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    I have very fine hair (not thin hair, I have a lot of hair, its the hair strands that are fine) and I have found it is really hard to style since I am always getting frizzy flyaways but most products I use end up weighing it down so I lose all volume. Even most conditioners are too heavy for my hair. I was wondering if anyone knows of any really good products for fine hair they would reccomend. I know Pantene has that fine hair product line, perhaps someone has tried that?


    Have you tried either Phyto or the It’s a 10? Both of them are very good and don’t leave you hair feeling weighed down or heavy with product. They work wonderfully regardless of your hair type. I hope this helps!

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    I would recommend the John freida frizz ease products – I like the finishing creme. http://www.johnfrieda.com/en-US/ProductFamily/Hair-Care/Frizz-Ease

    They can be a little pricey, but definitely one to look out for when its on offer. Even though I have very straight hair, it is also fine and I know exactly what you mean!


    for volume i flip my head upside down and use the big sexy hair blow drying gel. i have thin hair also and this creates awesome volume that lasts me a couple days. for frizz and fly aways i use the tresemme hairspray that say climate control.

    conditioner i buy from sallys and its super moisturizing and it dosent weigh down my hair. its an argan oil conditoner. and it works amazing

    hopefully i helped! :)

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    Does anyone have a good rec for dry shampoos that work best on fine hair?


    i like tressemmes dry shampoos they are nice. also big sexy hair has this thing called powder play and it adds volume and removes the oil. the powder is so wierd because it feels cool/wet..I dont know how to describe it!!



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    teasing is good for creating volume.. my hair is very straight.. but the only thing that keeps me happy is teasing.. but well technically its not good for hair health.. but i am more into shorter hair so.. teasing seems great


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    Redken’s clear moisture line maybe?

    my hair is fine also but I haven’t seen any product yet that would be too heavy for my hair, it just seems to ‘eat up’ all the proteins, moisture and oils it gets :P that s why I love (loved since it’s been discontinued and new formula is awful) Redken’s all soft..

    and klorane’s dry shampoo’s are the best :D



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    I hate to admit this, but when I really want my hair to look nice I tease at the crown of my head.  But that is mostly for special occasions. While spritzing that area with some hairspray, the Kenra Hairspray Volume Super Hold or the L’Oreal Ellnet(amazing hairspray btw).  The biggest change for me was getting the right kinds of layers in the back, to take off some of the weight of my hair.  And then I chopped it to my shoulders after that for the same reason.


    OIL !!! The Best thing to do is Oil your hair and then wash them. don’t wash without oiling first. Oil is a pre-wash conditioner that works very well when you don’t want products that make ur hair lie flat after a wash. You wont imagine how beautiful and shiny and elastic your hair feel after that. then go with any style you want. they will mould very easily in any style you want and feel so controlled soft and lustrous and they WONT lie down flat.

    see how to oil your hair properly here   http://haseena-k.blogspot.com/2012/11/how-to-oil-your-hair.html

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    I suggest you avoid using heavy gels because such kind of products makes fine hair look limp If you have fine hair use Volumizing shampoos because normally shampoo are designed to remove oil but volumizing shampoos are less likely to weigh the hair down. Use  volumizing shampoo on a routine basis and I hope you will get benefit with it usage.

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    i have the same problem with you

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