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    I can honestly say I have enough hair for three people (it may not look like that in my profile picture, considering that it’s old and was taken after one of my many hair cuts).

    Although, one thing I cannot figure out is how to manage my thick hair.  I used to have curly hair (long, wavy curls with a few spirals) but every since I started straightening my hair more, I have lost my curls.  There are days where I miss my curls because it was an easy hair day.  So one of my many questions is: can I ever get my curls back and how?  I try not to blow dry my hair as much and I wash my hair every other day.  I also have cut back on the hot iron since I am done with student teaching.

    Here’s how my hair use to curl (don’t mind me… this goes way back to my awkward freshman college days):

    Also, are there any hair styles that I could do by myself for thick, medium-length hair?  I have tried searching these before and could never find something that I could do (other than straightening it and believe me, I get bored straightening my hair).

    I would really appreciate some feedback on how to do my hair on a daily basis that would not take hours to do!  I am tired of throwing my hair in a bun!






    You can use your flat iron to curl your hair as well. *nods*

    Take a section, wrap it around the iron once, clamp down, turn the iron 180 degrees (either up or down, depending on the direction you want the curl to go in), and slide the iron down and release.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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