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    For me its always been about glitter and shine, the flat lid is better and i agree that it should be a transparent container. 2g container is a yes because I get soo bored of using stuff that lasts forever and I cant finish off in less than a year.

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    1. I would really love to have a darker green gel eyeliner. I love the mobster liner and can’t wait to purchase more. I would probably get a lot of use out of a dark green.

    2. I really appreciate the flat lids on the jars, since I store them upside down in a drawer (so I can see the color easily). The MAC containers don’t store well upside down, due to the domed lids.

    3. If you make pigments, it would be great if they had a sifter (like BFTE). It makes them much less messy, since you are less likely to spill.


    It would be amazing if y’all made a pigment like your shadow purely naked…. I would use it everyday!

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    I generally don’t keep my pigments in the containers that they come in, however, I think the 2g would be the most convenient size and a flat lid would allow for optimal storage.

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    Personally i don’t like the short flat pigment cases. To me the products always spill everywhere so much easier. I have avon shadows that are in similar containers and while the colors are gorgeous dont get me wrong I loathe to open them after being stored upside down because the stopper traps a lot of pigment in the top part which I have sadly spilled everywhere over my vanity. I prefer a higher walled storage container. I also prefer a flat lid so it’s easier to store. Also on the lid I think an accurate color sticker would be better because i dislike having to store the pigments on their lid especially when they have some sort of stopper. The pigments again really spill everywhere.  If you could possibly do something similar to Bare Minerals snap stoppers that would be the best. It would be so much easier if the lid had an accurate color sticker. As to the size I feel like you should offer it in both sizes so people could choose to buy the colors they use often in more bulk while still being able to afford lots of colors with smaller options available. I know personally when it comes to buying any eye products I always prefer buying the colors I can’t live without in bulk. The problem is I change my style so often there is very little I can’t live without so it’s easier and more saavy for me to buy the multitude of colors I love to experiment  with in smaller sizes so I can easily have variety.

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    I definitely think the smaller ‘area’ wise jar is better, though I do like having more product since I do tend to use them….maybe a deeper jar? Can’t wait to see them though!

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    I agree with the 2g jar. I like to be able to store alot of things in a small space.

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    I know this was not the question, but whatever size you choose it would be great if you created a palette, customized storage case and/or traveling case so that the pigments could be easily stored and neatly displayed (maybe something expandable?).  To my knowledge, there is not a product like this on the market.

    One of the reasons I do not really use pigments that often is because they can be messy and some how they always end up leaking into my makeup bag.  I think with the little jars you need to protect them more to prevent them from leaking, spilling and/or breaking.  For me personally, if I had some sort of case in which the pigments could be stored and displayed I would use them more.

    I realize a product like this would not suit everyones needs, especially those that love their pigments and have a lot of them, but I think there might be a market for it (especially for those who travel).

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    I’m not sure if I am late to the party, but I would love to add  my two cents here!

    I definitely vote for the 2 g size. I know that a bigger, more dome shaped lid sometimes feels more sturdy in my hands as opposed to a cheap, tiny lid, if that makes sense. The current MAC gel liners have a nice weight and feel on the lid; something similar to that in the smaller, 2 g size would be wonderful.

    I also want to add that pigments are so strong, you hardly need a lot of it when you’re using them. My suggestion is to keep the pigment sizes smaller, so that you can keep the price tag lower. I think more customers will buy more of the smaller ones, and are more likely to buy more shades if they are cheaper. For example, if the 5 g size was $7.99, I would only purchase one or maybe two at the most. But if the 2 g size were $3.99, I would purchase up to four different shades because I’d feel like I’m getting more for my money.

    Hope that helps. As far as matte or shimmer, I would love to see some matte pigments, but the MUG eyeshadows in matte are already highly pigmented, so I would only recommend matte pigments in neutral shades. Then again, I’m not a pro or anything! Just my thoughts.

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    LOVE THIS! CAN’T WAIT TILL THESE BABIES ARE OUT! :D   I would definitely go with the 5g jar mainly because from a marketing point of view you’d want people to compare the Makeupgeek eyeshadow pigments to the MAC eyeshadow pigments & say to themselves “Well both brands are just as amazing as each other but I get more for my money if I buy the Makeupgeek pigment … so that’s the one I will choose” :)

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    The size of the container is really up to you but it would seem like the smaller would be better business wise.  People seldom need to purchase more pigments.  Also you might consider placing the label on the top rather than the bottom because most people store pigments upside down so they can see the color.  Also consider sifters I actually prefer them.  Good Luck

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    2 g, shiny flat lid. That’s my vote. :)

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    the smaller jar, with shiny cap. We love pigments from MAC reflect line. they are amazing. Would love to have MUG version of it. Thanks.

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    2g one defiantly because you dont need a lot of eye shadow and for most average gurus


    I say you should go with the 5g jar. It may raise the price of the shadow rather than a 2g jar, but it will hold a lot more product. Your costumers will enjoy the option of having a 5g jar of a high quality & reasonably priced loose eye shadow. I personally would stock up on these loose eyeshadow’s, especially because they would last me quite awhile!

    Hope this helped, have a good day! :)

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