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    Im not sure why but ill shoot this out there to see what you think i should do or if you have any advice… ill try to make this short.

    I am new to a small company in a office envrironment. I have been there for about 4 months now. I have a cubicle (which is killing me already) and am sorrounded by others in my same situation. The problem i have is with one man in particular. He has a cubicle diagonal to me and is very close in proximity. Everyday now lately he seems to be spending far too much time in my “space”… he wheels over in his chair and just talks about stupid stuff and non business related things for some time. Today he spent 20 minutes talking about what he did over the weekend and how much it cost. I finally  asked him to go… shoo… and he finally did… but he came back after lunch for some more chit chat. He does this all the time and he is the main floor manager. He dosnt talk to the other girls and seems to be focused on me. On friday he was hiding behind one of the pillars in the car garage and snuck up behind me and scared the poo out of me… All weekend i was well… freaked about it.


    First… in NO WAY did i lead this guy on. I have asked him to leave me alone in a polite manner so i can get my work done… but hes the guy who gives me the work. He has not asked me out but i know he just stares at me and its making me nervous… especially since the garage thing. HE is the human resources dept… (i know right) I am new to this kind of workplace. It seems like my only option would be to confront his boss and ask him to leave me alone… but hes supposed to be watching me cause im on probation for 6 months to see if im gonna cut it…


    Hes creeping me out and i want that to stop. How do i do that and not screw up my chances at this job??? I NEED this job. I get paid WAY more than i ever have. If  i nark this guy out im sure hes gonna get rid of me. He hasnt touched me but im afraid if he does im gonna go psycho bitch and lose what i have… but he is walking a tight line between business tutoring and creepy perv…

    So… what would you do ?



    Wow…  So sorry you are going through that.  And an HR guy!  WOW WOW!!  I would keep notes about what he does.  Tell him that he makes you uncomfortable.  And if he doesn’t leave alone you’re going to report it to his boss.  Or you can report it to his boss now, tell his boss that this guy is making you uncomfortable, and tell him what he does all day.  And tell his boss you’ve asked him to stop several times, and see if his boss can get him to stop.  Now if there is no one higher than that…  Maybe you can be transferred to a different department?  I mean, you shouldn’t have to be the one that gets transferred, but if that will get it to stop, you gotta do what you gotta do.  He sounds creepish.  I am sorry you gotta deal with a loser like that.


    It’s good to keep notes, dates, time of day, situation (Also what you tell him, or his boss) of what he does that makes you uncomfortable, because it’s harassment, no matter what.  It’s making the work place difficult environment.  If you ever need to find legal help if it turns into retaliation you have your notes.  Benefit for you.


    ^ What she said.

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    yes… i have been taking notes and stuff. I have a good memory but still write this down just in case.

    when i said he was the HR dept i meant that he is my boss… then there is his boss. So there is no other place to transfer.

    I talked to the other girls in the office before and they say he is kinda like that. But once i pass the 6 months review then he should leave me alone.

    He’s just a creepy person… the way he talks and acts is just not right. But i guess ill try to look past it…. for now.


    Thanks !

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    There are harassment laws that protect you.  Companies face a huge lawsuit for firing someone who reports harassment.  If its a big company, take a look at the chain of command.  I’m pretty sure he himself reports to someone.  Since you have politely asked him to stop and that has not worked, you can now go to the next step up.  Go with your gut instincts.  Although you cannot get fired for reporting harrassment, many jerks who get reported and reprimanded will then make you seem incompetent to get rid of you.  It’s such a yucky situation to be in but taking detailed notes, reporting only facts not opinions will definitely benefit you. Try to notice any patterns of the behavior ( does it occur before or after lunch, at a certain time of the day, only on Mondays, etc.) then you can try the avoiding tactics.  Sometimes this helps reduce the behavior.

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    Perv got fired last week for “unknown reasons”…

    Its been a fun place to work ! But it is boring and i dont think i was made for being behind a desk…

    Yay ! :)

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    I’m glad Marcy, yay!!!

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    “Perv got fired last week..” or “Perv got me (you) fired last week..”? Because based on what you said after that, it kinda sounds like you no longer work there.

    Either way, that’s good to hear. I’m not sure if I would classify him as a perv, necessarily, based on your 1st post. But I’d say he’s definitely annoying. The type of person who likes to invade your space that just can’t take a hint. ;)

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    Perv got fired… not me. Alot of people came forward AFTER this guy leaves and said they got kinda the same thing from him. He liked to scare girls for some reason. Two other girls said that he had jumped out at them before and just was way childish… This guy hired alot of the people on the floor now. He had only been there for like 2 years…

    I still work there and LOVE the money cause its more than i have made by twice as much… the reason i dont like it cause my world has been reduced down to standard cubicle size… far from the windows and sun. This is my first real job that requires a chair and computer and i can feel myself getting fatter ! I usually Zomba every Saturday morning… I also run about 10 miles a week so i find it hard to just sit still.

    I called him a potential perv cause i thought that was the closest to what he made me think he was… Maybe just creepy i guess.

    But all thats over now… seems to have helped everyones spirit !

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    He was a perv–no doubt. He delighted in imposing on your physical space, even to the point of frightening you.  You escaped that guillotine, but for future reference, I would have encouraged you to pay for a current background check on him, and to have a voice recorder handy.

    Sounds too severe?  I wish I had done this before getting preg (though my daughter was not a mistake). But a pattern of arrests, even if no conviction, would have had things turn out differently.  Suffice it to say I’ve spent too much time around lawyers! I’d get a background check before letting anyone get a home run!

    Laws look pretty until you ask someone to enforce them.


    Wow… Happy to hear it situation resolved it’s self

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    Wow, glad to hear he’s gone I guess. That does sound rather unsettling.

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