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    Great feed-bac, thanks so much everyone, we appreciate it a lot!

    Feel free to post your opinion if you haven’t yet!

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    Number One

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    Personally, I like the 2 gram round top jar. I can see how the flat top might be more convenient storage wise, but the round top looks nicer. :)


    smaller jar for space reasons as already mentioned, I think that a flat lid is better because it will be less messy with pigments, and I don’t usually use the lid for the pigment, but if I did I think a flat lid would make it easier to pickup product with a brush then the domed lid, especially when using a flat eyeshadow brush.

    I think it should be matte, to me for some reason it looks more sleek and highend.

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    I like the idea of a flatter lid, and a matte look, I think it will make it look more high end. Shiny plastic sometimes has a tendency to look cheap =(

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    matte and 2gr sized


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    Would prefer straight lid and a smaller container, mat for no finger prints…

    Also if you make big ones you can make an offer with an empty small container to share with the girlfriends ))))

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    Hi Namaste, I would definitely prefer the small flat container as it gives me the best chance to see the colors and also can place it wherever I want….


    Pigments last a long time, and I feel that the 2g jar is sufficient. As for storage, I think going for a flatter lid is a good choice. I don’t mind if the lid is matte, or shiny. Honestly, as long as the product is good that’s all I really care about. :)

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    I too would prefer the smaller, 2g size jar.  Not only because pigments last a very long time and I’d probably buy more smaller jars at a little cheaper price but also because this jar size would be easier to open and hold in my hand while applying….nothing worse than being clumsy with loose pigments! LOL! Also, the flat, shiny lid would be ideal…..easy to store and wipe clean.  Looking forward to more wonderful MUG products :-)

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    I think the flat top would be best for storage purposes, and size wise I think both could work, it just depends on the number of colors/ variety you intend to sell. The more “types” there are the more likely people would purchase the 2 gram one, but if you’re just going to keep the color range very basic then the larger 5 gram container would also be fine. I personally prefer more matte shades because you can get shiny and glittery anywhere else, but it’s really difficult to find certain matte shades that are really good quality. Hope this was helpful :)


    I like the idea of flat lids however with regards to the pot shape i store my pigments and eyeshadows in a jewellery box with pallet like sections so i can see them all at once and not have to move each pot to get to the one i want. I always find circular pots a problem because they don’t fit together, square pots lock in like Tetris so i find i can fit much more in the space. Clear lids would be best but if they have to be opaque then matt black is my preference.

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    I would love to have a 2g with a flat lid. It’s just easier for storage, plus that big container is alot of pigment. Don’ t get me wrong i love the pigments but they are so full. I think with the smaller container and the flat lid would be perfect. Sifters are a good idea as well. I’d rather have less pigment with a variety of colors, they would cost less, yet i would buy alot of them. Can’t wait to see the pigments…….Great Job~

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    i also like the 2g jars that would be clear for better visibility. Also maybe just for the holidays as a package or maybe just as a normal package… i sometimes see small pigment jars that screw on together and it makes them stack-able. just might be nice to put kits together for certain looks.

    i purchased a bunch of the benye small pigments and i wish the stacked together to make one unit vs having 10 little jars.

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    Definitely #1. Just because it’s sleek. Kind of related, I hope you guys make a white matte pigment and a champagne shimmer pigment! I’d buy those colors in bulk! ;)

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