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    I have mature oily, sensitive skin with non severe rosacea.  According to what I’m looking at, I’m looking for talc free, mica free, paraben free and bismuth free foundation and powder. I’m also concerned about what goes on my face and what is absorbed through the skin.  Is really such a product or products?


    Is it really possible to have an allergy to mica? I could be wrong but mica is a mineral  pigment actually, so I’m not sure that there is any powder product without mica in its ingredient list. I use pure mica for eye make up and it works great, I’ve never seen any allergies to this product.

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    I don’t have an allergy to mica, I don’t want it in my make up, if that is possible :)


    I’m afraid that it’s not possible. There’s nothing bad about it because it is mineral.





    All the above websites contain information about ingredients and products. Without scaremongering. Just scientific facts.

    Mica is a colourant. It is impossible to buy foundations, eyeshadows, blushes, lip products, or “translucent” powders without it showing up. And it is safe.

    Paraben-wise, very few companies make foundations without them. All they are, are cosmetic preservatives — the safest kind in existence, and it’s been this way for decades. (Side note: Some parabens occur naturally in blueberries!)

    Setting powder-wise, the only way you’re going to get a powder without any of that is a silica powder. (I recommend that you buy it in bulk from Coastal Scents, TKB Trading, or an ingredient wholesaler, along with a sifting jar. You’ll get a lot of mileage out of it that way, and more bang for your buck.)

    If you’re concerned about what’s absorbed through the skin, IMO, makeup isn’t the thing you should be looking at. That honour goes to your skincare, particularly any moisturizers or serums you’re using.


    @shellygrrl +1000000000000000000 Yes! :)

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    @shellygrrl It’s times like this I really wish the forum had a thanks/love button, as always, fantastic post with great information.

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    Tikei has paraben/bismuth/talc free mineral fountations (powders) its a swedish brand though and are not sure if you can find it outside of Sweden. (contains Mica though)

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    You should definitely try some mineral fondations, there is many brands out there that made mineral powder fondation paraben/tacl/bismuth free. But they all contain mica, which is just a very common shinny mineral. Is there a reason for what you don’t want to use it ?

    The coverage of such fondations are very buildable so you should be able to hide your rosacea. Some compagnies also have a greenish corrector that you can use under the fondation to better counteract the redness.

    The mineral brands that I know that just use simple ingredients in their products are :

    http://www.lilylolo.us/ This is actually the fondation that I’m using. It’s an UK brand but they deliver to US.




    They all offer some sample size so you can find the right colour of fondation and see if you like the product =)

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    Thank you for those that answered me with respect to what I asked.  Mica, while I know it is found in 99.9% of makeup, adds shine and on my face, shine and I do NOT get along.  Yes, I have done some research and I realize that it is not harmful in make-up, I just wondered if there were any out there.  There is at least one company (100% Pure–that’s the name of the company) that does have a mica free product.   I am just looking for  ALTERNATIVES  for ME.

    Thanks for all the recommendations–I will check them out for all that I’m looking for.  If I can’t find any mica free products, then I can’t.  I just want as few ingredients as possible as not to aggravate my rosacea and my allergies..

    Thank you.

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    Well the thing is, even with mica in it, those fondations will not be shinny, you don’t even see it in the powder. It just avoid to have a completly flat face. I have a combination skin and I don’t end up all shinny at the end of the day. I think all the brands that I mentionned before all have a matte finishing powder if your skin is really oily or if you want a completely matte finish.

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