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    ::EDIT:: 6/5/2012

    We are aware that the tool bar has changed and that the photo posting process may be different for some users. At this time, it is unclear whether this effects all users, so please post any concerns, questions or concerns here:


    Thanks for your help!

    All photo posting capabilities should now be working normally. If you’re having troubles attaching images, please refer to this post to ensure you’re following the correct steps:


    If you feel like you’re taking the correct steps to post your photos and still aren’t able to, please feel free to contact us.

    Our tech team is hard at work making this the best forum possible, and because of that we may experience periodic pauses in functionality. Please keep an eye on this notice for updates, and as always, thanks again for your patience as we rebuild our community!


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    I’ve gone through and tried to tidy up the weekly challenge thread a bit, removing posts which did not include working image links (as in, there was absolutely no way for me to edit the post so that the images displayed because the links in the post either weren’t there or were faulty) or were double (and triple) posts made while trying to get images to actually display, and fixing the images in posts that I could.

    At the moment images seem to be working fine, if you experience issues then send me a message and I will look at your post and (if there’s a working link in it) I’ll edit it to display the image properly.


    Just a quick note for those who are wondering: we don’t consider it “altering” the image if you crop it down. What we’re really talking about here is editing the content of the actual photo in a way that compromises the actual look of the makeup. Some examples of this would include (but are NOT LIMITED TO): use of soft-focus filters, blurring parts of the image, intentional over-exposure, altering contrast or saturation, etc…Essentially your entry needs to be done 100% with makeup & brushes- not with Photoshop :)


    do you require entries to include a challenge photo with a piece of paper that says who you are and what the challenge is? i didnt do that since this is my first time entering a contest! help?

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    I cannot upload photos to the contest, it gives an error over and over again. Is it ok to upload them somewhere else such as photobucket and link them in the post? I’m afraid I will miss the deadline because of this error :(



    sorry I didn’t mean to send all those links I was just wondering if that was a good way to post pics since I cannot directly attached them to the forum :(


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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