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    I use Mary Kay’s  Satin Lip mask and Lip balm for my lips. I put the mask on my lips for about a minute or two and then take a warm washcloth and wipe it off. So that it can exfoliate the dead skin cells off my lips then apply the Lip Balm and it hydrates my lips for about 8 hours or longer. It’s on my top ten favorite products list. You can use the lip balm anytime.

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    My husband and I both have really chapped lips, but are extreme opposites as to skin type, hair type, any type, etc.  We do both have sinusitis, so we are often stuffy and breathe through our mouths at night leading to wretched lips.  I find that when we take care of our sinuses (sinus rinse, medications, etc.), our lips aren’t as bad. However, that doesn’t always take care of the problem, so I have devised this routine that works for both of us even when our sinuses are flaring:

    Items Needed:


    Oily lip balm – such as Yes to Carrots Lip Balm

    Waxy/Vaseline lip balm – such as 8 Hour Cream Skin Protector


    In the morning, brush your lips after your teeth to get dried lip off.  We use battery-powered brushes, and we spend a minute or so brushing our lips.  Then apply an oily lip balm as you want a moisturizing agent.  I’m liking the Yes to Carrots lip balms lately.  You do not want anything waxy or with a high vaseline content at this stage; those are protective agents that don’t moisturize.  I let the oily balm sink into my lips in the morning and then I am ready to apply my makeup and lipsticks.  My husband might reapply the oily balm or he might apply a wax or vaseline lip balm to protect during the day, but he doesn’t normally.

    At night, we brush, put oily balm on, and then as needed, usually a couple times a week, we  cover with our wax or vaseline product.  Our absolute favorite, hands down, and the one we use almost exclusively, is Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant.  It’s the runny orange product.  It’s a vaseline product but very elegant; it feels great on my lips and anywhere else I put it.  This is the last-thing-to-do-before-sleep; no kissing or this will all come off.  The next morning, your lips will feel amazing!  I have used it without an oily balm beneath, and it still works really well, but not as well as with the oily balm.

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    exfoliation is one thing and moisturizing is another. I have found my secret to perfect lips in Yu-Be moisturizing skin cream. This stuff is absolute magic. I make my husband use it as well.

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    Warm water, toothbrush as vaseline :) NEVER fails and no harsh products to dry them out as a lot of them do. Brush your lips, pat dry and  apply vaseline. I do this every night and I can say I LOVE my lips and I don’t say that very often about myself!

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    Get a product by Skinn called Lip 6X.  It is THE best lip product I have ever used.  While not cheap, it heals rough chapped lips and poofs them out at the same time without any cinnamon or biting sensation.  It even heals cold sores within a few days.  It has a proprietary blend of peptides and moisturizers that are unlike any other lip treatment I have ever used…….and I have used everything, lancome, lipflation, anything you can get in a department store or drugstore.  It comes in a pump bottle and immediately makes your lips pinker and soft.  In a few days any chapping and roughness will be GONE!!!  The plumping action happens without you even realizing it.  It costs around $30.00 but depending how you use it, it can last for several months.  I use it ALL the time and I am even promoting it on my blog,  http://theover35beauty.blogspot.com.  Don’t let the name put you off, this is not just for old farts, anybody who uses any type of lip moisturizer, no matter the age, should try this.


    I had  the exact same problem but now its cured like a miracle. I wrote about it in my blog CHeck it out


    Go to the “for the lips” portion there

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    I get super bad dry lips in the winter! My remedy has been exfoliation and aquaphor (the best darn moisturizer EVER)

    You can easily make a sugar scrub with brown sugar and olive oil.

    I use that and then apply aquaphor overnight and my lips are happy, fat and soft.

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    Dear Amoxirat

    The basic recipe of sugar scrub is

    Use 2 parts sugar to 1 part almond oil or coconut oil add 1/2 tsp Vitamin E oil and then combine the ingredients in a bowl. You simple and basic sugar scrub is ready.

    You can also add 2 drops of essential oil and Small amounts of aloe vera gel if you desire.

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    rink more  water  !sweet

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    Don’t lick your lips.

    Don’t bite your lips.

    Moisturize using lip products.

    Exfoliate your lips regularly.

    Drink lots of water.

    Use the toothbrush to work the vaseline into your lips.

    Hope will help.

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    I love lush’s sugar scrubs. They are edible and come in different flavors like popcorn, bubblegum and mint and they work amazingly well!

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    I think you should try something like butter on your lips.

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    I am not sure what it is called but I used a Mary Kay lip scrub and moisturizer  I really liked. I have the worst chapped lips constantly, but this made them smooth for days at a time. Maybe try searching Mary Kay for it?

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    I just noticed Renne posted about it! Satin Lips (: That is it. It works so well.

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    Hey hii all…….. Well sugar seems to be the popular ingredient here :)

    I usually use this method and it really worked out well with me… i mix some sugar or coffee grounds into my Vaseline and gently use my finger to rub in circular motion around the lips and tissue it off.

    If you have extra hydration, apply Vaseline to your lips before going to bed you will surely wake up with soft lips again.

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