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    Hello! My name is Felicity I am almost 22 :) i’m from Florida, however I currently live in Italy with my husband. We are both in the Army, jump out of planes, and we are about to be parents ! I wasn’t ever really girly but as of late I’ve been trying. I didn’t know what to do until I saw this site. I saw the last contest and all of you girls are beautiful I look forward to learning a lot from all of you :)

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    Hello everyone! My name is Shannon, I’m 19, and I live in Ohio.

    I didn’t go to school this year due to some unfortunate events but I’m very proud to say that this fall I will be going to Tri-C for a year, getting my basic classes out of the way and I hope to transfer elsewhere. My absolute dream is to become a creative director in the fashion industry and while I doubt myself a lot, I want to at least say I tried to follow them rather than be an old lady and regret never having tried.

    I love fashion, makeup, and beauty and it’s been a huge passion of mine ever since I was a little girl. I started to play around with makeup when I was around 12 and from then I wore makeup but my idea then was just covering my face in powder, slapping some gold or brown eye shadow on my lid, a light color on my brow bone, eye liner, some blush, and lip gloss if I could tolerate it.

    I didn’t know anything about makeup back then really. Everything was applied with the little brushes that came with some brand from Cover Girl, Maybelline, or whatever other drug store brand. I didn’t even hear of Sephora or brands like Urban Decay, MAC, or the like until I got into high school.

    Now I’m 19 and I still don’t know everything there is about makeup. I feel even as a striving artist I lack creativity to create looks at times which is where tutorials come in handy and stuff.

    Tutorials have helped me expand my knowledge, I follow various ‘gurus’ on YouTube but Makeup Geek’s has especially come in handy. The tutorials are perfect for people like me who are ‘makeup babies’ and are trying to grasp a lot of concepts like certain brushes that are used, contouring, different brands of makeup, what to look for in good makeup be it drug store or higher end, etc.

    I’ve learned a lot and am still learning. It wasn’t too long ago I actually bought my first item from Sephora (the Naked palette ahaha) because I had the means and transportation to do so, ahaha. I’m proud of myself and can’t wait to really start making looks and having fun with makeup.

    So this is basically who I am, just your average fashion/makeup obsessed person who doesn’t know everything or may not be the best but is willing to learn. :)

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    Hello, I’m Lori Ann from Las Vegas. I found Makeup Geek about a year ago through a belly dance site that had linked the Arabic Eye look. I’ve been hooked ever since! I love the tutorials and the MUG eye shadows. I do a fair amount of shopping on MUG.

    For many years, I was an entertainment lighting technician. So I was anything but girly. I started getting more in touch with my feminine side in my off hours. I just recently took a desk job so now I can show off everything I’ve learned from MUG on daily basis.

    I’m extremely passionate about belly dance! I’m owned by a two year old Norwegian Forest Cat named Mia.

    My makeup collection is quite a mix of drugstore and desginer brands. Basically anything that works! I am partial to Inglot (lucky enough to have TWO Inglot stores in town) and Urban Decay.

    I just started my own blog. You can find it here: Bat An Eyelash

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    Hi! My name is Lorena I’m 19 years old and I’m from Mexico c:
    when I first saw a youtube video from Marlena (last year) I was really really happy actually haha ’cause I had no idea how to makeup and now I feel like a pro I even help my older sister with her makeup every now and then and I totally LOVE makeup, I don’t know why but, when I feel sad or something I watch makeup tutorials and I feel so much better haha I called it MUG Therapy

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    Hey Im Madiha, 20 years old from England. I’ve been into makeup and beauty for as long as I can remember… maybe around 10ish LOL… That may seem a bit early to some of you but I just love it ;)! I started watching youtube around 2008 and Marlena was one of the few gurus I subscribed to at first. Been watching her since then and all I can say is that…
    …shes awesome !!!

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    Hello everyone :)

    My name is Stephanie and I am 23 yrs old, and I live in Fresno Ca.

    I’ve always loved makeup and have always just naturally knew how to apply it! I’ve worked for Clinique and now I currently do freelance for myself and I also am a makeup assistant. Im excited to be apart of MUG. This is my first time being on an actual makeup site associating with fellow makeup geeks like myself! I love bright colors and intense smokey looks! and am always encouraged to try new looks!

    I am currently trying to pursue my career at MKC beauty academy in LA. Hopefully later this year I will be attending and jump starting my career in Las Vegas :)

    I look forward to chatting with anyone and everyone who wants to share tips and/or photos on here! im excited to get to know you all.

