New York, I even get asked if I’m a model even though I’m a stay at home mom. Do what you want to do with your life but dont let others get in your head. Be you and try to feel comfortable in your own skin. :~) Look on the plus side, people will always think you are skinnier than you really are. ;~)


    I am 6 feet tall and have been since I was about 13.  I remember how awkward I felt in my own body and HATED that no jeans ever fit the same as my “little” friends, or feeling like a freak when I need a huge shoe size.  Even now at almost 31 I still have my days where I hate being tall and feeling like a freak but now at least I can appreciate that we all have things we don’t like about ourselves and last time I checked they still don’t have that procedure where they can chop off a few inches so embrace it.  There are tons of cute flats and flip flops are a godsend!! And as someone else said you always look thinner.  I can gain like 20 pounds and you don;t even notice because it spreads out.

    Hope this makes you laugh a little, observations of a tall person:

    Everything is too short!  Pants, check. Top, check. Skirts and dresses, are you kidding me???

    I look more naked in a bathing suit then an average sized person

    You CANNOT go out looking like crap because as soon as you walk in the room, every eye turns towards you and your giantness!

    No I didn’t play basketball, or volleyball or model or reach things on high shelves as a competitive sport!!  And NO I can not grab you a size medium from the top rack, I don’t work here!!!



    It’s amazing isn’t it, short people want to be taller and tall people want to be shorter. You were created perfectly young lady, stand up straight, put your shoulders back and be confident knowing that you are beautiful just the way you are. :-)

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