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    Hi Lovelies,

    So i have recently made a blog about beauty, fashion, baking, lifestyle, etc. Id love to you to have a look around and subscribe because im doing a 100 subscriber giveaway. So all you have to do is subscribe and then find the post about my 100 subscriber giveaway and introduce yourself, thats all you have to do :D and then i will randomly generate a name. Heres my blog: http://kazziilovebeauty.blogspot.co.uk/


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    New beauty blog! Follow me and I’ll return the favor!




    hope you guys like it ! please check it out and let me know what you think :)



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    Hi everyone!


    I recently redesigned my site, and in celebration of my new Facebook page and eventual youtube channel, I’m doing a huuuuuuuuuuuuge giveaway on my site. Check it out if you’d like a chance to win one or all of the new ELF Disney palettes!




    Amanda Marie MUA

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    Hi ladies! :) Are you interested on having a mobile application that acts as your own personal pandora’s box?

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    Hi everyone my name is Jessica
    I just started a YouTube channel and I would love if you could check it out
    Constructive criticism is welcomed there’s always room for improvement


    Thanks :)

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    Well, hello there! I am new to the Makeup Geek forum and just started blogging a couple of months ago. If you would like to check out what I have posted, you can visit http://www.takeflightbeauty.com – I am open to advice, suggestions, topic requests, etc. so don’t be shy to comment! Also, I once I get 100 likes on facebook (over half way there…) I will be holding a giveaway for some brand new, full size, high-end products so if you would like you can also like my page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/takeflightbeauty Thanks for taking the time to read this! xoxo


    Never in my life did I think that blogging about makeup made me want to become a makeup artist!  Well I am now a freelance makeup artist and officially for about just over 2 years.

    Sharing a lot of my professional work on my blog, website and facebook page.




    Check it out if you have time :)


    A fun simple halloween look


    Makeup tutorial

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    Hey beautiful people,

    So, I know there’s only two video’s on there, but I’d super appreciate if you’d check my ‘tube out :) Thanks so much




    Thank you xxx

    Love :D

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    hello.. new fashion blog, please follow or at least check out?


    also my tumblr; http://www.sweetcinnamonjungle.tumblr.com

    thank you :)


    This is my new website/blog, its on Croatian because I just started to writteing it, but for now you can look at my pictures, and I have in plan to start writteing in english.

    Hope you like it :)



    well :D this is for the crazy people :)


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    Hi all, please check out my new video Tutorial!! :)

    MM Fuwong: How To 3 Ways Red Lips

    Look 1: Simple Red Lips

    This look will be an effortless red lips look (which may take so much effort!). There will be no bold eyeliners. Instead, I will take the focus to all the lashes, which will make your eyes look sassy and sweet, while still appearing so natural! The blush will be ever so lightly, just to imitate a healthy glow.

    Look 2: Elegant Red Lips

    Here I want to create more of a vintage sexy look. This would be an add on from Look 1 by only applying black eyeliner. I focus on drawing a cat eye wing that has a nice lower curve to the bottom lashes. This will create a droopy effect of your eyes, making it look lazy and sexy, and at the same time, make your eyes look so bold that you will stand out in photos :)

    Look 3: More Than Red Lips

    It really is more than red lips! Well, this includes the big glittery smokey eyes. Don’t be afraid to wear both bold lips and eyes. You can rock the night with this more and more look! Wear it once in a while just to feel fun and different :D

    Please check out my video:
    MM Fuwong: How To 3 Ways Red Lips

    And my facebook page:

    And my Instagram:

    Thank you so much!

    Remember… You’re beautiful X



Viewing 15 posts - 196 through 210 (of 407 total)

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