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    We have chosen @LadycrowX as the winner for best over all look! We felt she really embraced the spirit of the challenge, and enjoyed her creativity. We loved how she incorporated the different array of patterns and colors from her inspiration photo into her own look, and could imagine it being something Cleopatra would wear. Excellent job!For our winner chosen at random, congratulations to @Ashley Rivers! We thought your look of Audrey Hepburn was lovely! We will be in contact with you about your prizes, so please check your inboxes!


    For the challenge this month, we couldn’t think of anything more inspiring than some of the most influential women in history. Throughout their lives they’ve impacted us in different ways, some are known as style and/or beauty icons, and others for their daring and adventuresome spirits. Regardless, they all have one thing in common; they have paved the way for us women today with their fearless lifestyle choices. We all see a little bit of these women in ourselves, they are extremely relatable. They motivate us to push the limits in our own lives, to be bold and step outside of our comfort zone, bringing out the best in all of us. They are for a lack of better word.. Inspiring.

    So choose your muse, be inspired and get started!! We can’t list them all (there’s entirely too many!), but here are some of our favorites to help get you started:


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    I chose Joan Jett as my inspiration. She is sometimes considered the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

    I chose to do a dark smoky eye, using grey and brown colours with a  nude lip. This is a wearable look with an edge.


    Will there still be a random drawing so theres a chance for 2 people to win???

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    -Two winners chosen: one for best look, and one at random, giving everyone a chance to win!




    ^^ ok thank you! :)

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    I chose Marie Curie because she was a boss. She’s the only person to win 2 Nobels in different sciences!

    The silver bars on each of my cheeks represent Polonium and Radium which are the two elements she discovered (both are silvery in appearance). Because her work involved radiation I went with bright yellow eyeshadow on my lids with a black triangular shaped liner as an allusion to the warning sign for radiation often seen at hospitals. And silver again on the lower lids because of her groundbreaking work on the radioactive decay of those two elements.  I finished with red lips because Marie Curie was an outspoken woman, standing up for the occupation of her country (Poland) and attending university in secret.




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    I’m having trouble uploading my pics.. .anyone else having issues?

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    I know, I know, the rules say that this had to be done specifically for this challenge. It wasn’t exactly, however it was ironically inspired by Marie Antoinette nonetheless. And it is very recent. I went with a Neo- Victorian inspiration for this. The scar symbolizes how she may have been treated during her confinement and the brooch symbolizes her beheading. All of this while still showcasing the beauty and power of this iconic woman of history. Im new at this and find models when I can. I came across your facebook page and noticed the contest. I hope you will still accept my submission. Hey tomorrow’s my birthday if that counts! ;) Either way thank you for viewing


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    The beauty/icon I chose is Selena Quintanilla. She is a Mexican/American singer and she made beautiful fashion statements of that time with her bold red lips, curly hair, and a Smile No One Forgets!

    I chose her because she did pave the way for women who wanted to sing or want to be more in life. We all live on through her beauty and her music. If you haven’t listen to her music before I suggest that you do. Very spiritual individual and very beautiful. Thank you for this contest. It really inspired me.

    I did a glam look with false lashes, heavy black eye liner, white/pearl on my lids, brownish red in the crease (added the red to represent her red outfit she wore at her last concert), red / pink lipstick, precise eye brows, and don’t forget the SMILE!  I hope you enjoy this look! =)

    [caption width="384" align="aligncenter"] Mug Challenge[/caption]

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    I decided to do Twiggy since she’s closest to my personal style and I think she’s absolutely adorable!
    Love those lashes… though they are pretty hard to do O_O

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    Brody Williams I love your look ! ! ! Congrats ! ! ! You seriously rock !

    Profile photo of Brody Williams

    Thanks dragonfly! I’m still new to this so I appreciate the support. I know I broke one of the rules of the challenge, but hopefully they still consider me. Thanks again!

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    Hi I am trying to upload my photos but I keep getting an “error” on all of them. Please help!
    It doesn’t actually tell me WHAT the error is.

    Any help is appreciate it.



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    Same thing happened to me. Upload your photos to flikr and then click the share button on the toolbar and pick up the HTML code the one that starts with HREF=   and drop it directly into the text of the post for each picture. When you click submit the code will convert to the pictures from flikr. That’s what I finally got to work.

    BTW, NolaSmiles, the twiggy eyelashes are fantastic!

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    Hello Muggies,

    I decided to do a Cleopatra inspired look as she is my favorite woman and I love this look.
    Thanks and good luck to all the muggies :)




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