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    Hi everyone, I have been thinking about changing/adding to my current career. I have managed a fitness center for 4 years, and as of last week the owner sold it to another company. I have always had a passion for health and cosmetics. Since the fitness thing is on the back burner I figured this would be a perfect time to tap into becoming a makeup artist

    I have been told a person doesn’t need training and the best thing to do is to practice and work on a portfolio, but how doesn’t one start? I’m nervous I will put what small funds I have to unnecessary use. Should I first invest in tons of products? Should I buy online courses? Are books and online resources enough?

    Thank you for your insight!


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    Hi Laura! I’m also trying to become a makeup artist on the side. When my sister-in-law got married back in August, I spoke to the makeup artist that was doing some of the bridesmaids’ makeup and she told me school wasn’t necessary but its important to practice and network.  Actually, I found this forum through a video that Marlena did and I thought it was very helpful:



    Hope that helps!

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    well you can start by doing make-up on your mom and starting a family make-up business and then get bigger as you get better and open up your own shop :)

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    The best way to start when you have limited funds is to take advantage of everything free. Youtube is a fantastic resource, there are hundreds of amazing MUA’s on there. Start with the most popular like Pixiwoo, Goss, etc, and move on. Youtube will suggest clips based on what you’ve already watched, or you can always search things, “cat eyeliner”, “contouring” etc.


    The only thing I’d suggest buying straight away is a decent set of brushes. They don’t have to be super high end, just of quality reasonable enough to function like they’re supposed to. ELF and BH have some decent, reasonably priced sets.


    Practice ALLLLL the time! Get anyone and everyone you can.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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