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    I just ordered four more MAC eyeshadows – bringing me up to a total of FIFTEEN. Six months ago, I had excatly two shades of eyeshadow, one of blush and one of lipstick, and a single shade of eyeliner.

    I now have (or will in a few days) 15 eyeshadows, three blushes, two contours, a highlighter, three gel liners, four pencils, several lipsticks and glosses with pencils that match, not to mention primers.

    How did it happen?


    Once you start getting into makeup seriously, that sort of thing happens. You end up building a collection. *nods* ;)

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    Yep, sounds like addiction :D Happens to the best of us!

    I blame beauty bloggers!


    @Grumpykat at some point counting gets scary and you just stop worrying and keep buying LOL

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    LOL! Feeling your pain. I can’t even look at my Sephora Beauty Insider points right now because I can’t believe I spent that much money that quickly. Palettes are my downfall, and they keep putting them on sale and emailing me about it!

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    Isn’t it funny how you put a few eye shadows in the draw, and they magically multiply? :) I’ve stopped counting eye shadow, lipstick, liner, brushes, etc :) Enjoy your new makeup!

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    Gosh…I thought I was the only one!

    One minute you have 1 eyeliner and a lipgloss, and the next minute you are running out to IKEA and getting a huge drawer organizer! It still shocks me after years of collecting.

    -Sara :mrgreen:

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    Me too! Im trying to figure out a good way to organize it!


    I keep my makeup in a dresser and use drawer inserts I got from The Container Store to separate everything. Have some slightly-out-of-date pics…

    I also need to get some empty palettes for my MAC shadows and blushes (all of the latter I have need to be depotted, too, along with some of my eyeshadows). *nods*

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    haha nice! I have that purple HIP eyeshadow and those nyx lipglosses! ;P lol

    Where did you get those containers? Are they those plastic containers usually in desks for pencils? Thats a good idea!

    I saw the video marlena made on storing her make up. How do you feel about that? You have more make up than I do at the moment, do you think that using those tackle box trays (the clear things) are a good idea–I want to decide how I will organize before I start adding to my collection. (my excuse to avoid spending the money yet I think! lol) Im not very good at organizing things so im trying to plan ahead of time!

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    Happens to the best of us! When I first got into makeup that was totally what happened to me. Gah!


    Where did you get those containers?

    <p>I mentioned where in that post: The Container Store. :)If you have a lot of makeup, and a lot of space, other organizers like what Marlena shows in her makeup storage video are definitely an option, too. For me, I don’t have a room completely devoted to makeup (I keep my stuff in my bedroom), and I don’t have a lot of space there, nor do I have as much makeup as collectors do, so the system I currently have works for me. If it grows, I’ll make adjustments.</p><p>You can also look through the Traincase and Stash Stats/Storage sections of Specktra for some other ideas.</p><p>http://www.specktra.net/f/185/the-traincase</p><p>And I know several other Youtubers have videos on makeup organization. (Leesha (xsparkage) recently uploaded a great one, for example. Enkore always has great tips as well.)</p>

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    That happened to me when I first seriously got into makeup! I found my collection multiplying by the day with no recollection of how it happened! ^.^ :-D


    Yep it has started for me too! And I did exactly as Crisabell said…I went to Ikea, and now have my very own vanity. (Well my boyfriend actually made me pick one out and got it for me – I’m still new to the makeup scene and not very comfortable/confident with my abilities, or the lack there of so far, so he usually has to help push me explore my interests). He spent the 3 hours putting it together. I’m now constantly wanting to go to the make up stores / aisles just to look – but usually end up bringing something / or A LOT home. :oops:

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    I so get where you’re coming from. First i had about one drawer of things i used daily and leftover from my mum and now i can’t make it fit in 5 drawers….Maybe its time we bring back the 10 pan project!

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