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    So, I new at makeup and I need advice on some things.

    First:mascara. I know that brands make waterproof mascara but which brand is considered “really good”?

    Second:eyeliner. I know that there are several types of eyeliner but for a new person that’s starting which type is the best?



    Seeing that your just starting out id leave the eyeliner part out of the everyday going out look. I had a hard time looking for an eyeliner look that suited me well. So I just wore it around the house and asked people what they thought andwhen I found one that suited me and kept me from looking like a racoon I wore it :). Find and eye lined look that works with you and use it :). But the best eyeliner that I have found so far is LA Colors eyeliner in black I also have one in black brown to get that one that could just jive with anything. And it all depends on what your wanting out of your mascara. I your like me and have long eyelashes and want to make them stand out I suggest one of Rimmel Londons mascaras I have the one that is orange (I cant remember thename off the top of my head). If you just want that subtal look you can go with something that doesnt plump the eyelashes. Hope you have the best of luck with finding something that suits you. Play around with it and ask peoples opinions and see what they think! Best of luck!! :)

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    With proper preparations(a lash comb, really) I’ve been able to get some good results out of Maybelline’s “Falsies” mascara(I can’t remember which one, though…) I found it to be both fairly inexpensive at only about $7, not a big investment if you mind it isn’t “the one” for your lashes(mine are extremely long and of a semi-dark colour). Good luck on finding the perfect eyeliner though, just like Kris said, it’s hard to find a good one. :(

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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