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    Hi MUG’s,

    We’re currently working on developing our range of loose eyeshadows/pigments!

    We do have a few questions we would appreciate your feed-back on.

    We are thinking of this kind of jar:


    The one on the left contains 5g, the one on the right 2g. As a reference, the current Mac pigment jars contain 4.8g.

    Which size do you think would be better? Would you be bothered by the shape of those jars when it comes to storage?  Would that be a no-no for you? Because as you can see, they’re pretty wide, especially the 5g one (see below for size reference)


    On the other hand, you can easily work in the lid as there’s enough space.
    Also, when it comes to the lid, they could come with a slightly moreflat lid (1-2 on pics) or a more domed one. What do you prefer?
    More shiny or matte?

    We will need to make our decisions depending on what’s available on the market, the costs etc… but we really want to take your insight into account as much as possible so please, let us know what you think!

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    I would prefer a flat lid and a smaller size container.  Personally, I don’t use that much pigment so it would be more cost-efficient for me to buy smaller cases and buy more.

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    It seems like a good idea, I do think that the flatter lid would definitely would be better. And I think that to 2g jar would be good, only because I know that I don’t use my pigments too fast. So the 2g jar would be easier to store. Also think the lid should be shiny :)

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    I also prefer the 2g size, and the flatter lid. As for shiny vs matte, I like anything glittery/shiny/metallic… that’s why I like makeup!


    Hi! I think that the 2g jar would be better because it’s easier to store and pigments tend to last me a very, very long time anyway so it would be better with a smaller size since makeup, after all, has an expiration date. :) I prefer flat lids, which also makes the jar easier to store.

    Shimmery pigments are my favorites, but there should definitely be some matte ones too!


    Hey! Yeah I agree, the 2g one would probably work best as long as its cheaper than if it were the 5g one! :D and flat lid definitely ! Regarding the lids I agree with @xxxrynnexxx, matte or shiny will always looks good, but why not spice it up with glittery and metallic lids! :) Yeah keeping the bottom of the jar clear is a definite yes so we can clearly see the colour!

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    I would also prefer the smaller 2g container and a flat lid- but I don’t have much of a preference for what the lid looks like.


    Jar ~ 2g. Pigments in general seem to take a while to go through anyway. Also, flat lid, so users can work with it better.

    Types of pigments ~ All kinds. Some duochromes would be excellent.

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    I would also prefer a 2g jar with flat lid. I do think that you probably would sell more shiny and glittery pigments, but I do hope there will also be some matte ones, cause not everyone likes very glittery eyes. And for example, I can not go to work with a lot of glitter on my eyes. I’m sure I am not the only one, so a mix of the two would be awesome.  Also, if it is possible, it would be nice to see a couple pigments that are in between matte and shiny, such type of eyeshadows or pigments are very hard to find (atleast in the stores I look for them).  And while I am giving suggestions, I would love to see a couple of pastel pigments, for the very pale. :)

    Either way, I am looking forward to see what you guys and girls come up with. :)

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    2g jar with a flat lid for sure as i hardly use my pigments to. i would also like to suggest using a clear lid instead of black so we can store pigments face up but still see the color. and i recently bought a pigment from a brand called Makeup Atelier Paris. in their new packaging they use a clear container. the base is square and the lid is circle and flat and inside there’s a middle lid which has a smaller opening so if you were to tip the pigment jar over, you wouldn’t have all of the pigment falling out. it’s also less messy when opening. i would highly recommend that container and creating diamond powder type pigments would be awesome.

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    I would prefer the smaller jar and with a flat matte lid.  Pigments last a long time and like many have said if they are smaller and less costly we would purchase more colors.  The flat lids make it easer to stack in drawers, something similar to the MAC sample jars.

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    I would prefer the smaller jar, as long as the price is right. I’d like the lid to be matte.


    Ahhh Pigments!!! That’s so exciting! I personally love the 2g jars! Easier for storage, pigments last a long time so you don’t need much, plus small size means better price which means ppl can buy more variety!


    SoOo excited for these pigments. I’d definitely prefer flat lids, it’s just easier to store & the shape really doesn’t matter to me all that much, however would we be able to purchase these with sifters, or would we be able to add sifters to these containers easily?


    Wow MUGs – you guys are so awesome! Thanks so much for all this wonderful feedback!

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