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    do i wet the brush? with what? do i apply wet brush directly to dry shadow and then to my eye? do i put water (or something else) on wax paper/plastic surface and mix in shadow and then apply with brush? how do i get it not to crease?

    this must be the one makeup thing that’s still an absolute mystery to me, lol!


    I use Visine to wet the brush, I think I read about Visine on some tips from Marlena, I am looking for the link but right now I don’t see it. How I do it is I put a drop of Visine on the back of my hand and roll it around so it spreads out in a thin layer. Then I lightly dab the brush into the Visine and then swipe it across a dry patch of skin or a clean dry washcloth. You don’t want your brush really wet or you can get some gnarly clumps. If I am doing loose shadow/pigments I pour out a tiny amount in the cap and kind of swoosh my brush around the lid to gather product. I have tried mixing the shadow and Visine in the cap, but I found the results unpredictable and messy. If you want a bold dramatic eye it might be good, but I am not usually looking to pack it on. Some shadows like MAC Club I damped the brush like noted above and then go right into the pan. I really make sure my brush is not wet when I go into the pot because I don’t want to ruin the shadow.

    If you are using this technique alot on loose shadows you may want to invest in a small artists palette that you can use for this purpose. This is especially nice if you are mixing pigments etc. You can pick these up for under $5 at an art supply store or even buy a cheap plate or something to use.

    Some people mist the brush with something like MAC Fix+ . Again I don’t remember the exact reason, but there were some good reasons to avoid using tap water when doing wet application. Not end of the world stuff, but worth noting. I will try to find that link.

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    I have a small cap that i use to slighty dip my brush, I actually bought this bottle in rite aid its glycerin and rose water. But like the above poster put u can also use visine, or u can use MAC FIX + (for me its too much money to spend on water). Swipe the eyeshadow that u want to use lightly, and dont use too much water, i personally dont put on my eyeshadows wet except for dark colors like black eyeshadows i noticed they go on darker when wet.


    thanks guys. yeah i’m just using this to really bring out the life in my stila shadows, which are designed to be used wet or dry. so i wet the brush with said product(s), and then i go to the shadow? or do i scoop a little shadow out into a cap/back of hand/plastic surface and then put my wet brush into that?


    If it’s a loose shadow I would scoop some into a cap or something similar. If it’s pressed, then I would dampen brush and then go into the shadow. If I am going into pressed I make super sure the brush isn’t too wet.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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