    -Stephanie PrettyPro makeup :)

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    My name is Madeira. I’m 22. I’m a professional dominatrix, (mildly) published writer, licensed but non-practicing aesthetician and ex-SFX makeup artist.

    At one point in my life I lived for makeup, but lately I’ve been so caught up in starting a business (my dungeon) and personal things I haven’t had the time to be as fabulous as I usually am, so I’m not caught up on recent product developments and such as I’d like to be.

    I’m constantly on a search for a foundation that gives me good coverage, while actually being the same color that I am (white, white as printer paper).

    I wear a lot of very dramatic makeup at work (and at play) and need it to last through the physically demanding duties of my job (as you might imagine, a really good flogging requires some upper body strength)

    I’m also on an eternal hunt of sunscreen that won’t break me out (I carry a parasol during daylight out of fear of the sun)

    Profile photo of Isha Dreams

    Hi Mugs,

    I’m not really new to Mug, but I have new account.

    MY name is Isha. I’m 21 going 22 next month and I live in the Caribbean.

    I love everything that has to do with beauty, makeup, nails, hair. I also like photography and video production.

    Have a nice day :)

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    Hello from Tasmania

    I’m Sherroy, I’m 25 and from Tasmania, Australia.
    I’m a production Administrator for a window company, though a boring job my colleagues are amazing.
    I like anything artistic, including make-up.

    I lead a rather boring life but would like travel someday.

    Cheers All

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    Hi…my name is Michelle and I am a mother of 5… ages ranging from 20 down to 4. I love doing my makeup and trying new techniques all the time. I live in Canada and unfortunately I live about 2 hours away from anyone who sells MAC. I use alot of products right now from Lise Watier and have heard Smash Box is comparable to MAC for their eyeshadows. I am hoping that you can steer me in the right direction of what makeup I should be using…I have normal skin and I work long hours so I like something that lasts with little touch up if possible. I am also looking for a great, long lasting lipstick in neutral to a light pink tone. I am 43 and trying to fight the signs of aging and also trying to cover up previous sun damage. I am also hoping that you guys can advise me on a fabulous skin care line available in Canada. I am using Dermaglow Products right now but I think it is time to step it up again. This site has been an amazing help for me so for….you ladies are very talented and great artists.


    Hello Hello Hello! Just a quick reply to say HI to all our new & familiar faces here on the forum. I’m happy to see all of you!

    Profile photo of Roman Knight

    Hi everyone! I’m Roman and I’ve always been passionate about the art of makeup and the empowerment that it provides. I was browsing through the Internet and I came across this site: a makeup community. I was so excited knowing that makeup can bring people together.

    I’m seventeen and I live in the state of New York. Currently trying to get a license in Cosmetology, I am working my hardest and absorbing as much knowledge as I can about makeup artistry. My dream is to become a makeup artist. However, I have a long way to go. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I’m happy to be a new addition to the community. :)


    Hi Ladies! I guess it’s about time I posted on here :)

    I’m Jessica (as my handle would suggest!) and I’m in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. I’m a professional makeup artist (freelance only now, and mostly commercial, though I do a spattering of bridal and stage work too), skincare enthusiast, and beauty blogger. I’ve also been a moderator here on the forums for a couple of years.

    Though beauty is a huge part of my life (I’ve been doing it for almost half of my life!) the huger part is my family- (loves of my life) my 4-year-old daughter and my fiance, who I’ve been with going on 18 years!

    Though I don’t often get the chance to post looks, I am always lurking around in the background, and I’m always happy to answer questions or help out fellow Muggies!

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    Hi MUGS!
    My name is Jazmin, I’m a 19y/o Australian Nursing student, studying to be a Registered Nurse. I currently working in aged care as an Assistant Nurse. I’m not allowed to wear makeup to work, but i still manage to sneek some nice looks in :) I always loved makeup, and have been watching youtube vids for years (mostly Marlena :P) But now since I’m working full time I’m able to buy better products and tools so it’s become alot better!


    Hello everyone.

    My name is Maria, and I’m 25 and I live in Washington State. I’ve been going to school off and on (depending on finances). I’ve only really started to get into being a “girly girl”. I never had the confidence that I would be able to look good with makeup and dressing up. I started watching Marlena about a year ago, when I was researching tummy tuck results. I didn’t follow her until I started watching makeup tutorials and I stumbled upon her again. I loved her looks and how she instructed, and now I’m hooked!

    I’m still learning and gaining confident, and I’m super excited to find a forum where I can ask questions, meet people with the same interests, hear reviews, and get ideas!

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