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    hello (-: ,

    When I use many colors for the eyeshadow, how can i clean the brush between color to color ?

    thanke you !

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    All I do is wipe it on my pajama pants between colors. I’m not sure if that’s too good for the brushes though. I’ve only had my brushes for less than a year, and they are starting to give me trouble when I try to blend and apply my eye shadows. It could also be because I got my brushes from coastal scents… Maybe this doesn’t effect better brushes?
    Good luck, definitely let me know if you find a better way to do this! :)


    Just use brush cleaner. There are different brands and different price ranges so you’ll definitely find yours.

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    I make my own brush cleanser, and wipe off on a microfibre cloth. There’s a lot of brush cleanser recipes online, many of which are made from common household things.

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    to clean brush in between shadow, I justĀ  run the brush a few times on a tissue or a wet wipe. To clean it troughly, I use baby shampoo with conditioner, then wrap each indiviaul brushes with tissue paper to maintain the shape.

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    I normally have more than one brush on hand, but when I travel (which is often) I don’t pack all of my brushes. I use a few of the staples and I have to clean them between colors so they don’t mix when I don’t want them to. To get them clean enough I knock off the excess color by flicking the bristles on my arm until I don’t see any more powder or if I have a clean, old cloth handy I swirl the bristles on it. I deep clean them once a week to keep the germs at bay. I hope this helps.

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    Brush cleanser and a tissue :)

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    Dawn dish soap or there are spot cleaners or just some brush shampoo. I use ELF because of the price. Baby shampoo is also an option.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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