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    I have a very unique make up style, and I get annoyed by people telling me I shouldn’t wear the colours I like. Not all of us look good in natural looking make-up, nor do I feel good in it, I like to make it obvious I’m wearing make-up otherwise I don’t feel right. And strutting around with my bright make-up on makes me feel fabulous. The general public where I live is not used to someone all in black wearing these sort of colours, so I like to give them something to stare at as they’re going to stare at me aanyway. :p

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    lol jus say please girl i know im gorgeous make up was made to bring out features that are already beautiful…not to cover them up…

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    There’s a lot of truth in that pic.  Any time I skip makeup, I always hear “You look tired!”.


    i love to look like a fake barbie :’D i don’t really care what people say and think about me because i enjoy my happy pink life :) but somehow i get tons of compliments when i look natural !! but who wants to look natural .. not me D: !! :)

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    OMG so glad I saw this.  Whenever I do a smokey eye people (guys and girls) tell me I look like a “stripper”  which is so stupid.  Like just because I like dramatic makeup and I’m blonde  it means I should be dancing on a pole or something.  People are retarded.

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    What I hate the most is when someone calls you a “hoarder” for having all that makeup.  I’m not one to care what people think

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    As a man who wears foundation and contours to bring out my bone structure and my better features, I get this a lot, but they’re always assuming that I’m not wearing it while they’re criticizing me over it.  I’ll have on full coverage, and they’ll say, “why would you feel like you have to wear makeup, your skin looks amazing?”  Uhhhh, little secret, no one’s seen my actual skin in so long, I”m legally missing right now.


    I agree 100% its an art form. Know your face what wears well on it and what doesnt.

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    I find it even more annoying when people pretend they don’t even acknowledge my make up. Last time i had a pretty bold glittery look and when i come up to people they looked at me like i was out of speace, but no one said a thing and it was not the first time that  happend.  It’s like they thing i don’t see their judgmental looks and it’s always from women who wear no make up..

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    Gotta say I like being pretty and I enjoy putting makeup on. I know what looks good on me and I know how to do my own makeup I’m in theatre but I agree that people who don’t like makeup are annoying. I don’t always have the time in the morning to put makeup on but I try when I can, so there have been days when I go to school or work (pretty much the same thing for me) without makeup on but for the most part I put it on. Having said that I have a director, who doesn’t wear that much makeup, who always comments  on that fact that I do and not in a subtle you look nice today. She always asks if today is special or if I have something going on or if I “just felt like being a pretty girl today”… really? I don’t have to have a special occasion to boost my self confidence sorry if taking pride in the way I look bothers you but I didn’t get all pretty to impress you I did it for me and I will continue doing it for me regardless of what you think…. sigh… I feel better now lol.

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    I don’t necessarily think that makeup is a total fad for people who are “Barbie-doll wannabes”.

    But I just know that there are people out there that look like they are going out to an extravagant party every day. However, when a real party comes, they just look normal.

    They wear HEAVY HEAVY makeup like a mask, like their heavy eyeshadow NEEDS to conceal those already pretty eyelids or  something. They become prisoners to the mask, and that’s more revealing than anything.


    I personally don’t like the way makeup haters are either. But I just think that there IS a more better, moderate way to wear it every day.


    (I respect all other people’s opinions on this forum, I have expectations of other people to do the same with mine.)



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    I hate when I wear makeup and co-workers ask “What’s the special occasion?, Where are you going tonight?” I get’s annoying!  I also don’t like when they criticize how much makeup I own. It’s my money and it’s my business how I spend it! Some people collect coins, comics and other items. I collect makeup!  :-)  Feels good to get that out there! lol


    I’m kind of a make up hater and all of you would be ready to kill me for the things I’m gonna say next, but anyway I’ll say it :) It is just my IMHO and I don’t want to heart with it anyone, so just pass it if you don’t like it. But maybe someone will agree.

    I absolutely love make up but there is one thing that I hate about it – it is smoky eye. And the reason is that EVERYONE does smoky eye variations. And it is really annoying me, when the model comes to me me and say let’s do smoky eyes >:) Come on people don’t you know any other techniques? It’ seems there is no progress at all and everyone does the same things.  Let’s develop make up industry and don’t stop on one technique.

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    Yep and the town that I live in NO one wears makeup! I don’t undertand and to me it’s weird. Not even lip gloss! Nothing! Like they are afraid it will kill them to put even clear lip gloss on! I don’t get it at all! I myself LOVE makeup but I’m not from this area so maybe that’s why lol

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    What I do hate is people who have apparently looked in the mirror before leaving the house and think they look good when their face is orange and thwy havw drawn their eyebrows on up near their hairline, how on earth do u think u look good?

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