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    so i found this urban decays eye-primer, called EYESHADOW PRIMER POTION
    VINTAGE BOTTLE. costs only 9$..
    what do you think about it? i need a good one couse i kinda go crazy with my eyes make up :)
    here’s the link:

    have a lovely beautiful day :)


    I always use makeupalley for reviews. Literally thousands on reviews on any beauty product you can think of.


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    My eyelids seem to be a little oily as it does not last for me quite as long as I have heard for others. I can’t really quantify it in hours but if I had to guess I would say it probably starts to crease around 8 hours (but that is pretty much I guess as I don’t really look in a mirror much during the day.


    Honestly, I like ELF’s eyelid primer way way more. Ive fallen asleep with really advanced eyeshadow on, and woke up looking like I just put it on. UDPP was just kind of meh for me. didnt quite live up to the hype in my book.


    UDPP worked well for me… for about a year. Then it lost its effectiveness for whatever reason. Currently I’m using NYX’s HD eyeshadow primer — so far, so good.

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    thank you all!
    I’m kinda surprized to hear about the ELF’s one, as far as I know it’s supposed to be a chip alternative, isn’t it? but if it’s that good than the price just makes it better for me!


    Also, the UDPP is not good if you are trying to use more than one color of eyeshadow, it makes it nearly impossible to blend. I like the ELF one way better, and for only a dollar each, I literally have a drawer full of them on hand


    Yeah, it’s a cheaper alternative. :)

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    I love udpp.  It’s what I use everyday and no creasing…even over eye cream.  I’ve been using it for years.


    I like the Urban Decay Primer Potion :) I like Mac Painterly Paintpot better :)


    i agree with honeyj, the elf primer is a good one for blending. i suggest it to a lot of friends starting off in makeup but dont want to spend a lot of money. i used udpp my first yr trying to learn makeup….i liked it at first but i noticed that when it dried it gave a chalky appearance to my lids. i have olive toned skin and i dont like the idea of looking chalky. ELF eye primer, palladio, and the shadow works from coastal scents is ok….palladio primer goes on super silky and gel like but i depot anything that is not in a squeeze tube and put into a tiny glass jar, then i use my tiny metal makeup spatula to scoop out from the jar because i hate to have a wand like object going back into my primer to contaminate it. its just what i choose because ive noticed that when u think the udpp or the palladio is done, u cut open the container and u have a bunch of primer left on the walls of the inside where the wand cant reach.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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