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    Dont you guys hate it when people tell you “you dont need all that makeup your natural beauty is better and you look like a fake barbie doll” but then you try to tell them i dont do this to look pretty i do it becuase its my hobby and my future career and it makes me happy its my face not your so please dont worry about it and that you know that your natural beauty is way prettier of course but we like to enhance is there anything wrong with that !?. ALso when they say your so fake you have like 10 pounds of makeup on and your eyeshadow is to drmatic !” its like im doing this for artistic reasons ! Makeup isnt just to ake you look pretty its an art form to i wish ppl could respect that ! And props to barbie shes been sucessful ever since she was born and i love her to death ;) anyways comment back to tell me if you guys all feel the same way !

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    Make-up is art. It is also a form of expression.

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    The opinions of people who make shallow, and ignorant, judgements of others does not concern me . . . up until they start bringing my children into it.

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    I hate most when they tell we are not smart just because we care of hair, nails and do make-up.

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    I think the truly sad thing is that in my experience it’s other woman who say nasty shit. You’d think, given the amount of crap woman already have to wade through that another woman would be sympathetic or at the very least a little understanding, but sadly that’s so often not the case.


    In my job, all my partners are boys. But no boys like in a Calvin Klein underwear models..no, they are like the snow white 274 dwarfs. Their mind remained stagnant in the XVI century: Women are to have kids, be a housewife and cook.

    And of course, if you like doing make up, nail art and things like that.. they treat you like brainless dumb. But what make me boil my blood is what explain the next pic:


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    @sadeatxo Oh my gosh- I love that picture! That happened to me just the other week when I didn’t wear any makeup.

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    OMGosh!!! I LOVE YOUR depiction above!!!!! YOU are SO right !!!!! There can be exceptions though, some women truly DO look more Beautiful in Natural Makeup, say….just some mascara, a bit of blush and lipstick or gloss. I’ve ALWAYS envied those women, it’s not to say that they SHOULDN’T wear more makeup or play around with all kinds of looks, it’s just that they really do have that natural “Shine/Glow”( is what I call it….LOL) when they wear less. These Gals prob get a lot of crap if they go out of their comfort zone once in awhile. That last pic is a GREAT one though, I’ve been accused of that before, I usually just say “Yeah, i think I’m comn down with something’, just to get them off my back….HaHa! Just wanted to compliment you on your Opinion/Pics Girl;)

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    I may be a cynical old broad… but I have found that those types of comments are based on jealousy/envy/etc – the comments about the makeup are only a way to ‘dish’ someone they can’t be. They have the ‘issues’. If wearing makep makes you happy/content/confident then wear as much or as little as you please and feel sorry for them for their insecurity and need to belittle.


    i go to a hippie college and most girls there don’t wear any makeup. those that do just go with thick eyeliner on the lids and mascara. then, there’s one that does heavy makeup and i have to say, doesn’t blend her bronzer AT ALL. then there are a couple that do a little more than basic looks. needless to say, i feel like i get weird looks from people sometimes because of how i do my makeup, which is similar to many of marlena’s wearable but dramatic tutorials…
    i find there are two major things to never having ‘too much makeup on’. 1) avoid powder; if you have oily skin, only wear it in the t-zone. there’s really no need for powder over foundation. 2) always use less bronzer/blush than you think you need. with this lesser amount on the brush, tap some off.. and then apply it lightly, and use a beauty blender or other technique to remove it.

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    That picture is priceless=) It’s so true: people don’t realize how much actually goes into the “no make-up” look.

    And I totally agree with persiandoll, people think that women who like to get creative with makeup all have low self-esteem. It’s not about how I feel about my face, it’s about having fun experimenting with looks and products and whatnot. My boyfriend used to think that I had low self-esteem until I told him makeup is my hobby just as much as video games are his.

    And what also bothers me is when people have opinions about the size of another’s makeup collection. I hate hearing “you probably don’t even use all that” or “my god, that must have cost a fortune what a waste”. It’s really no one else’s business how one spends their money, so they should just butt out.



    Yes i hate when people tell me “you’re such a pretty gir why do you need all that is makeup?” But for me its nothing different than girls who wear lots of weaves and extensions or walk around in designer everything and heels all day.


    Hahaha..some boys are just clueless. Some smarter knows that women are more beautiful if you just let them bloom the way they want. I  really love tht pic sadeatxo (asking permission to share) :)


    I think it comes down to just doing what we want, looking how we want and letting wanna be nasty people soak in their own jealousy. I wear what I want, wear makeup every day and love it, because I want to. Everyone else can deal with it, I am happy as. That bothers people sometimes. Be yourselves girls.


    I think the idea that makeup is just a too to hide things is a very dated assumption, and obviously a very wrong one. 5000 years ago, people were already putting color on their face!!

    I do what I want, I really don’t care what people think, and frankly, I think telling someone that kind of thing when nobody asked your opinion is very rude.

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