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    Hey ladies, below I’ve listed a few products that I purchased recently, that I absolutely am disappointed in:

    Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation (I paid TT$150, that is roughly US$23)

    Pros: I love the fact that this foundation comes with a pump, it is light and airy and whipped and its blends really nicely into the skin. It gives you medium coverage and is absolutely buildable.

    Cons: You cannot, and I stress, CANNOT control how much product comes out of the pump; and it’s a very shimmery foundation, therefore, with me, when I went out into the sun with the product on, I literally looked like Edward Cullen sparkling in the sun. This product also made my skin very oily.

    L’oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream (I paid TT$85, that is roughly US$13)

    Pros: I love the packaging, it is easy to control how much product you squeeze out.
    Cons: This product offers no coverage, leaves your skin looking and feeling oily, and just like the Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation, it leaves your skin very very shimmery.

    L’oreal Studio Secrets Color Correcting Primer (I paid TT$100, that is roughly US$15)

    Pros: The built-in pump in the packaging is very useful, it does not dispense too much product.
    Cons: I bought this in medium/deep, and it made me look very orange. This product, like the two above, contained the shimmery flecks, which I absolutely dislike.

    MAC Studio Fix Fluid (I paid TT$250, that is roughly US$38)

    Pros: I absolutely love how this foundation applies on my skin, it give me medium to full coverage and is buildable.

    Cons: The only reason I hate this product, is not because anything is wrong with the product, but the MUA at the MAC store matched me with a shade completely darker than my skin tone so the one time that I wore this foundation, I looked like an orange, literally.
    I swear by my MAC products, in my Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation, my shade is NC43; in my MAC Select Cover-up, I am shade NW35, however, the lady at the MAC store “matched” me to NC45 in the Studio Fix Fluid, which is way too dark for me. I think I’ll stick to my Revlon ColorStay Foundation where my exact shade is 330 Rich Tan

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    The L’oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream sounds awful. . .  That’s a shame.  I’ve been thinking about trying a BB Cream lately~


    I regret buying the MAC Oil Control Lotion-  simply changing my skincare routine pretty much fixed my problem.

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    I regret buying Loreal Studio Secrets Primer.  I’m sure my makeup stays on better without it.

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    I kind of regret Nars Orgasm. I already had an ELF blush that is the same color, same consistency, same wear. It wasn’t worth the money at all.

    Fairy Drops mascara, it was great for about 2 weeks and then it gooped up. I read a lot of reviews that it happened to other people. I always closed it tightly and never did anything to cause that.


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    I absolutely love Nars Orgasm blush. I can’t get enough of it -lol.

    Maybe it’s my skin; I don’t know, but it always looks great and it lasts all day.

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    I regret buying the Cheater mascara from The Balm cosmetics. I love their eye shadows, but the mascara was an epic fail! lol It would not stay on. It never dryed. Maybe I got a bad one…?

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    I regret buying the Maybelline whipped moose foundation. Much like the Revlon foundation the amount dispensed is uncontrollable. The color selection is not great. I don’t like the fact that the coverage is barely there and it does nothing to hide imperfections and discolorations. This one will not be in my regular rotation, collection or “go to” box.

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    MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation & the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation… hell they broke me out so badly :(

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    Too Faced Mascara. I actually kept it around for longer than I should (I threw it away yesterday) I think it was actually called Tubes or something. Any who,  my top lashes would stick to the bottom ones and the mascara PEELS OFF in the shower!

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    Diorshow Blackout Waterproof Mascara. Sephora was out of the regular kind and the SA suggested the waterproof instead. Epic fail. The regular Diorshow is great, but the waterproof version is gooey, clumpy, and stuck to my lashes like rubber cement. $26 down the drain…

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    When I first started wearing makeup I used Mac studio fix powder and for the first couple of days I looked stunning and it photographed well but eventually it broke me out so badly that I still have the acne scars today.

    I also regret buying wet n wild mega protein mascara because its the shittiest that I’ve used to date. It didn’t lengthen my lashes at all and the brush was terrible

    I also got tricked into buying a palette offline that I though was Mac but eventually found out it was bhs cosmetics. I love the shadows and definently used it because there were so many colors I couldn’t resist but I hate buying stuff that is not what it was supposed to be lol

    Any cheap glosses because Mac,buxom,smashbox, and nars glosses are a lot more thick n longer lasting

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    I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I’m NOT a fan of the Loreal Voluminous Mascara that Marlena so vehemently recommends!  I use the MAC gel primer all over my face and then the painterly paintpot as the primer for my lids…the mascara ALWAYS wears off onto my lids about three hours into my day!  I couldn’t believe it!

    Maybe it’s just the shape of my eyes, but I was so disappointed…I’m becoming a fan of lash blast, but even then, the product doesn’t go on as smoothly as the Voluminous.  Can anyone recommend a mascara that goes on smoothly but doesn’t wear off?


    vickers, i’ve tried the benefit they’re real! mascara lately and i cant decide if i like it or not. it just feels gross trying to take it off at the end of the day. but it looks BANGIN’ when you put it on.
    i personally use the covergirl lashblast fusion and its been my go-to since it came out in waterproof (thats the purple one)

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    good sharing, i am going to purchase some of them, now, i’m not.


    This is very sad to me. It is always important to read out all the ingredients before buying any cosmetic products. If you are not aware of that then you need to consult with some one expert. Although i am not a big fan of Loreal and MAC but i use some of their products and it suit quite well to me skin.

    Fact is you need to choose your product based on the type of your skin.

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