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    Hello Make up Queens.  My name is Sarah and all my life I felt plain and kinda tall. I love make up an how it takes you to a world of fantasy and how it helps bring out your natural beauty. Unfortunately I have  been a tomboy most of my life including after having two sons by time my daughter came I new I needed to show her how to be pretty and the different levels of make up and what can be done. My sister the cheerleader could do this but I wanted to. So I picked up some make up 6 years ago and started transforming myself. I still struggle with how to do everything and brushes and type of make up and the cost is out of this world. I am looking for all the help and support I can get to insure I teach my daughter the best there is and to learn for myself because I have been missing out!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Yeah and I am getting married 10/07/2012 and need ideas for airbrush.


    Hi , I am Christina. I am a makeup addict. I have 7 kids who I homeschool so I am really busy but I always find time to glam myself up. I spend my free time sewing, blogging and playing in glitter and makeup!

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    Hello to you all, my name is Ariana. I love makeup, its a great way to express yourself and I love how makeup can change a persons appearance. I hope to make some new friends, and learn more from you beautiful people.

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    Hi, I’m Melissa. I’m in my early 40’s. I discovered this site thanks to a young lady at an Ulta store.  I look forward to making some new friends here and learning more from all of you.

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    Hey Everyone!


    My name is Tamitra, 37 from Chicago.  I just joined earlier tonight.  I have been a fan of Makeup Geek going on a couple of years (maybe longer).  Although I wasn’t allowed to wear it until I was fourteen, my love of makeup began at eight when I used to put on my mother’s foundation and mascara for fun.  Now I am just a cosmetic junkie but I think this is one healthy addiction lol!


    Looking forward to chatting with my fellow cosmetic junkies…

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    Hello beautiful people,

    My names Lexy, I’m 20 years old. And I’m a self confessed (and others have confessed it for me, too) make up addict. I know, I know, it’s such a shameful addiction. But I’m sure with your help, I’ll get worse haha!

    I just started up my own youtube channel and I’ll post the link in the “self promoters” thread, if that’s alright. I assume that’s what it’s there for :)

    I have no kids, fortunately, but I do have an ex husband, and a degree to work on. So my time is limited (not because of the Ex husband, he can do as he pleases :’) ) So yeah, that’s me. Obviously a little of me, there’s lots more, but anyway. I ramble. Sorry. :D


    Love xx

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    Hello all member,

    My name is Christina. Glad to meet all you



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    Hy everyone !!  I’m Valentina from Croatia, and I’m 22 years old. I am a beautician and just have finished school for makeup artis.  I really love and enjoy doing make up thats really my pasion.

    I’m looking forward to become friend and share my makeup love with you all :) !

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    Hi I´m Miriam 30 years from Germany (Hamburg).

    And mother from a 10 month old baby.

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    Hi everyone

    My name is Eva. I live in Belgium-Brussels. I love make-up, dogs (especially corgis) and cooking (and food of course). I love Marnela’s videos, really simple and well shown.

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    H M I n t t b I b p c t s f a a y o s. I i m m t a i j s w m a a y a. p o t r w m n k h t a i a t o p h t d w n k w p l t b f. N i a s h f e m g. a I n s w t s. I w w i i s p a p f a s l o b i.e. M, N, U D…

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    I am Silver. I am a licensed nail tech from WA state,  but I have decided to go back school and do esthetics. Most of my experience in make up is face painting and character airbrushing but I am hoping to branch out a bit more so I don’t always end up doing horror and kids parties.

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    Hi, I’m Susana from Portugal and i love the Makeup Geek tutorials and all the tips that you are showing to us.

    I started a beauty blog three year ago, check out my blog.

    I have a international giveaway going on: http://tinyurl.com/9rfvxbo

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    My name is Maritoni and I’m from Royal Oak, Michigan. I am 26 & a wife. My degree is in Economics. I am currently working on a certification in makeup application.

    I never really used to wear makeup because I was afraid of looking like a clown. I didn’t want to look like I didn’t know what I was doing. I’d simply groom my brows, apply a bit of blush and gloss and be on my way.

    My interest in makeup began in two ways. I am a Choreographer &  Dancer and in this industry we always need to put our best face forward. So, I started to become more interested in learning about the face, plus we always got free swag and more often than not, there was makeup included.

    The other way I totally got sucked into makeup was due to the fact I got married :) Although I did have a pro do my makeup the day of, I wanted to be more educated on how makeup can be applied just so I could communicate what I was hoping to see more clearly.

    Now I’m here and MUG is the best!

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    Hi everyone!!

    I hope you are all well today!

    My name is Jenny, but most people call me Jen, and I am 25, from the good old UK!

    I have been into makeup since I can remember, some might even call it an addiction, but hey, there are worse things right!?

    I have been following tutorial sites for a good number of years now, but recently I set up a blog which has got a new lease of life, hence taking a more… proactive route, actually joining, no longer lurking etc.

    Apologies if this seems a little all over the place, I am drugged up with flu meds :(

    Hope to get to know you all better!


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