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    I’m not sure if I should start making make up tutorial videos since I still haven’t mastered a couple of things. If you guys think I should please leave me some requests or ideas on videos I can make. THANK U :) P.S. (I’m still working to better my make up skills)


    (Mods, can you move this to Chat About Life or somewhere more appropriate?)


    (Apologies for not answering properly before. I just wanted this in a more relevant section first, since Tutorial Requests is meant for us giving ideas for Marlena’s future videos.)

    Anyway, I don’t think any of us can tell you if you should make beauty videos for Youtube; it’s really down to whether or not you want to, if you have the motivation and the drive to do it. Only if that is the case do I think you should go ahead.

    Tutorial-wise, if you do forge ahead, celebrity-inspired looks tend to be requested by viewers the most, regardless of channel, based on my observations. Wearable/”nude” looks tend to come in second. In my view, while that’s fine, I tend to be more wowed by more creative makeup looks, even more so if they’re done “on the fly”. If you think your skill set isn’t there yet, wait a bit until you’re more confident in your skills and more established. As you experiment you may find your niche.


    If you’re not sure than just don’t do it. Unless you’ll want it so bad and can’t live without it. Also you need to realize that you have to upload videos at least once a week. Are you ready for that? Otherwise you won’t have many subscribers.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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