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    i prefer the larger jar, 5g for the same reason as many, to stock up!

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    I am new to this, but after reading the comments, wouldn’t it make sense to have a flat, clear lid so that people can see the color without storing the pigment upside down and it spilling out when opened? Something that  might reduce spillage is to have the type of lid that would allow small amounts into it. Some powders have a cap inside the container  with small holes so when opened, the powder doesn’t just come out. The amount released is controlled by the inside cap and how much pressure is applied when shaken or tapped (like a pepper shaker is the best way I can describe it). Some people shake for more pepper, some people tap to get less.

    Sounds like there is also a need for both sizes, so maybe a 3 oz jar for storage with a little more product. May not be feasible if it’s not cost effective to produce, but if women like to throw the jar in their bag to take with them because they travel, or want to freshen up after work, etc., then something in between the 2 & 5 might be a good fit.

    Just some thoughts. I am on the go and like to make sure I can take product with me without taking a lot of room, especially if making a weekend trip on the motorcycle. Storage space is important!

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    I love transparent lids!– I tend not to use my pigments with opaque lids because I hate having to rifle through all of them to see what’s inside.

    Also, I’d prefer 2g jars–less product, smaller price tag= more colors to play with. ;)

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    i love the idea of a 2g size jar. it is more compact and the pigments dont run out too quickly. i think  the flat lids would be best for a more storage friendly packaging. and i also think that the pigments are what is really going to sell the makeup. a strong line of colors and options always wins me over versus the jar size or shape.

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    I would like the smaller jars with matte lids.  The MAC pigments are great but are so big that they last forever.  I’d something a bit smaller and less costly so I can try a variety.  A wider jar to be able to fit some powder and a brush into would be great.

    I also think flat lids would be better for storage.

    Profile photo of Shivangni Prakash

    I like them!! I think 2g would be good, personally I don’t use much pigments and they last a really long time. Flat topped with a matted finish, its a classy look altogether. And the flat top would be really nice to work with. I hope this helped!! :)

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    i like both ideas.

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    I love the container! Maybe just make it a bit higher instead of wider.

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    The idea of a flat lid is a great concept for travelling and storage purposes. Option 1 for lid would be a great idea. Also, it would be fantastic to see more matte shadows. I find that when your on the go and need something to make your eyes seem alive, a bit of color that looks natural without the splash of too much sparkle or glitz looks very mature.


    Thank you! :)

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    Might not be the place to post this but I wanted to suggest a couple of new eyeshadow colors.  First is a light matte cool toned taupe like Bobbi Browns cement (hers turns orange on my skin…not attractive), and also a light, cool beige/taupe with a nice sheen.  I am always on the hunt for these colors and can’t find them.


    the 5 g jar


    I like the idea of the 2g for pigments. Also, I am also trying to find a really deep red eyeshadow :)

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    I would prefer a flatter lid and medium size jar.  Pigments tend to last forever, so you don’t need a massive jar for storage purposes; however, I’m sure most women buying pigments have massive makeup collections, and smaller jars are easier to lose.  A mid size one would work perfectly.  A flatter lid would enable the jar to fit better in a carrying case for travel as well.  I don’t use a hard case when I’m just staying the weekend somewhere, so I don’t like to have bulky things sticking out of my makeup/toiletries tote.  The flat top will fit better amongst other products as well (i.e. stacking), so I believe mid-size flat tops would essentially be your best bet.

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    2g jar for sure!  i never seem to use up my MAC pigments…. the large size is a waste of product & space.  and a lid that seems more durable, & better for stacking would be ideal of course:)  Thanks!

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    I would say flat lid, smaller jar.  I’m just getting into loose pigments but I would want something small so that I can have more room to store & I would want to be able to view the colors without having to open the jar.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 100 total)

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