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    I have acne, I get alot of blackheads/whiteheads if I don’t follow my skin care routine. I always scar, and i don’t pick or touch my face.

    What helps me on the cheap and quick is the oil cleansing method. This basically does the same thing as exfoliating with a scrub, except it will not aggrivate your skin. I just mix up some castor oil (most important) and coconut oil (or olive oil) in the palm of my hand and apply to my face, if Im short on time I’ll usually and quickly work it into my skin, circular motions, then hop in the shower. I do not rinse it off in the shower. The steam helps loosen up the dead skin, sebum, ect. When I’m done with my shower I remove it with baby wipes or a face towel.  Then I’ll use a cleanser with sacylic acid or neutrogena bar to wash my face (sometimes I skip this if my breakouts are under control). Tone with witch hazel, and moisturize by patting a few drops of coconut oil on my face.

    You can feel the (gross) black head being “unplugged” while messaging the oil into your skin which was awsome and weird at first!

    Literally the next day any deep blackheads will start to loosen up to where you can just push them out, they practically come out on their own.

    Try it for a few days and you will love it!



    proactiv works great! and we have a new thing just for teens. its called xout. its a gel wash that you use twice a day and you can use it as a mask and stop trtmnt…  i agree accutane is very harsh and can have serous side effects. but you really should be exfoliating on a regular basis… make sure the one you use DOES NOT HAVE PIT SEEDS in it… this will really hurt your skin… the seeds will cut your skin and yeah just invest in a good product.

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    figure out what kind of skin you have. it might be acne prone, but you can also be oily sensitive or have dry skin.

    change your skin care routine. have a gentle cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and make sure none of your make up products have mineral oil or any type of ingredient that might be causing you to break out. for your night time routine, i highly suggest purchasing the clarisonic. apply  a cleanser that contains saliclyic acid, you can also use benzoyl peroxide, however it can be a bit drying to your skin so maybe purchase a spot treatment and apply it at night time.

    change the way you eat, not drastically of course, but drink more water, do take cod liver oil or a multi vitamin.


    i started getting facials once a month and yes it can be pricy, but honestly it is what has controlled my breakouts. i exfoliate twice a week and do a clay mask as well. and get a proffesionally done facial once a month.


    your acne just might be hormonal , if it gets worse, do see a dermatologist

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    alot of it is your age. But I do have a wonderful suggestion that doesnt cost a shit load of $ Start with Cetaphil cleansor and order online from acne.org the biggest bottle of 2.5% Benzo Peroxide (its way cheaper on this site vs. what you would pay for a tiny tube in walgreens) Start only at NITE at 1st cus it will irrate ur skin a bit maybe 3 days a week to begin with at nite) then as ur skin gets used to it gradually work up to everynite and every morning. Key Is LOAD IT ON and I may get blasted for sayin this BUT i have a 16yr old son and it works and thousands on the acne.org wesbsite will verify that, and I did it MYself from a cosmetic acne break out. After u load it on ur face let it set and dry for a good 15mins, then follow with Cetaphil moisturizer. Cus it will dry ur skin out, but what its doing is killing ALL the bacteria in ur skin, I still do it 2times a week to disinfect my skin really good and I dont even break out during my cycle. DONT use any PORE scrubbers that will piss ur skin off more, and ur already pissing it off by doing the BP treatment hence why everything else is super gentle. Always remove makeup with a makeup wipe and then cleanse the skin. Try CoverFx brand (Sephora) for your foundation !

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    I used to have the same problems as you until I went to a dernatologist. He gave me an antibiotic that I take twice a day and a miracle working cream called Tretinoin. You should consider doing it. It will change drastically in a month.

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    I agree with allierw012. I would seek out a dermatologist. Acne is an infection of the sebaceous gland, so you could possibly need an antiobiotic with your treatment regime….

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    I had acne problems for years (tried everything)…until I discovered a site called acne.org, awesome and affordable system for body & face acne (from light to severe). :) Check it out…you won’t be disappointed.



    Hi I am a microbiologist by profession and I have written my own detailed  experiences regarding pimples and acne in my blog:


    I hope it helps you!

    Feel free to contact me for further help as i had my own nightmares with acne

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    Exposed skin care is really helpful click here

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    Image skincare is amazing and they have something for every skin issue!  I have rosacea and very oily skin.  I live in a very humid climate and their matte moisturizer has really helped keep my makeup from sliding off of my face.

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    I had acne problems. I use Aubrey Products. Aubrey provides natural, safe and effective personal care products. I am using Aubrey oil to remove fine lines around the eyes.  I receive quick result now these lines are invisible and my skin is smooth. With the combination of aloe, Aubrey products work more great.

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    Reduce stress with regular exercise, Reduce or limit refined carbohydrates and sugar intake,
    Limit dairy products and red meat…

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    Use blood purifiers available in the market.. They give glow to your skin and prevent pimples..

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    One thing that really helps is putting a wash cloth under hot water then putting it over the blemish for 30 seconds. It opens the blemish up and doesn’t leave scarring. Hope that helps!

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    Every body will tell different methods according to her knowledge but you should not try every things because these treatment varies person to person and skin to skin. Different skins need different treatments so be aware before trying any particular treatment for your skin.

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