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    ok. i have had an acne problem for years and years and i am seriously at the point to wanting to punch my skin in the face…. frustrated. ive got pretty moderate but stubborn blackheads , whiteheads, etc mostly on my cheeks and chin. my nose and forhead is absolutely clogged to death with blackheads. can any of you guys give me some advise on what really works? im 14 so i dont have an unlimited money supply either… ;)i know the best thing for it is to stop wearing so much makeup, but that is absolutelyy out of the question, because i am obviously obsessed with makeup (cuz im on this site…). i wash my face with olay refreshing cleanser in the morning and garneir 3 in 1 at night. after each wash i tone  (with lemon water… told u i was cheap, dint i? it totally works though, try it!) and moisturise with an oil free moisturiser. anything else i should be doing? HELP!! :)


    One option: Try the Oil Cleansing Method. You may not want to do it every day, but maybe once a week?

    Another option: Change your AM cleanser. Find something with salicylic acid in it to help treat/eliminate your breakouts.

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    yeah… i used to use garneir 3 in 1 which has salicylic acid in it for both morning and night, but that was too irritating. i only just switched to only using it at night. im still having irritation problems though, im really oily during the day and then after i wash my face a get really irritated and dry for about and hour. do you know what thats all about? and thanks ill try the oil cleansing method. any cheap/ good products you know of?

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    A great acne killer is 3 step forsoppy probe skin! You get it on the clinque website I’ve used it for 3 years now.

    And it certainly worked wonders for me I had quite bad acne! But after using this I only get the odd monthly spot here orthrere but no longer have acne! :) very pleased.

    Its a wee bit expensive but well worth it!!! I promise :) hope this has helped.

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    Oops sorry that was meant to say 3 step for spot prone skin! :p

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    I would try to scrape up some money to invest in a good skin care routine. I can’t stress enough how much of a difference the right products can make on skin! I wear full makeup everyday but follow a skin care routine at night to keep my skin clear and bright. I just wrote an article on my blog called How to Achieve a Flawless Face that I think would help you out. It gives some recommendations for products, but this does require a bit of an investment (your skin will thank you though!). Ask your parents if you can do some chores around the house or babysit around the neighborhood for some extra cash.

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    Hi Miakr…  Here’s a link to the cosmeticscop website by Paula Begoun. You need to find a good basic regimen that need not be expensive but needs to include a product with salicylic acid and one with benzoyl peroxide. Each has its own role in clearing the skin. Do not use lemon on your skin any more! Lemon is irritating to the skin, as are alcohol and menthol.  Take some time to really look through this website and read, read  read.  You can also check out beautypedia.com to search for good, affordable, well formulated products. I too suffered for years with acne until I learned how to manage it.  I’m NOT affiliated in any way with these websites or any products. I’m just another makeup junkie like you (though a fair bit older :-).


    Good luck!


    If blackheads are a big problem for you I’d try using a gentle (since it sounds like your skin gets irritated easily) facial scrub a couple times a week.  You might also want to try those Biore blackhead strips.  I’ve used them, and they really do work!  Also, make sure you’re really getting all of your makeup off at the end of the day.  If you wear a lot you might want to use something specifically made for removing makeup (like a makeup removing wipe) before you use your cleanser.

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    Accutane.  Myson had really bad acne in his face and back.  In six months it dessapeared.

    If you follow the instructions from your doctor, you should not have worries about trying this medication.

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    hey you should try exfoliating once a week and  some everyday too because blackheads are caused when dirt and dead skin clog your pores so this prevents them from developing…also if you sweat a lot then wash your face religiously after working out or being out in the heat (this helped me a lot) remember not to touch your face a lot because it not only makes it worse but after picking at acne you may end up scaring (let me tell you thats no fun at all) u said u use lemon as a toner….ive done that too (if u mix salt into the lemon juice it works even better to exfoliate) and i cant stress enough DONT GO OUTSIDE AFTER PUTTING LEMON JUICE ON YOUR FACE from experience it can leave burns and even scabs on your face so make sure rinse the citric acid from ur skin and wait at least 30 min before going back outside because thats hell on your skin…and use moisturiser because skin thats too dry is also prone to acne…and put spot treatment on before bed and that aslso works…i am a true fan of the clean & clear spot treatment…it comes in a small silver tube with a purple tip…u can find it at walmart…


    hope this helped!

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    Wow, please don’t put lemon juice on your face.  It will irritate it and probably cause more acne.  Blackheads are not caused by ‘dirt’ but sebum and dead skin cells.

    My skincare has been Paula’s Choice for years.  It’s affordable and it works.  Nothing works better for black heads than her bha liquids and gels.  It’s all unscented and contains no irritating essential oils, etc.  Great stuff.

    Unless you have cystic acne Accutane is really too harsh over kill.

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    Hey, just like you I’ve struggled with acne since I was about eleven and I’m almost sixteen now. I’ve used so many different products and even wasted money on facials in hope of getting clear skin. In April I started to use the clinique 3 step and have seen my skin change dramatically. I no longer have blackheads and blocked pores. As for my acne, that has definitely cleared up. I get the odd break out but nothing major. It is kinda pricey, but you really get your value for money as it clears up your skin and it really does last a long time. Before I would never leave the house without makeup but now I feel confident to do so. You should really give it a go. Hope all goes well :) xxx

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    I’m in my early 30’s, and have been dealing with acne for a long time – here’s what I have tried and experienced.

    You don’t have to quit wearing makeup, but the best thing I ever did was quit wearing liquid foundation. I switched to a bare mineral-ish type makeup (you could use that too) from Physicians Formula, but any of those would work.

    And I went and got facials, but if you could do and get just one every 6 months that would be better than nothing. I really saw a difference if you find someone who really knows how to help clean up your skin.

    If you don’t get any relief from stuff on the store shelf, the next best thing is to go and get your skin issues addressed by a dermatologist. If your parents have insurance, that would be the ideal thing. That way you can prevent your skin from getting acne scars, which is what happened to me. It’s not a good thing to try and deal with later on.

    Clean your cell phone. I know that sounds stupid, but regularly cleaning it will help too.

    Stop touching your face. I do this without realizing it, but all the dirt and oils on your hands just get transferred to your skin, which equals acne. So always wash your hands before putting on makeup (but you know that already!)

    I wish you the best on trying to get a handle on this. I know its frustrating. Keep your head up!

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    Use Dove soap with 1/4 moisturizer, an all natural exfoliator (honey, sugar and whole milk), good quality moisturizing cream (sometimes spf will break you out and clog pores) and if you need anything extra use a topical treatment from your doctor. I use to use Clindoxyl- not sure of the spelling at the moment- a few times a week and it was amazing. Non expensive even if you do not have coverage. I find benzagel or however it is spelled works better then sacylic acid, less harsh and not as drying.

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    Oh and I forgot to add- probably the most important too sheesh- is DIET. Acne is largely caused by diet rather than all hormones. I know your only 14 and hormones are having a fit with your skin but this is even more important to look carefully at your daily diet. Stay away from anything greasy, any oily foods (especially peanut butter), high fat dairy products and SUGAR. All are very bad for causing acne flare-ups.

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