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    I think it depends a little of the cost. Right off the bat I would say the flat 2gr. jar but how much would cost compared to the 5gr.?

    And as I read some comments I feel like I’m the only negative person here but yes, the shape would bother me because of the storage. The 2gr jar is alright but I don’t like the 5gr., the jar being so wide it’s harder for me to store unless it was square so I could just put it on its side so I could see the color.

    But I understand you have to have the cost of the containers into consideration, if you can’t find anything else but that .:shrugs:. I don’t think it will make *that* much difference as long as the product is good.


    everyone is in the favour of flat top bar/jars… that’s good! But i m with deep jars.

    Admin i wud like you to read this post carefully..

    1. I think flat top looks good and more feminine and new whereas the old long jar are fine but obviously good too.

    2. You can keep these little container any where.. but even deep jars can be kept anywhere..they won’t take too much space.

    3. You can easily work and catch pigment in brush with deep container without any mistakes which can be done by any time..whereas flat tops aren’t deep they are quite open which is a CON.

    4. And the most important which i think anyone can agree on, Holding is the most important thing with the pigment jars.. you can hold the deep container properly and tightly..example is, if you hold a piece of paper, it’s obvious that you will hold a paper vertically and not horizantally,otherwise it will for sure slip of from your hands…which is obvious. and so the pigment jars need to get hold vertically but flat top jars can not be hold vertically at all because they are shaped horizental..by which a buyers can drop the jar and there will be nothing left to work with..and money waste too.


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    Flat lid

    Nice to see opinions being asked, shows you care, that is very rare, in the cosmetics companies these days.



    @Marium: The 5g they’re thinking about isn’t deeper; it’s wider. Look at the picture on the first page of the thread, the one that Mariella posted. *nods*


    Thanks for the opinions, guys!

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    The smaller jar would be better for me – I never get through pigment.  A flat lid would be better as well for storage and laying the lid down would be less messy.  Matte lids are easy to wipe clean, so that’s my vote!

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    Oops I meant matte lids are not so easy to wipe clean.  Doh!!!

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    hi i think there should be

    shiny lids, smaller containers not the 5g one..i like square lids because they just store better when you line them up.

    Also, i think you guys should start a palette with eye shadows.. like the naked pallet, one for everyday, parties, shiny, matte palette. etc. im just really looking for a matte palette lol thanks hope that helps.

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    Yay pigments! I can only imagine how great they’ll be. I’d prefer the 2gr jars with a flat lid.
    I hope you’ll eventually make some fine glitters too.. Love MUG products!

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    You know what I could really like, but can’t find, is a HUGE empty magnetic pallet for ALL of my eye shadow pans. I want to have all of my shadows in one pallet because I use all of them and a very tiny space to work in. There really isn’t any place for me to lay everything out on the counter. So, it would be nice to be able to look at and use all of them at one time, instead of having to remember what is in the different pallets and get them out sequentially.

    It is really difficult to thing a box that is large enough, but is also thin (e.g., short).  All of the boxes that I have found so far are too tall of too expensive.  I have considered a metal colored pencil set from Michael’s, for the thin metal box that the pencils came in. But I didn’t want to pay $80 for a metal box.

    I am considering making a huge pallet like a Z-pallet, but haven’t decided on materials yet.

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    Another vote for 2g pigment – to afford &  play with more colours!  I’d also like to see more shades of purple eyeshdow – ideally dupes for the mac colours used in the recent ‘how to make green eyes pop’ video.

    Completely contrary to Eleanor, I’d like a mini z style pallet – one that just holds 3 -6 eyeshadow pans, sorta ‘weekend away’ size…keep up the good work MUG.

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    mrsmartin has a terrific idea about a smaller z-style pallet. It is fun to group the shadows as quads, like to dupe a MAC quad. It would be nice to have a pallet that was just the right size for that, which was cheaper than the empty mac quad pallets.

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    theres is a Z Palette Pro that holds quite a few shadows. im not sure it makes that much sense just for storage and travel purposes to have a palette any bigger than the pro. i have 2 of the pro palettes and i havent filled them up yet. if youre looking for something big, the costal scents 88 palette may be to your liking ;)


    I think either the #1, or 2 jar. I would prefer a matte shadow, and a domed jar. I think that would be a nice makeup product.

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    smaller jar, flat lid, for the same reasons as almost everyone has said. Easy to store, less product means lower cost which means I can obtain more variety.

    RE: the lid’s shiny or matteness, doesn’t really matter to me as long as it works well with the package design.


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