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    I’ve been with a “makeup consultant” by Mary Kay last week, and today I stayed back with her. She said that the brand of cosmetics is considered high, but don’t know if believe it, because she is trying to sell her products, so I don’t knowif she is being honest with me.

    Anyone know the brand Mary Kay? You can advise me?

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    In my honest opinion, some of their products are good and some them leave much to be desired.

    I sold mk for a few years and the only things I still use are the lip balm and extra emollient night cream for my hands and feet at night.  Everything else, including skincare, I’m not impressed with. The biggest down fall the company has is that they are always changing the formulas to everything from foundations to skincare, to lipstick. If your product is really that good, then don’t change it!

    Sorry for the rant. But I invested several thousand dollars in inventory, and years later….I still have tons of it.  It really doesn’t sell. I should know. I was top of sales in my unit for a couple of years.



    Thank you.. Maybe I should have realize when she started to makeup my face with DIRTY BRUSHES


    Yesterday was the worst day for my makeup life… She makeup me with 2 tones darker tinted moisturizing, and as I said, with a dirty brushes… T_T


    Thanl you @divasinger5

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    Actually, I have a friend who sold it for years and she still lives by the products. I actually really like a lot of their stuff like the face cleansing/hydrating routine, lip scrub and moisturizer etc and a lot of their makeup as well. I think you got ‘hit’ with a bad sales rep. which is unfortunate because it has now soured your taste.

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    I like their lip gloss and lip sticks.  Skincare and all other color formulations were nothing special for me. Good luck! They should have samples for you to try on your own.

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    I personally liked their foundation. I do agree that I find it irritating that the company does change their formula’s way too often. I also loved their mircodermabrasion set, mineral powder, eye makeup remover and their ultimate mascara. But those are the only items I would recommend from MaryKay. (My mother is still a consultant for the company.)


    i think that there are a lot of amazing products that are worth trying. the mineral foundation is great and i have used MAC and think that it is better than theirs and bare minerals. i agree the microderm set is great and eye makeup remover and mascara is the best i have used. there are a lot of great eye colors too. i started using their acne line and i have had a significant improvement in my acne. hope this helps! :)

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    I would have to say I love a lot of mary kay products but at the same spectrum some of them are just horrible. I hate their foundation especially if you have oily skin MK foundation is not right for you. I do love their cleanser and moisturizer been using it since my 20s and still have great skin. The beauty blotters are a great investment and so are all the eye colors there long lasting and great.


    I have yet to use anything by them that was worth my time or trouble. I quit trying with them years ago but recently I had a friend who tried selling, she gave me sample and I “retried” some of the products as she swore they had been revamped. I didnt like anything that she gave me and I had to very politely explain to her why I didn’t like them. They have become known for animal testing in the last few years as well a claim they still deny so I am not sure how much truth there is to it. For what you pay the quality should be much better!

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